Follow Your Breath—and Other New Classes Live Now!

Kick off the holidays with a good, old-fashioned sweat sesh.

The holidays are upon us! Though the holiday season is meant to be a happy time, with all the traveling and family gatherings, sometimes they can wind up being more stressful than anything else. Stay calm and collected this week by sweating it out to all new Aaptiv classes, live in-app now!

Find a moment of peace with Follow Your Breath, a guided meditation with Aaptiv Trainer Jade Alexis. Or, take Just Sweat It Out, a strength class with Aaptiv Trainer Ackeem Emmons. It requires only your bodyweight, so you can take it anytime, anywhere.

Strength Training

A Dose of Kettlebells with Amanda B.
HIIT + Full Body + Kettlebells: You’ll need a set of kettlebells for push presses and bent-over rows, ranging from 10lb to 15lb, as well as a heavier kettlebell for squats and deadlifts, ranging from 15lb to 30lb. Work through seven exercises, including alternating push presses, goblet squats, push-ups, deadlifts, and squat thrusts. You’ll repeat these exercises twice.

The Kettlebell Jam with Amanda B.
HIIT + Full Body + Kettlebells: You’ll need a set of kettlebells for hinge rows, ranging from 15lb to 20lb, as well as a heavier kettlebell that you can squat, ranging from 20lb to 30lb. You’ll have seven exercises, including hinge rows, squats, push-ups, knee thrusters, deadlifts, overhead presses, reverse lunges, and burpees. Push through two rounds of these exercises.

Just Sweat It Out with Ackeem E.
Full Body: You won’t need any weights for this class. Just make sure you have a soft space for core at the end. Start with a warm-up, then work 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off. Exercises include lateral leg raises, glute bridges, forearm planks, and more. You’ll work your glutes, adductors, abductors, and core.

After the Sweat Sesh with Marc C.
Full Body + Equipment: You’ll need a resistance band for this class. Start with a warm-up and then work through three rounds of moves—each focused on the upper body, core, and lower body. Exercises include mountain climbers, rows, crunches, hamstring curls, hip abduction, reverse lunges, and more.

Can Only Get Stronger with Marc C.
Full Body + Weights: You’ll need a set of medium-weight dumbbells for this class, ranging from 8lb to 15lb for women and 10lb to 20lb for men. Push through blocks of lower body, upper body, core, and cardio work. Exercises include bear squats, mountain climbers, lunge variations, high knees, and butt kickers.

Dose of the Medicine Ball with Mike S.
Full Body + Equipment: You’ll need a medium-sized medicine ball for this class, ranging from 10lb to 20lb. Start with a quick warm-up of jumping jacks and high knees, then work through a 5-minute EMOM, 10-minute AMRAP, and end with another 5-minute EMOM. You’ll have six total exercises with time for recovery in between. Exercises include medicine ball slams, squats, alternating reverse lunges, push-ups, jump squats, and more.

How Far You’ve Come with Mike S.
Lower Body + Core + Equipment: You’ll need a resistance band for this class. You’ll work through three rounds of supersets to build your legs and core. Exercises include prisoner squats, planks, alternating abduction squats, forearm planks, and more.

Stay Motivated with Rochelle M.
Full Body: This class is designed for members who need to focus on a full body workout that doesn’t require equipment and is low-impact. It’s great for those recovering from an injury that need modifications. The workout includes 15 squats, 5 push-ups, and 10 V-sits. You’ll repeat these exercises as many times as possible in 10 mins. Be sure to employ proper form even as you modify.


Just Take It Slow with Amanda B.
Full Body: This beginner full body stretch aims to begin your journey to a more flexible you. Breathe deeply as you sink into your stretches.

Where I Am Now with Ackeem E.
Full Body: This stretch class is a great way to show any tight and tense muscles some love. Between all the running, lifting, and cycling you do, it’s important to work stretching into your fitness routine. Remember to breathe as you stretch.


Motivated By Nature with Ackeem E.
Tempo Run + Sprint: Work through three circuits in this class with a focus on building speed and endurance. You’ll have two 7-minute tempo blocks of running, as well as sprint intervals. Take a deep breath and find your running groove. You got this.

HIIT Your Way to 9.0 with Meghan T.
HIIT: This workout is broken down into four parts. You’ll start with a 6-minute warm-up, then work through five 4-minute progression intervals. You’ll get to walk for 1 minute in between each one. Part three is an incline variation, and you’ll end the class with sprints at levels 8.0, 8.5, and 9.0. Every step you take in this workout is programmed to get you to 9.0!

A Course on Conditioning with Meghan T.
HIIT: You’ll have a 28-minute treadmill workout followed by a 6-minute bodyweight strength AMRAP. You’ll run four rounds of progression intervals, starting at 5.0 and ending at 8.0. The focus is on holding a threshold pace for 4 minutes and then falling into an active recovery. The AMRAP consists of burpees into tuck jumps, 10 alternating reverse lunges, and 20 crunches. Short and sweet.

How to HIIT Train with Meghan T.
HIIT: This workout is geared toward beginners who are looking to build speed. The workout starts with a 2-minute incline walk, moves into 2 minutes of running, then back to 2 minutes on an incline, then back to running for the rest of the workout. You’ll walk for one minute before ending with 60 seconds at 5.5 with the option to go to 6.0 in the last 30 seconds!

Save It Until The End with Rachel M.
Intervals: Work through three blocks of running intervals. You’ll work through a ladder run in the first interval and then push through sprint intervals. You’ll work against increasing speed and decreasing time, so take a deep breath and get your runner face on.

400-Meter Sprints with Rochelle M.
Intervals + Sprint: This class is designed for the advanced member who wants to work on their 400-meter sprints or who is looking to build speed. Start with a warm-up, then work through intervals and 400-meter repeats. You’ll have recovery in between. The second half of this class focuses on endurance as you’ll lock in a speed of 7.0 for 10 minutes and 6.0 for 5 minutes. Your maximum speed for this class will be 9.9.

Outdoor Running

It’s Tempo Time with Ben G.
Tempo Run: This run is designed to increase your 5K, half marathon, or marathon pace. Focus on finding your race pace and achieving a negative split. Start with an 11-minute warm-up before running for 38 minutes at your tempo pace. There are seven songs, and you’ll increase your effort level with each. So, be mindful not to start out too hard!

Usher Yourself Outside with Ben G.
Walk + Run: Start with an 8-minute warm-up before working through eight intervals. The first seven will be three minutes in length, with 2 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking. The eighth interval will be a short and sweet surprise. End this run with a 4-minute cooldown. Work to an all-Usher playlist.

Fartlek Finesse with Elena M.
Speed Work: Warm up and then work through a fartlek run. Play with your speed and practice syncing your cadence to the beat of the music. Lace up, get your mind right, and go!

Run Nine, Walk One with Meghan T.
Intervals: This run is broken down into four 10-minute sections. Focus on maintaining a concerted effort for 9 minutes at a time, similar to what you would use for your 5K race pace. You’ll get to walk or rest for the last minute. The intervals will each use a different technique. The first three focus on foot placement, upper body form, and cadence. The last combines it all. This run is good for someone who wants to work on running at a threshold pace and building their endurance.

The Jagged Edge Run with Rachel M.
Intervals: Cover three blocks of work in this run. The first block is made up of 90-second running intervals, the second is made up of 60-second intervals, and the last one is made up of 30-second sprints. You’ll have chance for recovery in between so just focus on pushing through until the end!

Indoor Cycling

Me & You & the Bike with Ben G.
Intervals: Start with a 9-minute warm-up and then tackle three climbs and 21 intervals with one active recovery—not in that order! Don’t stress. Just get your game face on and get ready to sweat!

Cycling Party with Ed H.
Intervals: This tempo ride features six songs that will guide you through base building, sprints, and one hill climb. The focus for this class is on using good technique and maintaining proper speed. You’ll work mostly in zones 1 and 2.

Sky Cyclers with Ed H.
Intervals: This ride features a playlist of ten songs and focuses on hills, sprints, and saddle work. Maintain your form as you pedal and follow the beat of the music to get the most out of your workout.


Legendary Mountain Pose with Ceasar B.
Vinyasa Flow: This flow is short and sweet. It focuses on the breakdown and benefits of tadasana (mountain) pose. You’ll begin in child’s pose, move into sun salutations A and B, and find your way into mountain pose. Flow to an all-John Legend playlist. This class is the perfect little pick-me-up first thing in the morning or great to use pre- and post-workout.

Build The Intensity with Jade A.
Vinyasa Flow: This beginner flow starts off slow and easy, and gradually builds in intensity throughout the class. You’ll flow through sun salutation A, warriors 1 and 2, peaceful warrior, extended side angle, lizard pose and more.

Flow to Cloud Nine with Jade A.
Vinyasa Flow: The goal of this class is to build mental and physical endurance and strength. Start off with ten rounds of sun salutations, then jump into an intense flow. You’ll move slowly and then fast. Don’t forget to connect with your breath.


Open Up to Overjoyed with Ceasar B.
Moving Meditation: Whether you’re out on a walk or on your daily commute, find some movement as you listen to this meditation set to 80s pop. The focus of this class is to end it feeling less worried and weighed down. Let the world fall away, breathe, and choose to be overjoyed.

Follow Your Breath with Jade A.
Guided Meditation: Use this quick meditation to still your mind and find a moment of peace. When your mind starts to wander, focus on positive intentions, and release any negative or distracting thoughts.

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