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5 Workout Moves That Use Sliding Discs

While it’s true that you don’t need any equipment in order to get a killer workout, there’s no denying that they do serve important functions, especially sliding.

5 Gym Etiquette “Rules” You Should Follow

Your guide to the official, and unofficial, rules that make up universal gym etiquette.

How Barre Workouts Really Impact Your Body

The reason why barre workouts are so popular nowadays, is because it completely tones and builds upon strength, coordination and flexibility in a low-impact way.

How to Prevent Chafing During Your Workout

Use these tips to help eliminate the discomfort of chafing, leaving you feeling fresh and ready for your workout.

How to Tell How Much Arch Support You Need

It may seem like a small thing but a foot arch is incredibly important to your foot health.

Unconventional Couple’s Workouts You Should Try With Your Partner

Letting your partner motivate you and keep you accountable—and vice versa—can also bring you closer together.

The Power of Having a Workout Buddy

Having a workout buddy means that your training sessions can be more enjoyable, challenging and also consistent. It means having someone to rely on as well as someone relying on you, to push each other to get the best results possible.

Active Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Looking for active date ideas for Valentine's day and beyond? We've got you covered.

4 Pilates Exercises That Help You Debloat

There are countless benefits of Pilates, including improved flexibility and posture, increased muscle strength and energy, decreased back pain and stress and even boosted immunity. But one lesser-known benefit of Pilates is one that most people will appreciate: debloating.

4 Benefits of Walking Outside That Go Beyond Physical

So people feel like, if they're not breaking a sweat, they're not getting “true” exercise, but this is not the case with walking.

6 Creative Ways to Entertain Yourself on Cardio Machines

Fitness pros share creative ways to keep yourself entertained and focused while using a cardio machine.

Meditation Resolutions to Try in the New Year

Incorporate these 6 meditation resolutions in your routine so you can practice meditation and find the peace and beauty in stillness, especially after such a tumultuous year.

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