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How To Get Over Your Fitness Anxiety and Get Back On Track

There are ways to do it—you just have to be kind to yourself.

6 Habits That Help You Commit to a Workout Routine

If you have trouble sticking to regular workouts, try these useful hacks to keep you on track.

How to Find the Right Target Heart Rate Zone for Your Workout

When it comes to cranking up training intensity, listen to your heart.

How Your Body Responds to One Month of Exercise

Prepare to be fascinated.

6 Mistakes That Jeopardize Your Consistent Workout Routine

These common culprits might be preventing you from committing to your exercise routine.

How to Keep Your Home Gym Clean

Having your own gym doesn’t exclude germs from entering your home.

Easy, Effective Swaps for 5 Super Common Strength Exercises

Don’t give up on a difficult exercise. Instead, try a variation that produces similar results.

Should I Be Sore After Every Workout?

Muscle soreness is normal—to a point.

Can You Minimize Soreness Ahead of a Workout?

Warming up properly can go a long way toward easing soreness the next day.

25 Easy Ways to Burn More Calories at Home

These quick calorie burners will keep you moving, no gym required.

Is It Time to Buy Your Own Gym Equipment?

How to tell if setting up a home gym is right for you.

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Joining a Gym

Consider all these variables before signing on the dotted line.


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