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Dive into a whole new week of workouts.

Here at Aaptiv, we’re celebrating stars and stripes with a whole new week of workouts set to some killer playlists. Run to the beat of a playlist curated by recording artist Kiiara with Good As Gold, an outdoor run with Aaptiv Trainer Meghan T., or rock out to Britney with Gimme Gimme More, a treadmill run by Aaptiv Trainer John T.

Outdoor Running

Four Circuits, Four Styles with Ackeem E.
Intervals: The goal is simple: Improve as an athlete. Push through four circuits, all focused on four different running styles. You’ll work through sprints, endurance and tempo pace, more speed, and end with a mix of speed, endurance, and strength.

Good As Gold with Meghan T.
Steady Pace: Use the music to your advantage on this quick outdoor run set to a playlist curated by recording artist Kiiara. Improve stamina and test your mental toughness as you push through this endurance run with attitude.

How To Set Your Pace with Meghan T.
Endurance Run: Beginners can better understand pace maintenance as it relates to technique with this outdoor run. Alternate one-minute speed walking intervals with three-minute running intervals to build stamina and test mental toughness.

True Tempo Pace with Rochelle M.
Tempo Run: Find your personal tempo pace with this long, challenging outdoor run. After a quick warmup, lock in a tempo pace for five minutes before slowing down and jogging it for five minutes. Repeat that series for four more rounds to build endurance and zone in on your true tempo pace.

Strength Training

ARM-ageddon with Ackeem E.
Upper Body + Weights + Equipment: You’ll need a bench or chair for part of this workout. Set your upper body on fire with this dynamic arm-focused class. Work through curls, shoulder press, push-ups, push-up planks, and dips to sculpt and strengthen your limbs.

Jam On It with Jessica M.
Lower Body + Equipment: You’ll need a bench or chair for part of this workout. Target your glutes and lower body with this strength training workout set to hard rock. Jam out as you work through moves such as bench squats, deadlifts, and skaters to build out that booty.

Conditioning Complex with Meghan T.
Full Body + Equipment: You’ll need a jump rope for parts of this workout. Challenge your total body with this EMOM-style (every minute on the minute) conditioning workout. Work through circuits of jump rope and bodyweight moves to gain lean muscle and get a maximum-effort workout in a short period of time.

Get That Core Pump with Sultan M.
Core: Target your whole core in a short period of time with this quick workout. Push through three round of abdominal exercises, including crunches, reverse crunches, and bicycle crunches, to strengthen and sculpt your core.

Back Of A Beast with Sultan M.
Upper Body + Weights: Build out that beastly back with this advanced strength training class. Grab a set of dumbbells and get ready to work through moves such as deadlifts, overhand rows, and pull-overs to strengthen your back muscles.


Goals and Growth with Ceasar B.
Guided Meditation: Take a seat—at home, on your commute, or at work—and zone out for this short, guided meditation focused on the topic of falling short of your goals. Improve the mind-body connection as you reflect on your goals and how to overcome negative feelings when you don’t reach them right away.

Still and All with Jade A.
Guided Meditation: Release deep layers of tension with this long guided meditation. Use this soothing and rejuvenating class to help lull you to sleep or simply unwind after a long, stressful day.


With Hips Wide Open with Candice C.
Lower Body + Core + Equipment: You will need a foam roller for part of this workout. Work on opening up tight hips with this lower body stretch. Push deeper in your stretches to improve mobility in your hips and legs.

Let’s Get Present with Jaime M.
Full Body: Unwind and recenter with this quick full body stretch. Move through stretches and poses such as side bends and child’s pose to loosen up from the inside out.


Oh Say Can You Speed with Candice C.
Jog + Run: Get in the American spirit with this all USA-themed run. Push through intervals of jogging and running to test your physical and mental stamina on this fun run.

Two-Round Rock with Jessica M.
Progression Intervals: Gradually build stamina with this beginner treadmill run. You’ll add a bit of speed every two minutes to test your endurance before starting it all over again on a higher incline.

Show Up and More with Jaime M.
Incline Intervals: Stay motivated and keep moving forward through this upbeat treadmill walk. After a quick warmup, pick up the pace and speed walk (or jog) your way up a gradually increasing incline.

Gimme Gimme More with Jaime M.
Intervals: Bop along to an all Britney-Spears playlist as you push through this treadmill run. Gradually increase speed and incline to test your stamina and lower body strength as the pop songstress motivates you to give a little bit more.

High Hopes with Meghan T.
Walk + Run: Get comfortable running faster and longer with this blend of incline walking and running. Fire up your muscles with a progression incline walk before switching to two-minute running progressions. End with some challenging speed work to test your mental toughness and tolerance for fatigue.

Catch The Speed Bug with Rochelle M.
Speed Work: Rock out to some oldies as you push your limits with this intense treadmill workout. Ignore the incline as you push through rounds of sprints and recovery to gradually build up your overall speed and power.

Indoor Cycling

Cycle With Confidence with Ed H.
Intervals: Zone in on form and precision with this quick cycling class. Focus on how your body moves on the bike to emphasize optimal movement in and out of the saddle. You’ll build stamina, strength, and confidence on the bike.

Ride For Me with Ed H.
Intervals: Burn serious calories and sculpt your lower body and core with this long cycling ride. Work against progressive levels of resistance and speed to build strength and endurance.

Through It All with Kelly C.
HIIT: Take on a little bit of everything in this challenging cycling ride. You’ll work in all zones and all positions as you push through some HIIT intervals. Slow it down between sprints for some isolation work to target your lower body and core muscles.


Peace Together with Jade A.
Restorative Flow: Indulge in a bit of peace! Release tension and open your hips and shoulders with this calming yoga flow.


Healthy Dose Of Work with Jaime M.
Multidirectional Intervals: After a mellow warmup, pick up the intensity for a challenging elliptical workout. You’ll hit some hills, fight resistance, and push through sprints as you reflect on your overall health.

Britney Does It Best with John T.
Intervals: It’s all about the queen of pop! Dance and groove along to some of Britney Spears’ biggest hits as you work through various intervals on the elliptical. You’ll follow the beat as you climb and sprint your way to the finish line.

Stamina Strides with Kelly C.
Resistance Intervals: Improve endurance with this mostly-steady pace elliptical workout. Ignore the incline as you push through light resistance to test your lower body stamina.

Stair Climber

Kickback In Action with Kelly C.
Multidirectional Intervals: Sculpt your lower body and improve muscular stamina with this HIIT-based stair climb. Work at varying speeds and practice some kickbacks to target those glutes.

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