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The Ultimate 6-Week Muscle & Strength Workout

When it comes to building muscle and gaining strength, there is no one size fits all.

Four Beginner Workout Tips You Need to Know

So you made the decision to get fit—amazing! Read this before starting beginner workouts.

HIIT Running Workouts You Can Do Outside or on a Treadmill

Burn more calories with this easy workout switch.

How To Build Cardiovascular Endurance Without Any Risks

Cardiovascular endurance is simply the ability of both your respiratory and cardiovascular to contin...

Do You Really Have No Time to Exercise?

A new way to think about your daily routine

New Aaptiv Workout Classes Are Here!

Jumpstart your week with a new workout class

How To Get A Full Body Workout With VR

Everyone is supposed to carry out some daily exercises to remain healthy and fit. Some common exerci...

How to Pace on a Treadmill Versus Running Outdoors?

How to adjust your running speed for both types of workouts

Yoga As A Relaxation Workout Technique

There are many different kinds of workouts to meet the needs of different people. Some people choose...

A Beginner’s Guide to Trail Running

How to prepare for a trail run

Treadmill Workout Tips to Prepare You for Spring Race Training

How to build your running base and endurance

How to Avoid Two-Day Workout Fatigue

How to cope with delayed onset muscle soreness—or avoid it altogether.

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