Good Vibes Coming Through—and Other New Classes Live Now!

Reset for a new week.

The Monday after a big holiday is always hard—luckily, we’re here to make it easier! Reset with new Aaptiv classes live in-app now! Take Good Vibes Coming Through, an elliptical class with Aaptiv Trainer John Thornhill. Or, take some time for yourself with Aaptiv Trainer Jade Alexis’ guided meditation Find Peace In Your Heart.

Strength Training

Sweating, Shining with Amanda B.
HIIT + Full Body + Kettlebells: You’ll need a set of kettlebells that you can row and press overhead, ranging from 12.5lb to 20lb, as well as one heavier kettlebell for sumo deadlifts, cleans, and swings, ranging from 25lb to 40lb. Work in 2-minute intervals for this class. So take a deep breath and prepare to power through!

Level Up, Lift It Up with Amanda B.
HIIT + Full Body + Weights: You’ll need a dumbbell, ranging from 10lb to 20lb, that you can use for a bent-over row, as well as a set of dumbbells for deadlifts, ranging from 20lb to 30lb. This workout is all about efficiency and you’ll target all major muscle groups. Work through six different exercises for 45 seconds each and enjoy 15 seconds of rest between each.

Superset Tabata with Ackeem E.
Full Body: Set to an all Fugees playlist, every movement in this class is supersetted or followed by a core exercise. The goal is to strengthen the whole body but focus on the foundation—your core. You’ll work for 40 seconds on for each movement and rest for 40 seconds in between. Exercises include push-ups, lateral plank walks, high-to-low planks, burpees, reverse lunges, front lunges, standing oblique crunches, and more. All you need for this class is your bodyweight.

Circuit to Circuit with Kenta S.
Full Body: All you need for this class is a mat. You’ll start with a 2-minute warm up, then work through four circuits of four exercises. Each circuit will have two strength, one cardio, and one core exercise. Each exercise will be done for 30 seconds and repeated once. The mantra for this class is to “impress yourself.”

Show Me Some Dumbbells with Mike S.
Full Body + Weights: You’ll need a set of light and a set of moderate weight dumbbells for this class. You’ll have two rounds, with 30 seconds on each round. You’ll warm up with bodyweight walk-outs and prisoner squats. You’ll start with a 5-minute EMOM of a full squat to an overhead press, then work through alternating lunges, alternating overhead presses, and more.

The Best Sculpted You with Sultan M.
Upper Body + Dumbbells: You’ll focus on your chest and biceps through three supersets for four rounds. Each superset will be 40 seconds. The Exercises include chest presses to bicep curls, narrow chest presses to hammer curls, and chest busters to cross hammers. You’ll need a set of dumbbells for this class. Select a few different options as the weights you need for your chest may not be the weights you need for your arms.


Be a Better You with Amanda B.
Full Body: This beginner stretch uses simple, but effective stretches to loosen muscles in your full body. Make sure you have a wall close by, as you’ll need it for this class.

Stretch with Adele with Jaime M.
Upper Body: The word of this workout is “calm.” Take some time to stretch out your upper body and open up your chest. You’ll start in a seated position, coming to all fours for chest, shoulder, and cat/cow stretches. This class is a geared toward any mama bears that just need some time for themselves. Stretch to the music of Adele and John Legend.


Welcome to the Tread with Ackeem E.
Intervals: Jam out to a set of Bruno Mars Remixes as you work through seven 2-minute intervals, with 60 seconds of recovery in between. Your fastest speed will be 6.0. This class focuses on endurance so use your form and your breath to push you through!

Wake Up, Get Moving with Elena M
Intervals: This run is broken into six blocks with speed intervals, hill climbs, and more. The main goal for this class is to push past your limits and to get out of your head as you run. You’ll end with some short sprint intervals. Work to a throwback 2000s playlist.

Find Your Speed with Erin S.
Intervals: This beginner treadmill workout focuses on pace, and you’ll work at walking, speed walking, jogging, running, and sprinting speeds. Focus on finding out what those speeds are for you. Each song in the playlist will be set to a different speed. Remember to pay attention to your form as you run!

Catching Fire with Meghan T.
Intervals: The majority of this run is two 9-minute intervals. Within those 9 minutes, you’ll run for 4 minutes, recover for 1 minute, sprint for 1 minute, recover for 1 minute, and incline walk for 2 minutes. You’ll finish with a 6-minute interval of 60 seconds of sprinting, alternated with 60 seconds of walking, repeated three times. This workout focuses on active recovery and speed progression. You’ll build stamina and mental toughness.

For Me and Me with Rachel M.
Intervals: You’ll have two rounds of five 60-second intervals before stepping it up to 90 second intervals. You’ll have speed ranges to work with. Pay attention to your form as you work through your intervals.

Outdoor Running

The Money Maker Run with Ben G.
Walk + Run: You’ll have three rounds of work in this class. You’ll run for intervals of 8 minutes, 7 minutes, and 7 minutes again, with at least 3 minutes of walking recovery in between.

All Missy, All Tempo with Ben G.
Tempo Run: This class is all about tempo running. Start with a 6-minute warm-up, then work through a tempo run, broken into two rounds. You’ll have active recovery before the second round. Zone out, and run to an all-Missy Elliot playlist.

Feels Like Intervals with John T.
Intervals: This outdoor run has four different speeds: steady jog, quick jog, tempo run, and sprints. You’ll have three circuits with three songs within each. The first song will focus on a steady jog. The second will focus on tempo paces, and the third song will focus on sprint intervals. This class is all beat-based, so press play and run to the rhythm!

Fly with Meghan T.
Endurance: This run is broken down into four 10-minute sections. You’ll run at a concerted effort for 9 minutes, then recover for the last minute. You’ll focus on foot placement, upper body mechanics, stride length, and combine it all for the last interval.

I’m Going Places with Rochelle M.
Intervals: This intervals-based class is designed for beginners who want to get their heart rate up. Don’t worry! You’ll have a full recovery in between. You’ll warm up with a 2-minute walk, then go into a 30-second sprint, followed by a 1 minute walk. You’ll repeat that set five times. In the next set you’ll jog for 1 minute, walk for 1 minute, jog for 2 minutes, and walk for 2 minutes. You’ll repeat this set twice through. In the final set, you’ll jog for 3 minutes before cooling down.


All Power, All You with Ben G.
Walk: This beginner power walk begins with a 6-minute warm-up and includes two rounds of power work. Don’t worry, you’ll get 4 minutes of active recovery in between each round!

Just Keep Moving Forward with Jaime M.
Walk: This walk is all about you—self-love, self-care, and self-forgiveness. Replenish your energy stores and focus on being present in this moment, allowing yourself to feel whatever it is you may be feeling. Let the world fall away as you walk and just keep moving forward. This class is set to an all Adele playlist.


Rock It Out, Flow It Out with Ceasar B.
Vinyasa Flow: This class is set to a mix of energetic rock music for an upbeat flow. Artists featured include Blur, Third Eye Blind, Jimi Hendrix, and The White Stripes. Flow through child’s pose, cat/cow variations, sun salutations A and B, high lunge, wide-leg forward folds, eagle arms, and savasana.

Feel It Stretch with Jess R.
Vinyasa Flow: This class focuses on building strength and stretching our your muscles. Pay attention to you breath and match it to your movements as you flow.


Self Love, The Best Love with Ceasar B.
Guided Meditation: This meditation is all about taking a moment for yourself. Fill your lungs with air and become conscious of your body and how you’re feeling emotionally, mentally, and physically. Treasure this time of stillness and solitude.

Find Peace In Your Heart with Jade A.
Guided Meditation: You’ll use your breath to induce yourself into a state of calm in this short meditation. You’ll count backwards from three to organically calm your central nervous system and allow yourself to find some peace in your day.

Exploring the Idea of Fit with Jess R.
Guided Meditation: This 10-minute meditation explores the idea of “fit.” Focus on visualizing how it would feel to be physically, emotionally, mentally “fit.” Use this meditation to remember that all three are important as you continue on the path of fitness.

Indoor Cycling

Lovely Day to Ride with Ed H.
Intervals: You’ll have seven songs to work through. You’ll be riding in and out of the saddle at medium to hard effort levels. You’ll be working with 1:1 and 2:1 work to rest ratios, so set yourself up on that bike and get ready to ride!

We Own the Hills with Ed H.
Hills: This ride is all about hills. You’ll warm up and then work through almost 50-minutes of sprints out of the saddle, rolling hills, and hill repeats. You’ll own those hills by the end of this ride! And remember, the more relaxed you are the easier the ride.

Cycle It Down with Katie H.
Intervals: This intermediate cycling ride is broken into three parts. Each part has two songs. The first round sets the bar, the second round raises the bar, and the third round shatters the ceiling. Intimidated? Don’t be! You’ll have full recovery in between rounds!

Crazy for BPMs with Katie H.
Intervals: This advanced cycling workout has four blocks of work in the hard to breathless zones. The first two will focus on endurance, breaking away at the end. The second two will focus on intervals and extremes. You’ll have recovery in between blocks.


Give Me Muscles with Erin S.
Intervals: This quick workout starts with a warm up, then goes into a different challenge with every song. You’ll work on resistance and speed, adding some of each as you move forward. You’ll also sprint on the chorus. It’s a great class to use before an endurance cardio class or a strength set.

Dance on the Beat with John T.
Intervals: This beginner workout focuses on climbing on the beat and using the drops to push past the rhythm. Drive with your heels, stand tall, and use the beat to move!

Good Vibes Coming Through with John T.
Intervals: In this intermediate dance party, you’ll work through a variety of challenges. You’ll work through a four song circuit that you’ll repeat three times. The challenges are climbing with resistance, taking your hands off the handlebars, reversing directions, and pushing past the beat. Press play and get your groove on!

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