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All-new Aaptiv workout classes to try this week

Our Aaptiv coaches have been hard at work developing fun workouts and energizing playlists. This week you’ll want to check out coach Amanda Murdock’s all 80s strength class and the advanced, Push For 18, HIIT indoor cycling from coach Ed Hall.

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Stair Climbing

Endure The Burn with Erin Sanders
Beginner Intervals: Consider this workout an introduction to high-intensity intervals. You’ll be asked to push the pace, but then you’ll have equal amounts of time to recover. Up for the challenge? Coach Erin knows you are! Beginner

Kickin’ It Back with Erin Sanders
Intermediate Cardio + Strength: The key to this routine is that it works your butt, legs, and calves by incorporating multi-directional cardio steps (think side to side and back kicks). It’s a tough routine, but Erin will guide you through it! Intermediate

7-Minute Quick Hits

Good Morning Yoga Wake Up with Amanda Murdock
Beginner Quick Flow: Wake up your body and reduce hamstring tightness with this short sun salutation sequence. Beginner

Lose Control with Amanda Murdock
Advanced Full-Body HIIT: You’ll need a set of light and heavy weights for this non-stop playlist themed class. You’ll do each move for one minute without any rest. We’re sweating just thinking about it. Advanced

Flex Your Bicep Emojis with Amanda Murdock
Beginner Upper Body + Core: Let us see you flex…and triceps dips! This 90s hip hop class is perfect for layering with a cardio class, or delivers a quick arms and abs burn when you’re short of time. Beginner

Rotating Runner with Ed Hall
Mix It Up: Think running is just moving forward? Think again! Coach Ed will take you through a multi-directional treadmill routine includes side shuffles to help improve your stability, work the muscles of your outer thighs, and help improve your running gait and stride. Intermediate


The 80s Called with Amanda Murdock
Advanced Core Flow: Work up a sweat with this core-focused routine set to the ultimate 80s pop playlist. Yoga is always in vogue. Advanced

Feel-Good Hip Openers with Jason Olson
Tight Hip Fix: A beginner-friendly sequence to loosen up your lower body and help improve mobility. Beginner

Reduce Bloating with Jena Maenius
Beginner Vinyasa: This gentle flow helps improve digestion while easing that bloating sensation.

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Strength Training

HIIT The 80s with Amanda Murdock
Lower-Body Burn: After a quick cardio warm-up of high knees and jumping jacks coach Amanda will take you through a challenging lower-body strength routine that focuses on working one leg at a time. You’ll build endurance and feel a serious burn while jamming out to 80s hits. Advanced

45 x 15 Core Hit with Amanda Murdock
Core: This all-abs routine features 9 megaeffective exercises for working your core…and there’s not a single sit-up. You’ll do each move for 45 seconds and have 15 seconds to fully recover before hitting it again. Advanced

Core Attack with Jaime McFaden
Beginner Core: Fire up your abs with bodyweight exercises including a bird dog reach, reverse plank, and supermans. Coach Jaime will make sure you know exactly what to do for A+ form and better results. Beginner

Out Of This World Strength with Mike Septh
Upper Body + Weights: Start with a quick dynamic warm-up then move into a two circuits, each with three moves that you’ll perform for 30 seconds. You’ll want a set of medium-resistance dumbbells handy. Get ready to press, push, and row like a boss. Advanced

Indoor Cycling

Bonus Power Finisher with Ed Hall
Intermediate Hill Climbs: This is the ideal workout for the rider looking to increase power and build endurance. The standing climbs with resistance with have your glutes and quads working overtime, and you’ll finish the class with a bonus sprints on a hill finisher. Power…oh yeah! Intermediate

Push For 18 with Ed Hall
Advanced HIIT Ride: This class is all about metabolic conditioning. After a quick warm-up, coach Ed will lead you through an exciting and challenging routine that includes 15-seconds on/15-seconds off sprints on a hill. Expect your heart rate to stay elevated and focus on pushing yourself for these 18 minutes. Advanced

Pedal Outlaw with Kelly Chase
Intermediate Resistance Ride: This time-efficient indoor cycling class focuses on one thing… upping that resistance. Your heart rate will stay elevated for all 30 minutes and the hip hop and pop mix playlist is extra fresh. Intermediate

Because You Don’t Give Up with Kelly Chase
Advanced HIIT: This full-body ride will challenge both your stamina and strength… and we think you’re ready for it. Heavy resistance pushes, sprints, and jump work included! Advanced


Start Out Fast with Ed Hall
Advanced Endurance Run: After a quick warm-up you’ll immediately pick up the past with 30-second sprints at ground level. These cardio pushes will tax your anaerobic system and fire up your metabolism. But the fun doesn’t stop there…let’s just say the incline goes up before you end the class. Advanced

Find Your Unstoppable with Ben Green
Advanced Hill Repeats: Think of this class as the hill workout you should do, even when you definitely don’t want to run any hills. Coach Ben will help you attack those inclines so you finish class feeling stronger and more comfortable with will workouts. Advanced

One And Done, Walk And Core with Ben Green
Beginner Walk + Strength: Time efficient and effective, that’s what we like! This class will help increase your walking strength, or can be used as prep for jogging workouts, if that’s a goal you have. The best part… the 30-second push-up challenge! Beginner

Breaking A Sweat with Jessica Muenster
Beginner Jog + Run: Are you ready to sweat?! This workout features four, 10-minute blocks of speed interval work on a flat road. The goal is to recover at a jog pace and minimize walking as much as possible. Beginner


You Against The Incline with Candice Cunningham
Intermediate Incline Intervals: Engage your glutes while burning major calories in this hip hop interval mix. You’ll do 60-, 45-, and 30-second intervals at varying inclines and resistance. Intermediate

Bound To Get Burned with Candice Cunningham
Advanced Speed Intervals: Speed and resistance intervals will test your muscular and cardiovascular strength in this themed class. Remember to keep tabs on your form, even as you push your pace.  Advanced

Cardio Kings with Jessica Muenster
Beginner Intervals: If you’re new to a workout program or are easing back into a routine after some time off, this low-resistance class will get you comfortable using resistance on the elliptical. Beginner

Take Me Home Tonight with Jessica Muenster
Intermediate Intervals: Classic rock comes out to play in this challenging workout that alternates resistance and incline work. So, while the resistance is low you’ll be pushing that incline, then you’ll flip it for the next interval. Double the challenge, double the fun! Intermediate

Welcome To The Speed Pit with Erin Sanders
Beginner Intervals: Don’t worry about the incline, this class is all about giving it your all during short intervals. Go for speed, reap the benefits, and enjoy the high-energy playlist. Beginner

Outdoor Running

Better Than Your Average with Candice Cunningham
Beginner Walking Intervals: Achieve a faster power walk by increasing speed for short bursts throughout your workout. Gradually build your pace to the beats of popular hip hop tracks. Beginner

You Against The World with Candice Cunningham
Jogging + Running: Intermediate runners will love this routine as it pushes you to run faster with each interval of this pop-heavy workout. Set your own speed goal for each round and prepare to exceed your expectations every time. Intermediate

Right Here Is Where You Belong with Candice Cunningham
Advanced Sprint Intervals: Get ready to push your lactate threshold and achieve a new personal best. This round of rock interval training will have you focused on speed with short bursts of maximum effort and brief recoveries in between. Advanced

This Is Your Moment with Ben Green
Beginner Intervals: High-energy pop songs will help you power up and power through these 30-, 40-, and 90-second intervals. Your goal is to start jogging, and pick up the pace when you feel ready. Beginner

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