10 Reasons Why You Should Try the Ketogenic Meal Plan

Driven by a world of technology, things have become a lot easier and perhaps, lazier. We no longer need to walk down to the grocery store as with the click of a button or two, your groceries could be delivered to you. The rise of electric bikes has for some reason made it inconvenient to walk to your next destination. It has therefore never been more important to take care of your health and keep an eye on what you consume than today. Especially with the variety of food alternatives that are available on every corner. From your regular fast food chains to your Mexican restaurants. A strict diet might be the key to unlocking a healthier lifestyle. But where do you start? Their hundreds of dietary programs that have shown to work, but which one do you chose?

Through a simple web search and you’ll be sure to come across an endless number of dietary programs that make you look unrealistically good looking for no particular reason. There are however legitimate diet programs that actually do the work if you do the work. There are no passive programs that will let you look healthier than ever without any dedicated work. Some more difficult than others. Some a lot easier. But there has been one less common dietary program that has stood out from the crowd and really made an impression. The Ketogenic diet.

In a nutshell, this low carb, high fat diet program allows your body to burn fat for fuel, instead of carbs, making it a lot easier to lose weight. A program that is commonly used by famous actors and lingerie models who need to lose weight because of their public image. But let’s dive into the world of the ketogenic diet and show you 10 reasons why you should try this dream-like meal plan.

1.  A muscular stomach

One of the most popular benefits of the keto diet menu that comes with the Ketogenic diet is that it reduces stomach bloating. The reason behind that is very simple. In contrast to a regular high carb diet, you are really consuming less food and thus your digestive load is reduced significantly.

2.  Mental awareness increases

The word ketogenic originates from the word “ketosis” referring to the body’s biological state when fat molecules are broken down into ketones to produce and provide energy. Ketones are thus produced in the liver and give people with cognitive disabilities like Alzheimer’s a different source of energy for brain function.

3.  Body inflammation decreases

Famous for its inflammatory reducing properties, the ketogenic diet has been well researched and studied for the past years by experts in the field. Inflammation is often caused by the consumption of processed sugars and a variety of food alternatives – something the Keto diet tries to avoid at all costs.

4.  Efficient weight loss

There has been an endless number of scientific studies that show the benefits of following a high fat, low carb diet for the most efficient weight loss strategy. Replacing your fat as fuel, instead of carbs, the body will start losing weight at an incredibly fast pace. Better yet, once your body gets used to burning fat for fuel, the feeling of hunger will decrease significantly, lowering calorie intake.

5.  Blood sugar levels become stable

Due to the nutrition included in the Keto diet, your blood sugar levels decrease and become more stable. As you can imagine, consuming too many carbs increases your blood sugar levels as it produces a lot more insulin and thus throws your body off its equilibrium. However, the Keto diet should be regulated if you are consuming medication related to diabetes and other illnesses.

6.  Increases your daily energy

It is very common for people to lose energy and the lust to do anything around late afternoon. This afternoon crash is usually because of the high intake of fat calories that quickly leaves the body, forcing you to crave for even more carbs and sugars. With the Ketogenic meal plan, your blood sugar levels remain stable due to a consistent supply of sustainable energy sources.

7.  Appetite decreases

When eating carb-filled meals you don’t necessarily fuel the body with enough nutrition to stay satisfied, resulting in an increased appetite. The reason why the Ketogenic diet plan has become so popular is that of nutrition-filled meals you consume, avoiding extreme hunger and cravings that can hit you. The fluctuation in blood sugar sparks those cravings, which is why this diet to so incredibly good.

8.  Cardiovascular health increases

Cardiovascular health often refers to the state of your heart or blood vessels. It is no secret that what you eat heavily affects those organs. In a number of scientific studies, results have shown that due to the Ketogenic diets choice of food, reduced triglycerides, and healthy cholesterol has been the result.

9.  An easier diet to follow

The Ketogenic diet shows very quick results, often showing a loss of weight during the first seven days as a result of the body making rid of excess water and toxins in the body. As a matter of fact, a recent study showed that over 70% of participants followed the Ketogenic diet all the way through, in contrast to the low-fat diet where only 57% stuck with it.

10.  Increase in endorphins

You guessed it, a more stable blood sugar level, the happier you are. The removal of hunger and the irritation that comes with it, together with more glycemic control, you avoid the fluctuating emotions and stick to a diet that brings you a healthier source of sustainable energy.

There you have it! Ten perfectly reasonable and motivating reason as to why you should consider the Ketogenic diet. Granted, what the type of diet you chose and the reason behind that choice will end up being personal and dependent on what you want. If you are aware of how your body reacts and behaves and know that you might be better suited with a high-carb, low-fat diet, then that is exactly what you should do. However, if you haven’t tried the Ketogenic diet and are curious about what it can do to you then at least give it a try. As it has done with millions of other people and public figures, it could dramatically change your habits and make you healthier than you have ever been.

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