Let’s Hear It For Cardio: New Classes Are Live on Aaptiv

Kick things up this month with all-new cardio challenges.

Take your workout routine to the next level with all-new treadmill and elliptical challenges for every fitness level. This week, your favorite Aaptiv coaches are going to push you to your limit!

If you’re a stair-climbing regular, try Candice’s Stronger Than Yesterday class. If you love indoor cycling, be sure to take Kelly’s Reach For Your Max routine. And if you’ve been wanting a new Tabata-inspired strength-training class, try Erin’s fun Tabata Bod Work. No matter what new class you try this week you’ll be working up a serious sweat!

Don’t forget to share your class snaps and workout selfies with the rest of #TeamAaptiv. Virtual high fives are just one workout away.


Walk For 3 with Erin Sanders
Beginner Walking Intervals: This is a perfect workout for a beginner. You’ll focus on maintaining a steady pace as incline the increases every three minutes.

Tribute Hills with Ed Hall
Advanced Hill Repeats: This themed class pays tribute to pop legend, Prince. The routine features lots of hills and is designed to help improve your strength and stamina.

Running For It All with Ed Hall
Advanced Sprint Intervals: The goal of this class is to increase your running cadence. You’ll sprint it out on flat roads and tackle a mix of hills and varying rest intervals to make sure you’re constantly working hard.

Tick Tock Intervals with Jaime McFaden
Intermediate Hills: If you’re short on time but are looking to work up a sweat, this is the class for you. This workout starts with a walk before moving into a jog and hill climb intervals that will keep your heart rate elevated.

Heart Rate Jacks with Jaime McFaden
Intermediate Jog Intervals: The progressive intervals in this class will help intermediate runners increase speed and cardio output simultaneously. You’ll jack up your heart rate and burn calories quickly.

The Hill Firm Up with Jaime McFaden
Intermediate Hill Repeats: This class is a hill repeat workout with plenty of jogging and running intervals between each climb that will help improve your endurance. High-energy pop hits will keep your feet moving at a quick pace.

Give Me Your Everything with Jessica Muenster
Advanced Intervals: Set to the sound of your favorite pop divas, this interval workout will push you to try higher inclines and faster speeds. Can you keep at it for three rounds?

On My Way Intervals with Jessica Muenster
Intermediate Intervals: Test your stamina with this fusion of EDM and pop music. Speed intervals on low hills will keep your heart pumping throughout this challenging workout.

This Is Your Moment with Kelly Chase
Beginner Walk + Strength: This class combines walking endurance with off-the-treadmill bodyweight moves. The result is a total body cardio and strength class.

Always On The Move with Kelly Chase
Intermediate Intervals: Alternate between intervals of walking and running on low inclines during this treadmill class. The goal is to improve your overall running efficiency so lace up and enjoy the pop and dance hits.

Strength Training

Turn Up The Mega Burn with Candice Cunningham
Advanced Upper Body: Work your upper body with this high-intensity class. Through a series of push-ups and planks, you’ll work your shoulders, chest, triceps, and biceps.

Ready For Plyos with Candice Cunningham
Advanced Lower Body + Cardio: Test your lower-body strength and push your cardio limits with plyometric jumping exercises. Remixes of your favorite hits will help you push your pace.

Tabata Bod Work with Erin Sanders
Advanced Full Body + Weights: You’ll want a set of medium to heavy dumbbells for this class. You’ll perform each circuit four times doing 20 seconds of work then 10 seconds of recovery. Get ready to work hard and work fast!

Give It All For 4 with Jaime McFaden
Beginner Full Body Cardio: Elevate your heart rate with this fast and furious mini class that includes jumping jacks, modified burpees, and plank dips.

Numb Core with Jessica Muenster
Beginner Core: This class is all about no-nonsense core moves that build strength and stability. Plus, it’s got a killer rock playlist.

Total Cardio Circuits with Jessica Muenster
Advanced Full Body + Weights: Keep your heart rate lifted as you build strength with this circuit-based routine. Work through push-ups, mountain climbers, and more, all set to a pumping electro-hip-hop playlist. You’ll need a set of medium-resistance weights.

Ready For Lift Off with Mike Septh
Beginner Arms + Core: If you’re new to strength training this workout is a great way to kick-start your new routine. You’ll do two circuits featuring moves such as dips, side planks, and leg lifts.

Bodyweight Booty Gains with Mike Septh
Intermediate Lower Body: Work your butt and leg muscles in this three-circuit workout. Squats and step ups will target your backside while lateral lunges focus on your hip and thigh muscles.

Outdoor Running and Walking

Feel The Build Up with Jaime McFaden
Intermediate Intervals: Jog, walk, and sprint during this fun, pop-heavy class. The goal is to have you moving fast and feeling strong with efficient intervals designed to fire up your muscles.

Stair Climber

Back to the Workout with Candice Cunningham
Beginner Endurance Build: Get ready to realize your full fitness potential. The faster climbing pace and pop playlist in this workout will push you to build cardio and mental endurance.

All Hands on Deck with Candice Cunningham
Beginner Form Focus: Let this workout introduce you to the basics of using the stair climber. The pop-heavy playlist will encourage you to get comfortable as you work on your form and technique for future climbs.


Pop Speed Tracks with Erin Sanders
Intermediate Intervals: This workout will help you build speed and stamina as well as strength. The playlist is an eclectic and upbeat mix to keep you moving fast.

Indoor Cycling

Move One Pedal Closer with Jessica Muenster
Intermediate Intervals: All intervals in this rock ride are 60 seconds or less. You’ll work mostly with speed changes in low resistance and stay in the saddle to get comfortable with higher RPMs.

Reach For Your Max with Kelly Chase
Advanced Sprints: Get ready to go full throttle during this cardiovascular challenge. You’ll be aiming to hit your max target heart rate during each sprint.

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