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Avoid These 4 Common Marathon Mistakes

Seasoned runners reveal first-time marathon runner’s most common mistakes.

10 Tips for Staying Safe While Running in the Dark

Pound the pavement—the safe way.

Do Outdoor and Indoor Running Train You Differently?

Find out how to alter your running routine to account for the differences in both running styles.

How to Train for an Obstacle Course Race

Follow these eight expert tips to complete your first obstacle course race without a hitch.

5 Things Runners Should Know Before The First Race

You’ve signed up for a race; here’s what’s next.

Your Body’s Weird Reactions to Cold Weather Running

Cold weather running can do some pretty crazy things to even the most experienced runner. Here's what to look out for.

Can I Run as Fast as Usual in Cold Weather?

Find out how the lower temperatures may affect your pace.

How to Layer Your Clothes for Cold Weather Workouts

Chilly temperatures have you missing your outdoor exercise? Stay safe and warm with these layering tips.

How Far Should You Run to Prepare for a 5K (at Every Level)?

You’ll run faster if you run longer before the race, but how much is right for you?

Seven Reasons Fall Is the Best Time to Start Running

From gorgeous foliage to renewed focus, fall is simply the perfect season to run.

How to Finish a Race When You Just Didn’t Train

Sometimes life gets in the way of race training. Here's how to deal.

7 Ways to Make Running in the Summer Heat Easier

Running in the summer doesn't have to be miserable.


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