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How to Prevent Chafing During Your Workout

Use these tips to help eliminate the discomfort of chafing, leaving you feeling fresh and ready for your workout.

How to Tell How Much Arch Support You Need

It may seem like a small thing but a foot arch is incredibly important to your foot health.

Is it Possible to Drink Too Much Water?

But is it possible to overdo it on water and drink too much? You might be surprised to learn that, yes, it is possible to drink too much water, however, it’s very unlikely.

What is Exercise-Induced Asthma and How to Get Diagnosed

Learn more about exercise-induced asthma, how it impacts your ability to exercise, and how you can to treat it or prevent it.

7 Healthy Ways to Fight the Winter Blues

While we can’t do much to change the weather, there are other changes that you can make in your life that can lessen the symptoms of the winter blues so that it can make getting through winter all that much easier.

Which Is Better: a Sports Drink or Water?

While it’s true that most sports drinks contain electrolytes that can help replace the minerals lost during exercise, most fitness pros agree that they’re no better at hydrating you then plain old water.

5 Strategies to Help You Stick to Your Resolution

Make it a resolution to stick to your new year’s resolutions by planning smartly, breaking down your goal and ensuring that you celebrate the small wins along the way.

7 Supplements That Are Important for the Winter Season

While the winter weather, in itself, doesn’t bring along with it a bevy of colds and viruses, the elements that surround the season do. Take these supplements to stay protected.

What Are Facial Exercises and Do They Work?

We take a deeper look into facial exercises, what it entails, and how to get started and if there is some, if any, truth to the claims.

Techniques to Help You Stay Stress Free During the Holidays

While there are certain variables that are out of our control, here are some techniques to help you stay stress free during the holidays.

How to Ditch the “All or Nothing” Mentality Over the Holidays

It is possible to bust out of an “all or nothing” rut. Here, experts share their best tips for ditching this mentality over the holidays.

6 Best Exercises to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy

Here, fitness pros share some of the top exercises to prepare for pregnancy that they recommend their clients partake in before, during and after pregnancy.

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