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Watching TV While You Work Out Is Bad

How distractions like TV and your phone are keeping you from seeing results at the gym.

Running While Pregnant: Dos and Don’ts

How to stay safe if you're planning on running while pregnant.

How Runners Can Use K-tape for Injury Prevention

Could you benefit from Kinesio tape (K-tape)? Find out here!

Party on a Stairclimber and a Challenging New Take on Leg Day

A brand new batch of classes to beat the Monday blues.

How to Exercise During Pregnancy: Tips for Every Trimester

Wondering how to exercise during pregnancy? We talked to the experts.

The Best Cities for Runners to Vacation

Ready to hit the trails in a new city this summer? Check out the best cities for runners!

How to Use an Elliptical Machine

Welcome to your complete guide to the elliptical machine.

The Basics of Burpees

Why bother doing burpees? We chatted with an Aaptiv expert to get the details on this effective move.

Why We Run: Global Running Day

Celebrate Global Running day by telling us what drives you to run and reading through these inspiring thoughts from fellow runners.

Multisport Training: Transitions and Brick Training

In our final installment of our multisport prep series we tackle tough transitions and brick training.

Steep and Spicy Intervals and a Whole Lotta Hip Hop

Fresh new classes to help you smash a new week.

Multisport Training: How to Prep for the Run

Ready to run? If you’re tackling a triathlon or duathlon we’ve got expert tips you’ve got to see first.

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