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Can Exercise Cause a Miscarriage?

Two experts explain the risk of a miscarriage related to exercise, and how you can work out safely from early pregnancy to labor and delivery.

Ready to Start a Prenatal Fitness Program? Read These Tips First

Find out the best (and worst) workouts for moms-to-be and how to try them safely.

How Exercise Can Help Reduce Postpartum Depression

If you’re a new mom struggling with postpartum depression, it’s important to know how exercise might be able to help.

Can I Do Any High Impact Exercise During Pregnancy?

Should you keep up with your high impact workout while expecting? Well, it depends.

How to Safely Work Out After a Miscarriage

Use these strategies to safely work out after a miscarriage.

How Prenatal Exercise Affects Gestational Diabetes

Find out how fitness and a healthy diet can help keep you and your baby healthy.

Is Indoor Cycling Safe for Pregnant Women?

Don't skip that indoor cycling class just because you're expecting.

6 Exercises to Reduce Hip Pain During Pregnancy

Because you're bound to experience some hip discomfort during those nine months.

Modifying Techniques for Safe Workouts During Pregnancy

Enjoy a comfortable, fit pregnancy with these easy modifications.

5 Exercises for Postpartum Abdominal Recovery

Gradually rebuild strength in your core with these simple moves.

7 Reasons You Absolutely Should Work Out When Pregnant

Physical activity can help you feel better physically and emotionally during your pregnancy.

7 Types of Exercises Pregnant Women Should Avoid

Stay fit and safe during pregnancy by skipping a few moves.


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