EDM: Elliptical Dance Magic and Other New Classes Live Now!

Stride into a good week.

It’s Monday, Team Aaptiv, and you know what that means: all new classes live in-app now! Start off your week on a sweaty note and take EDM: Elliptical Dance Magic with Aaptiv Trainer John Thornhill. Or find your mental strength with Step Into Your Power, a guided meditation led by Aaptiv Trainer Nicole Sciacca.


That Runner’s High with Jade A.
Guided Meditation: This meditation focuses on getting your mind into a positive space while you run and achieve that runners high. If you’re not a runner, don’t be discouraged, this meditation is a great way to focus on mindfulness and positive energy.

Step Into Your Power with Nicole S.
Guided Meditation: This guided meditation is all about stepping into your power. Take it before a big interview, or whenever you need to inspire yourself and rise to the occasion. Allow this short burst of positivity to set you up for success.


I Am Strong, I Am Focused with Jade A.
Vinyasa Flow: In this beginner yoga flow, you’ll move through rudimentary poses. Flow through sun salutations A & B followed by holding your warrior 2 pose for 30 seconds. Remind yourself to be strong and focused.

Fire and Flood with Jade A.
Vinyasa Flow: This vinyasa flow helps you escape from the world and connect with your true reality and inner self. You’ll work on your warrior two.

Restore Yourself with Nicole S.
Restorative Flow: Combine gentle movements with comforting shapes in this intermediate restorative flow. You’ll find yourself resting and able to reflect with the intention of returning to your true nature.


Beautiful Progression with Rochelle M.
Progression: This class is designed for athletes who want to learn how to do a progression run properly. It will you teach you how to maintain form and breathing patterns as your speed increases. Your maximum speed in this workout will be 5.2.

Outdoor Running

In It For the Long Haul with Rochelle M.
Endurance: This class is designed for athletes who need to focus on endurance training for a long distance race, whether it’s a half or full marathon. This workout has two parts to it. You’ll jog at a steady pace for 20 minutes, and run at your tempo pace for 10 minutes. You’ll get tips and advice for long distance training and races throughout this workout.

Strength Training

The Beast and ATL with Sultan M.
Lower Body + Dumbbells: Grab a set of dumbbells and sweat through a lower body routine. You’ll perform weighted goblet squats, and forward lunges, as well as bodyweight squat jumps and split squat jumps. Work out to a playlist of all Atlanta-based hip-hop music


Office Party with Nicole S.
Upper Body: This stretch focuses primarily on the upper body and is great to combat poor posture, neck tension, and wrist and shoulder stiffness due to being sedentary.


Front to Back with John T.
Multidirectional Intervals: In this advanced elliptical workout you’ll focus mainly on interval and reverse directional training. You’ll improve your stamina over the course of 50 minutes of striding.

EDM: Elliptical Dance Magic with John T.
Intervals: This intermediate elliptical workout is divided into three sections. You’ll climb uphill for the first section, work on tempo switches in the second, and take it home with a push in the third. Sweat to an all-EDM playlist.

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