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Introducing Aaptiv’s Brand New Fourth Trimester Collection

New moms, this ones for you.

Getting back into fitness after having a baby can be tough—even if you’ve just finished the third trimester of Aaptiv’s Move Through Maternity program. Maybe you don’t know where to start now that you’re in your fourth trimester. Or, maybe you’re not sure which exercises you want to stay away from to decrease risks of diastasis recti—that’s where Aaptiv comes in. We’re bringing you a brand new Fourth Trimester collection, created by fellow mom and pre- and post-natal certified Aaptiv trainer Jaime McFaden.

The collection consists of six classes, three of which utilize your bodyweight and focus on core strengthening, and three of which use dumbbells for full body training. “These classes are great for when the baby is napping. They’re a perfect way to create a habit of taking care of your body and mind,” says McFaden. “I see it over and over—moms try and rush back to drop pregnancy weight or push themselves too hard and burn out. I hope this collection will help moms take better care of themselves.”

But, before diving into these classes, make sure to check in with your doctor. Additionally, McFaden encourages all new moms to be patient with themselves. “Every pregnancy and delivery is a bit different so you want to be sure you get the okay and take it slow. Baby yourself and remember that you just spent almost the past year growing a human,” she says. “Give yourself a chance to heal and rebuild slowly.”

All the classes in the collection incorporate postnatal exercises with progression and modifications to fit individual fitness needs. However, McFaden urges every new mom to modify where needed, and practice diaphragmatic breathing and Kegel exercises when an exercise is too difficult.

As you get started with your training, remember to be patient with yourself. Once you’ve got the okay from your doctor, push play on the Fourth Trimester collection and step into a stronger, more confident you.

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