3 Core Workouts to Add to Your Cardio Routine

Because everyone wants better abs!

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fitness woman performs core workouts

It’s time to talk core…and core workouts!

Now: when we say “core,” we’re don’t mean six packs. Your core encompasses the muscles of your back, sides, pelvis, and hips – all key to balance and stability in cardio and in daily life. You core strength supports posture and overall long-term physical health, and it’s extra super important now, when most of us spend waaaaaayyyy too much time sitting at desks or hunched over computers. Working to build a strong core can help undo and repair that stress to our bodies.

The best way to fire up that core? Tack on core workouts after cardio when your heart is already pumping and your muscles are warm. We’ve handpicked three quick core workouts we love for a serious core blast. You’ll learn how to isolate different core muscles and challenge your body from every angle, building strength and revving up your metabolism along the way. Even if you’re new to strength workouts, these classes will provide immediate results. And the best part? You have everything you need to do them right now, no fancy gym equipment required.

Quick Core A Tabata-style ab crunch sesh works you through intense bursts of movement that activate your heart and core.

Rock Solid Core 20 minutes of ab and arm moves that will build radiating strength through your whole upper body.

Core Rock Learn the basics of core form and function in this beginner-level class that will challenge your heart rate while teaching you moves for overall strength and stability.

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