Strength Training

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Why Form Matters and How to Improve Yours

When it comes to lifting weights, form should always come first.

14 Push-Up Variations That Will Transform Your Routine

Explosive push-ups, anyone?

8 Squat Mistakes You Probably Make and How to Correct Them

Squats make up a critical part of workout routines. But simple mistakes can cause injuries. Here are the most common squat mistakes and how fix them.

How to Choose the Right Amount of Weight for You

Experts answer the eternal question, "how much weight should I be lifting?"

5 Exercises Trainers Don’t Do (and You Shouldn’t Either)

Trainers know that when it comes to certain fitness moves, the risk is greater than the reward.

Toning vs Building Muscle: What’s the Deal?

Is there truly a difference between toning and building muscle? We investigate.

The Basics of Burpees

Why bother doing burpees? We chatted with an Aaptiv expert to get the details on this effective move.

Core Strength Is the Key to Better Workouts

Think core strength is only for ab workouts? Think again.

These Are the Most Effective No-Equipment Exercises

No weights or machines? No problem. We lay out the most beneficial moves sans equipment.

The Ultimate 6-Week Muscle & Strength Workout

When it comes to building muscle and gaining strength, there is no one size fits all.

All Your Strength Training Questions, Answered

We're demystifying the weight room.

Aaptiv 101: Strength Training

Strength training is a vital part of any fitness routine; here's why you need it and where to start.


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