The Long Haul and Other New Classes Live Now!

All new week means all new classes!

This week get on the stair climber with classes from Aaptiv Trainer Mary O, or build up to T. Rex Strength, a full body strength class with Aaptiv Trainer Kenta Seki.

Strength Training

The Bangin’ Beginner with Kenta S.
Full Body + Dumbbells: This beginner-friendly workout has progression options to make it more challenging. You’ll work through strength, cardio, and core exercises. There will be no jumping in this class, so it’s perfect for people working out in an apartment and safe for any one who needs a low-impact workout.

T-Rex Strength with Kenta S.
Full Body + Equipment: This workout uses a suspension training device. The goals is to work the total body, with strength, cardio, and core exercises. Sweat through squats, rows, chest presses, tricep extensions, bicep curls, knee tucks, planks, and more!

Sore For Days with Kenta S.
Full Body + Dumbbells: Challenge your muscle endurance and burn them out using dumbbells strength exercises, as well as cardio bursts. You’ll work through six circuits, with exercises including high knees, front kicks, plank jacks, leg raises, burpees, and more.

Stable and Strong with Jaime M.
Core: There are three blocks of work in this cardio and core quickie. Warm up with some cardio movements, dive into a three-movement core circuit, and finish with a more demanding bodyweight cardio circuit. Exercises include mountain climbers, forearm plank leg raises, burpees, and more.


Extremely Extreme with Katie H.
Intervals: Work extreme resistance levels in this advanced, interval-based indie rock class! You’ll move through four non-stop songs filled with quick resistance changes and dramatic intervals to challenge your mind and body at the same time. End by hitting and holding a maximum resistance of 15.0. Make sure you maximize your short recoveries, so you can give your all when you hit those resistance highs!

Inspire Yourself with Jaime M.
Intervals: This is a great beginner workout to help you focus on becoming your own inspiration. You’ll climb, push, and level up your resistance, as well as have some interval opportunities. Your max resistance will be 8 and the max incline will be 15.0.


Release Your Lower Body with Jade A.
Lower Body: This class is great for runners or anyone who wants to release tension from their legs. You’ll work from the ground up hitting your feet, shins, quadriceps, hamstrings, and hips. Postures include down dog, lizard, wide-leg fold, and more.

Moving Meditation with Jade A.
Vinyasa: Use your breath to move through your practice and allow yourself to experience a moving mediation. The benefits are a clear and calm mind, as well as a strong, flexible body. Postures include sun salutations a & b, birds of paradise, tree, pigeon, full wheel, bridge, and more.

Slice of Savasana with Nicole S.
Restorative: This restorative practice is perfect for the days where you need to clear your head, but your body needs nourishment and rest. You’ll use breathing exercises and restorative positions to allow you deep relaxation with a sense of mindfulness and presence.

Free to Choose with Nicole S.
Vinyasa: We come to this practice as mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, employees, bosses, care givers, broken hearted, or even joyfully content. However, with those labels comes a demand for your attention and energy. This practice is 45 minutes of you choosing you! The ripple effect of your post workout good mood and improved disposition can directly and intentionally elevate those around you simply because you have taken a moment for self care.

Yoga Abs with Jade A.
Core: This short flow is intertwined with core work. You’ll hit your abs in a way to benefit your yoga strength, your functional strength, and your waistline. Postures include sun salutations, planks, push-ups, boat, and more.

Indoor Cycling

The Long Haul with Katie H.
Intervals: We’re going to break this long rhythm ride into three rounds of intervals and hills. In each round, both your amount of interval sets and the length of hills will increase. You’ll max out at a 10-minute mega hill at the very end. Are you game for the challenge and in it for the long haul?

Hold Your Power with Katie H.
Rhythm: The goal of this class is to add speed and hold your resistance, working your way from hard to breathless by only increasing the pace. You’ll have two sets of five songs to wind up your legs, fire up your lungs, and get that heart pounding! Start by working smart, and finish by working harder than you thought you could.

You’re Always Right with John T.
Intervals: Groove in the rhythm and find your power in this beat-based indoor cycling ride. You’ll have four blocks of work in 30 minutes, two blocks of rhythm training and two blocks of intervals.

Tabata Push and Dance with John T.
Intervals: Find your speed and move with the music during this all levels indoor cycling ride. The playlist has five songs, and in each song you’ll progress through tabata intervals of varying lengths and intensities in the saddle. Get ready to boost your metabolism, build your strength, and find your speed.

Three Songs, Nine Intervals with Katie H.
Intervals: Three songs. Nine intervals. Ten minutes. Warm up, build heat, lose your breath. Get stronger every round in this short, but sweet interval-based class that’s aimed at honing your intensity levels and making you stronger every time around.

Outdoor Run

Healthy Habits Outside with Jaime M.
Recovery: This is a recovery walk and jog to help you think about how to cultivate a healthy habit or how you can refine some of your current habits. Move your body while you gain some perspective on habits.

Off-Day Run Rest with Rochelle M.
Recovery: Run for 20 minutes at an easy conversational pace to recover properly, while focusing on what inspires you to keep going.

Beauty Within the Run with Rochelle M.
Recovery: Focus on maintaining a conversational pace in this quick run. It will help you with proper recovery, as well as help you find the true beauty within running.

20-Minute Tempo Test with Rochelle M.
Tempo: Test your tempo pace for 20 minutes. You’ll focus on how to stay dedicated to your specific goals.

10-Minute Tempo Test with Rochelle M.
Tempo: Test your tempo pace for 10 minutes and learn how to stay positive when you’re struggling during a run!

Stay Steady with Wes P.
Endurance: Warm up, then run at your conversational pace for 40 minutes. Focus on your breath and your posture as you run.

Stair Climber

Half & Half with Mary O.
Intervals + Full Body + Dumbbells: This cross training stair climber workout has you on the stairs crushing the speed and floors, then takes you off the machine for a lower body dose of loaded cardio moves. Exercises include flutter kicks, plyo lunges, butt kicks, and skier swing squats.

8 Sets By 30 Seconds with Mary O.
Speed: After a 3-minute warmup, you’ll perform eight sets of 30-second jogging and running intervals with 45 seconds of recovery between each set. This will challenge your breathing, stamina, endurance. Expect to get breathless during each interval. Recovery is key, so focus on breathing!

Rounds of Three with Mary O.
Intervals: You’ll have 30 seconds of hard work followed by 30 seconds of recovery. Work through three tracks and three rounds of the two 30-second intervals. This class is quick and efficient!

Upper Body & Speed Drills with Mary O.
Intervals + Full Body + Dumbbells: This half stair climber and half upper body dumbbell workout is an all-in and spend-it-all kind of workout. You’ll warm up, perform intervals on the stair climber, then work through strength exercises including diver bomb push-ups, hammer curls and lateral raises, tricep extensions, and more.


Aching Arches with Kenta S.
Lower Body: Stretch your calves, hamstrings, and feet to prevent and alleviate plantar fasciitis. Work through standing ankle rolls, calf raises, calf stretches, forward folds, and more.

Hips to Your Toes with Nicole S.
Lower Body + Equipment: This lower body of yours has been at work from the day you began to walk. That is a long time of support, work, training, and movement. Starting with your hips we’ll make our way down the legs, addressing the knees, ankles, and toes too! Its all love for your lower body. Do this class barefoot, if possible.

Dust Your Shoulders Off with Nicole S.
Upper Body: Shoulders hold you up but also equally hold tension and stress for most of us. No matter your lifestyle it’s a challenge to maintain freedom of movement in our upper body. Let’s dust the shoulders off with some attention and love.

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