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A Beginner’s Guide to Clean Drinking Water for Optimal Hydration

Water is arguably the most important necessities of life.

The Benefits of Treadmill Walking Workouts

This will be a walk to remember.

How To Make The Perfect Post-Workout Shake

Not sure where to start? Read on.

Why I Started Fitness Journaling

After you run it out. Write it out.

Workout Precautions: The Importance of Knowing What To Do In Case of Injuries

Workouts are just as prone to injury as any other activity.

5 Ways Your Movements Matter in the Workplace Even If You’re Fit

Most of us think that movement is the same as exercise, yet they are two different things.

A Beginner’s Guide to Trail Running

How to prepare for a trail run

Is Activated Charcoal For Teeth Whitening Bad For Your Health?

Activated charcoal has been a topic on social media. Many people have been giving positive testimoni...

Why Workout Music will Help You Crush Your Workouts

You’ve scheduled a hardcore gym session tonight, but you really don’t feel the love. A great sol...

How Cannabis-Based Medicine Is Changing Lives

Every day we hear about how cannabis-based medication is either changing or outright saving lives.

Staying Fit During Pregnancy: Aaptiv Trainer Rochelle Answers Your Questions!

How to stay safe and healthy while pregnant.

An Organic Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

Health is wealth. When your body is healthy, the mind is also in great condition. It is important to...

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