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From increased endurance and improved heart rate to longer runs and more reps, this week’s Aaptiv workout reload is all about getting the absolute most from your exercise. You’ll focus on cadence, breathing, and form to improve all around and see quicker progress. Enjoy!

Outdoor Running

Power Surge Central with Ben G.
Beginner Interval Jog: In this beginner-friendly jog, you’ll amp up the pace through four quick intervals with intermittent recovery time. A playlist of EDM-remixes of your favorite Beyonce songs will push you through these power surges.

Journey To Jogging with Ben G.
Beginner Interval Walk: Start low and slow before amping up the effort in this interval-focused run. You’ll push through three rounds of quick-changing speeds that will keep you on your toes.

Relish The Walk with Jaime M.
Beginner Walk + Jog: Alternate between intervals of walking and jogging in this quick and efficient cardio workout that will leave you feeling refreshed inside and out.

Pace Meets Progress with Jennifer G.
Beginner Intervals: For running newbies looking to push their pace, this interval class focuses on longer running and shorter recovery periods.

Take It Outside with Jessica M.
Endurance Build: Find your jogging speed with this out and back aerobic rhythm workout. In between jogging, you’ll pick up the pace for quick running intervals to elevate your heartrate and flex your endurance muscles.

Burst Of Speed with Kelly C.
Intermediate Speed Work: Push yourself out of your comfort zone with these alternating speed intervals. This workout breaks up the steady state cardio with sprints to build your endurance.

Run To Recover with Meghan T.
Beginner Endurance Build: Ready to increase your run speed? Click play on this two part run with both passive and active recovery. You’ll start with a walk/run and up your cadence into a jog/run to work on your endurance.

Follow Your Heart Rate with Rochelle M.
Intermediate Intervals: Learn about heart rate running with this steady interval workout. Find your max effort as you increase speed on each push until you’ve reached 90 percent effort.

Run By Numbers with Rochelle M.
Intermediate Endurance Build: The goal is to maintain your pace through this seven mile run. Let the music guide your movements as you practice counting cadence to keep your stride steady.


Saddle Stability with Edouard H.
Advanced Form Fitness: Push and pull your way through high intensity intervals both in and out of the saddle. The focus will be on your form and technique as you work to maintain your initial intensity for the entire ride.

Endura-Ride with Edouard H.
Intermediate HIIT: You set the tempo during this long endurance ride. Focus on your form during challenging hill intervals with ample recovery time in between.


Climb To New Heights with Candice C.
Advanced Progressive Intervals: It’s equal parts toning and endurance in this stair climb. Long periods of rest mix with short bursts of activity to test your heart rate and recovery.


Ignite Your Core with Mike S.
Beginner Core: Challenge your core with isometric movements that engage your full abdomen. Work on coordination through three rounds of advanced exercise circuits including planks, leg raises, sit ups, and more.

Lock, Stock, and Barrel Circuits with Mike S.
Advanced Full Body: Make some space for this total body conditioning workout set to an all-rap playlist. You’ll focus on three circuits of body weight exercises including squat jumps and ice skaters with the goal of increasing overall strength and stability.

Core Education with Mike S.
Beginner Core: It’s all about your breathing in this quick core workout. Focus on correctly engaging your muscles to get the most from these three circuits of abdominal exercises.

Making Compound Moves with Erin S.
Advanced Full Body: Work through push-ups, planks, tuck jumps, and other compound movements during this full body strength workout. Let the beat of the music guide you through these challenging one-minute intervals that will help you fine-tune your form.

Steady Meets Stable with Kelly C.
Intermediate Core + Weights: Quick intervals of crunches, mountain climbers, burpees, and more will have you focused in on your core stabilizing muscles. Grab a set of dumbbells to increase the difficulty of moves such as sumo squats and lunges for an intense whole body burn.

The Strongest Center with Kelly C.
Advanced Core: While this workout is short, it’s definitely not sweet. You’ll push through quick intervals of seven challenging exercises to hit those inner core muscles, hold a plank to finish, and repeat it all over again.

Weight and See with Sultan M.
Intermediate Full Body + Weights: Feel the burn from head to toe to the tune of hip-hop in this total body workout. You’ll focus on form and keeping your core tight while you work through three groups of weighted exercises.

Power Complex with Sultan M.
Intermediate Full Body + Weights: This lower-body workout combines body weight exercises with weighted movements. Divided into three circuits, you’ll start with weights before a quick switch into a plyo move.


Hardcore Combo with Jessica M.
Advanced Multidirectinal + Strength: This hard rock run is all about the shuffle! You’ll run sideways on an incline to work your outer-thighs and calves in quick intervals with forward-facing running in between.

Floating On Air with Ben G.
Intermediate Intervals: Beyonce-lovers rejoice, this hill climbing treadmill workout features a playlist of all EDM-remixes from your favorite music icon. You’ll warm up with high knees and butt kicks, then focus on finding that inner mental toughness to push through 11 quick speed intervals.

Walk, Jog, Run, Done with Candice C.
Intermediate Progressive Intervals: Build from a walk to a jog to a run during this quick treadmill workout. You’ll work through two rounds of progessive speed intervals that will help you increase your endurance, even if you’re short on time.

Form and Fortitude with Edouard H.
Beginner Endurance Run: Keep your steps smooth as you increase your speed and incline. Focus on your form throughout this quick workout while you boost your endurance and stamina.

Quick Switches with Erin S.
Intermediate HIIT: Push yourself to new speeds with this quick interval run. You’ll aternate between one minute of work and one minute of recovery, increasing your speed with each interval.

Feel Your Fire with Jaime M.
Intermediate Intervals: Alternate between one- and two-minute intervals of walking and jogging on an incline in this challenging hill climb. Clear your mind and keep the focus on what fuels your fire.

Minute By Minute with Jennifer G.
Beginner Walk + Jog: In these quick one-minute intervals, you’ll progressivly build your speed and incline. This workout is perfect for beginners who want to experiment with picking up the pace while climbing hills.

Tread Tempo with Meghan T.
Intermediate Progressive Intervals: The word of the day is recovery in this challenging three-part workout that alternates between running and incline walking. Hip hop hits keep the pace as you work your way up to a final run to the finish line.

Point Of No Return with Rochelle M.
Beginner HIIT: Focus on form and speed in this quick interval run. With a high-energy dance mix as your guide, you’ll build speed and get a great burn trying to catch these quick speed transitions.

Shut Up And Get Speedy with Rochelle M.
Intermediate Intervals: Unleash your inner speed demon on this interval-heavy run. Ignore incline and focus on pushing yourself from jogs to sprints and increase your VO2 max.


Legs Unwinding with Jaime M.
Beginner Lower Body: Show your legs some love with this mellow lower body stretch. Work through a series of simple quad, hamstring, and side lunge stretches to decompress after a tough workout.

Stretched From Head to Toe with Jennifer G.
Beginner Full Body: Relax and breathe into every stretch of this full body cooldown. This longer stretching routine will bliss you out from head to toe while you roll out your shoulders and extend your lower and upper body.


Glute Goals with Candice C.
Intermediate Resistance Intervals: The resistance and speed will climb in tandem as you conquer the strength-building hills in this workout. The goal of this workout is to pace yourself and drive through your heels to extend the burn in your glutes for as long as possible.

Head For The Hills with Erin S.
Advanced HIIT: You’ll be up against the incline and resistance in this challenging ellipitcal hill climb. Keep your abs engaged through the heavy pushes to challenge your entire core during this total body workout.

End On A High Note with Jessica M.
Advanced HIIT: You’ll fight the resistance through four, ten-minute circuits in this elliptical workout. It’s all about incline and intervals.

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