Making It Happen and Other New Classes Live Now!

New week, new classes!

Sweat with all new classes this week! Work your Buns & Guns with Kenta Seki, or make it happen with Rochelle Baxter on the treadmill.

Strength Training

Rock Your Core with Kenta S.
Core: Work your abs to rock music! You’ll perform a variety of ab exercises, each done for 15- to 30-second intervals. Exercises include crunches, bicycles, leg raises, and more.

Buns & Guns with Kenta S.
Full Body + Dumbbells: Work your arms & booty using dumbbells. Warm up with 30-second intervals of bodyweight movements, then work through four weighted circuits. Each circuit will be repeated once.

Four Circuits, Big Change with Ackeem E.
Full Body + Dumbbells: These four circuits will check off the cardio, core, upper, and lower body buckets. Start off with a cardio circuit, followed by big bang circuits of compound movements. Finish up with core, core, and more core!

Weight, Body and Hold with Ackeem E.
Full Body + Kettlebells: This Kettlebell workout has you moving the bell for 60 seconds. You’ll use your own bodyweight for 30 seconds and then isometrically holding a variation of the movement for 30 seconds. And has there ever been an Ackeem class without a core finisher? We think not!

Outdoor Running

Steady Wins the Race with Wes P.
Endurance: This 60-minute conversational pace run will challenge your commitment to long distance running, as well as give you ample opportunities to refine your joy for running.

Tempo Times Three with Wes P.
Tempo: This tempo focused run is all about three 10-minute blocks of tempo pace. Start with a conversational pace warmup with drills and dynamic stretching. You’ll have a 3-minute recovery between your blocks to recalibrate and prepare to crush it again.

Stay Cool with Wes P.
Endurance: This 50-minute conversational pace run is all about staying cool in your mind and building efficiency in your body and brain for longer runs.

Tempo Test with Wes P.
Tempo: Set to a Rap vs. Rock mix, this workout is a combination of a conversational pace warm up with some dynamic movements, followed by one full 25-minute tempo test. Cool down with additional conversational pace work for proper downregulation after your tempo test.

Pushing Through Tempos with Rochelle B.
Tempo: The goal of this workout is to stay at a “comfortably hard” tempo pace for two 15-minute blocks to build speed and endurance.


1 to 1: Hard Work with Rochelle B.
Intervals: The goal of this workout is to hit your hard effort for eight 1-minute intervals. You’ll have a full one minute recovery after each. Focus on your speed and form in this interval-based workout.

Making It Happen with Rochelle B.
Recovery: The goal of this workout is to maintain a conversational pace, in zone two for 30 minutes. Focus on removing any lactic acid build up you may have from previous training.

The World Is Yours with Amanda B.
Full Body + Dumbbells: This cross-training workout alternates 8-minute intervals on the treadmill with bodyweight exercises off the machine. You’ll focus on upper body, lower body, and core strengthening. Grab your dumbbells and get ready to make the world yours!

Find Your 10 with Ackeem E.
Intervals: Warm up with a 2-minute incline walk, then work through two intervals, starting at your base pace. Each interval will vary, as you’ll add and subtract speeds throughout.


Mind Unwind with Ceasar B.
Guided Meditation: This meditation is perfect for a midday energy boost or as a way to wind down before sleep. You’ll work on breathing techniques to sync your mind and body and relax.


I Flow with Ceasar B.
Vinyasa: Take a moment to just breathe and flow. Poses include mountain pose, core strengthening movements, sun salutations A & B, high lunge into balancing half moon, low lunge twist, bridge, happy baby, and more.

30 Minutes To Freedom with Nicole S.
Vinyasa: When time is not on your side, you have to turn the tables and do what you can with what you’ve got. Let’s dive into a well-rounded vinyasa class that moves you through standing and balancing shapes, a touch of core work, and leaves you with a short meditation to realign your mind, body, and spirit.


Circulate The Upper Body with Nicole S.
Upper Body: This is a great short stretch to circulate blood flow and reduce inflammation in the neck, scapula, shoulders, and wrists. Most of us find that our lifestyles keep us in a flexed and tense position. Use this stretch anytime you need to create spaciousness and reduce tightness.

Tired Knees, Stiff Ankles with Nicole S.
Lower Body + Equipment: Your ankles, knees, and toes aren’t just part of a fun song from pre school. They’re actually a brilliant set of joints, ligaments, and tendons that need some individualized love. This quick lower body stretch would be great after a day in high heels, a trail run, or whenever you need a rush of blood to the lower legs. You’ll need to be able to sit down and be barefoot for this class. Also please grab a small towel!


Something To Believe In with Katie H.
Intervals: This beat-based interval class is all about believing in yourself. You’ll work through six songs of rolling intervals, where you get to pick where you begin and where you end. Choose your starting points wisely so you can finish strong!

Festival Sweat with John T.
Intervals: Dance it out festival-style with this all levels elliptical workout. This playlist has eight tracks. After the first two warmup songs, you’ll progress through a three-song circuit, where you’ll have your hands off the handlebars, tempo challenges, and intervals.

Indoor Cycling

Digging Deep, The Slow Build with Katie H.
Endurance: In this 45 minute version of Digging Deep, you’ll focus on slowly increasing your endurance capabilities and your comfort level with getting uncomfortable. This class has three parts to it: in the first one, you’ll alternate between intensity intervals and short hills. In the second, you’ll build slowly to a six minute hill. You’ll end with a 12-minute stretch of hard and breathless work to bring you home. Are you ready to dig deep and show yourself what you’re made of?

Digging Deep, The Quick Fix with Katie H.
Intervals: In this 25-minute version of “Digging Deep,” you’ll focus on interval work to slowly increase your comfort level with getting uncomfortable. This class has three parts to it, each one increasing in intensity and teaching you to recover efficiently so you can do extraordinary work. In the first part of class, you’ll focus on honing your intensity levels for the day. In the second, you’ll add breathless work to the mix. You’ll end with a 4-minute stretch of breathless intervals to bring you home. Are you ready to dig deep and show yourself what you’re made of?



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