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Why Everyone Should Know About The Stress Hormone, Cortisol

It’s true, mental health can impact your physical health, too.

5 Things You Need to Know About Fat Loss for Women

What to keep in mind if you’re looking to burn fat.

How Cardio Affects Your Pelvic Floor

Learn about common symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction and how to modify your workouts to build up strength.

8 Things That Are Unknowingly Increasing Your Stress Level

Some of the biggest stressors in your life might be totally disguised as everyday habits.

7 Signs That Your Back Pain Is More Serious Than You Think

Pinpoint when icing and rest is not enough, and a doctor’s care is needed.

Easy Ways You Can Cut Waste in Your Kitchen

Too much of our food ends up in the garbage—and it’s hurting our planet.

6 Ways Exercise Should Change in the 3rd Trimester

Here’s how you should modify your fitness routine in the third trimester.

What Your Reaction to Stress Says About You

Understanding how you respond to stressful situations may be the key to learning how to cope with them.

6 Ways Exercise Should Change in Your Second Trimester

Here’s how to modify your workouts as you enter trimester two.

Is It Ever Okay to Comment on Someone’s Weight?

You may have good intentions, but making remarks about someone’s weight isn’t a good idea.

5 Ways Exercise Should Change in the First Trimester

With your doctor’s “okay,” you can continue exercising during your first trimester with these minor adjustments.

7 Therapist-Approved Solutions for Relieving Stress

Amp up the self-care with these expert solutions for managing your stress level.

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