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Based on Surveys: What are the Factors That Can Influence Health Most?

Staying in good health is a priority for every person.

Why Workout Music will Help You Crush Your Workouts

You’ve scheduled a hardcore gym session tonight, but you really don’t feel the love. A great sol...

How Cannabis-Based Medicine Is Changing Lives

Every day we hear about how cannabis-based medication is either changing or outright saving lives.

Staying Fit During Pregnancy: Aaptiv Trainer Rochelle Answers Your Questions!

How to stay safe and healthy while pregnant.

An Organic Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

Health is wealth. When your body is healthy, the mind is also in great condition. It is important to...

Aaptiv’s Greatest Hits 2016: a Note from Our CEO

Heading into the new year with Aaptiv.

How CBD Stacks Up Against Traditional Medicine

Before we discuss how CBD Oil is better than Traditional Medicine, it’s imperative we first learn ...

Holiday Hustle: Jessica Murnane of One Part Plant

She shares her favorite scheduling hacks and healthy holiday indulgences.

How to Make Your Energy More Fun and Have the Energy to Sustain

How controlling your energy levels can bring you inner peace.

Benefits of Pre-Workout Supplements

Can pre-workout supplements be beneficial?

How Meditation Can Benefit Workouts, Enhance Brain Power, and Strengthen Willpower

Can meditation really be this powerful?

How to Stay on Track and Eat Healthy at the Holiday Party

Easy tips and tricks for navigating the holiday season.

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