Strength Training

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How Frequently Should Weightlifters Do Cardio?

Learn how to incorporate heart-healthy cardio into your training without sacrificing strength gains.

7 Common Strength Training Mistakes to Avoid

Make sure that you’re building strength safely and effectively.

Try These Trainer-Approved Workouts to Build Stamina

Go stronger for longer.

6 Upper Body Exercises to Improve Your Running

Build a strong chest, back, and arms for more powerful and efficient movement.

How to Gain Strength On Your Non-Dominant Side

There’s nothing wrong with being slightly asymmetric, but it’s still worth working your weak side.

10 Tips to Do More Pull-Ups (or Even Just One!)

Follow this expert guide to do one, five, ten, 20, or more pull-ups.

The Best Lunge Modifications for Bad Knees

Don’t give up on this move—try these easy swaps instead.

How to Relieve Back and Neck Pain During Ab Workouts

Don't let your neck pain keep you from a solid core workout.

How to Work Out When You’re Feeling Lazy

Just can’t with working out today? We bet you can do these moves.

5 Wrist and Arm Stretches for Weight Lifters

These simple stretches will help you lift safer and with better range of motion.

Try These 6 Shoulder Exercises for Sculpted Muscles

If you want to score sculpted shoulders, give these trainer-approved moves a try.

The 6 Best Inner Thigh Exercises to Tone Muscle

Here’s how to tone and tighten your inner thigh muscles.


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