4 Ways to Make the Gym Effective for You

Get the most out of every gym workout.

If it weren’t clear from the jump, we’re huge purveyors of the gym. And why wouldn’t we be? Aaptiv is the ultimate gym companion. But we also understand that the gym isn’t necessarily everyone’s favorite place in the world and we can come up with a lot of reasons why. That said, it’s about making your gym work for you. Whether you can’t find the time, don’t know how to use the machines, or are simply feeling intimidated, there are ways to make the gym effective for you.

Don’t let that membership money go to waste! Here are some ways to make the gym more impactful for you.

Not a fan of the gym? That’s the other great thing about Aaptiv, you don’t need a gym membership to use it. Wherever you go, Aaptiv goes. 

Stay Close to Home (Or Work)

They say the hardest part of going to the gym is actually getting there. And, honestly, they’re right. The quick—and surprisingly simple—fix to this is joining a gym close to your home or place of work. The convenience alone will help you create a habit of heading straight to the gym before or after work. Plus, if your gym is close to home, you’re more likely to stick to your workout routine on the weekend, too. Simply cutting out a commute to and from the gym suddenly makes it much more attractive.

Take Classes

If you’re not into the gym because you find traditional cardio or strength training boring, try taking classes. Most gyms come with a full schedule of group classes in everything from indoor cycling to yoga to total body conditioning. You may just need the camaraderie and infectious energy of group workouts to push you to the gym. These classes usually come included with your membership for no additional cost, too. So, feel free to try as many as you want until you find something you really love.

Mentally Prepare

Attitude is everything when it comes to the gym. Consider two situations. In the first, you arrive at the gym ready to go, goals in mind, and determined not to waste time. In the second, you continually tell yourself you don’t feel like going, finally do, and continue to tell yourself you can’t possibly enjoy your workout today. It’s easy to see which mindset will yield better results.

It all starts with you and how you think of your workouts. Is it challenging, yet enjoyable or an all around pain? Instead of focusing too much on how little you want to hit the gym, try to focus your energy on how you’ll feel once you’re done. Start small and commit to just 15 minutes of work. Once you start, you may not want to stop. And if you still just want to go home, well, 15 minutes is better than nothing!

Pack Your Bag

Make the gym effective for you by coming prepared with the right tools. Well-fitting and breathable clothes, a water bottle, and headphones (can’t do your Aaptiv workouts without them) are definite necessities. Then, think about about what other personal essentials you might need, such as hair ties, a small towel, hand sanitizer, and a change of clothes. Pack your bag the night before a morning workout. If an evening sweat sesh is more your style, bring your gym bag to work with you or keep it in the car.

Try Everything

Part of making something effective is finding out what works best for you. Think about what you enjoy and don’t feel obligated to just do what everyone else is doing. If you don’t like running, skip it! There are plenty of cardio alternatives at the gym. Hate weights? No problem. There are other ways to build muscular strength. It’s more important to do what gives you satisfaction, works with your schedule, and works for your body. If you don’t know what that is yet, try everything until you find something.

The only way to know whether you’re an elliptical, pilates, strength training, or yoga person is to try them all. And Aaptiv’s wide range of classes in a variety of categories is a great place to start.



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