Core Some More and Other New Classes Live Now!

How far will you push yourself this week?

Work on your core this week with Core Some More, a bodyweight strength class led by Aaptiv Trainer Ackeem Emmons and Hard Core, a bodyweight strength class led by Aaptiv Trainer Kenta Seki.

Strength Training

Core Some More with Ackeem E.
Full Body: Warm up with high knees, walking soldiers, and more, each done for 30 seconds at a time. Then, work through a bodyweight circuit of supermans, v-ups, bicycles, leg lifts, knee tucks, and more, working for 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off. You’ll end with the same exercises you used to warm up.

Sweet, But Psycho with Amanda B.
Full Body + Kettlebells: Grab your bells and get ready to test your strength and stamina with this fun, full body strength workout. You’ll have alternating sets of strength and cardio work. Push play and let’s get after it!

Hip Hop HIIT with Kenta S.
Full Body: Work your full body with three sets of bodyweight strength and cardio moves. Sweat to a 90s hip hop playlist.

Hard Core with Kenta S.
Core: Challenge your abs with nonstop core exercises, done for 10-30 secs each

Stronger Every Day with Jaime M.
Full Body + Dumbbells: This is a full body strength and cardio workout. You get the best of strength circuits, cardio bursts, and core moves to take you to the end! You’ll need a set of dumbbells for this class.


Full Body Foam Roll with Ackeem E.
Full Body + Foam Roller: Release tension in your entire body with this foam rolling stretching class.

Roll With Me with Amanda B.
Full Body + Foam Roller: In this stretch, you’ll utilize the foam roller to massage your muscles out, increase blood flow, and allow your body to recover from all the arduous workouts you do!

Foam Roll Patrol with Kenta S.
Upper Body + Core: Foam roll your lower body and back and relieve any stress and tension with this class.

Shoulders, Spine, and Hips with Nicole S.
Full Body + Equipment: This brief mobility stretch moves a few major joints through their safest, greatest, and pain-free range of motion, encouraging blood flow and increased articular resilience. This class is perfect after a big day of training or if you’re just feeling stiff and stagnant. Two yoga blocks are suggested for this class.

Mobilize Wrists and Ankles with Nicole S.
Full Body: The wrists and ankles are used everyday in ways we rarely consider until we experience limitation or pain. These short exercises help you bring some love, attention, and blood flow into some very active, but often overlooked, joints.


Morning Breath with Jade A.
Guided Meditation: Practice alternating nostril breathing in this class. Focusing on the act of breathing clears the mind of all daily distractions, enabling us to think clearer, be more productive, make better decisions, and calm anxieties.

Breathe For Peace with Jade A.
Guided Meditation: All day we are bombarded with thoughts, questions, decisions, problems, and other things that pollute our minds. Take a few moments of peace and give your mind a break so it can function better. Practice using your breath to still your mind. This class asks you to hold your breath at times. However, if you’re pregnant, don’t hold your breath.


Rockin’ Intervals with Rochelle M.
Intervals: Focus on getting your heart rate up with endurance and sprint intervals, and then back down with recoveries in this beat-based workout. This will help you burn maximum calories!

Lean Into Your Speed with John T.
Intervals: This all levels treadmill run has two major focuses: steady-paced running and interval training. You’ll work in rates of perceived exertion and with your max heart rate, rather than be given specific speeds. Do something today that you’ll be proud of tomorrow!

Never Give Up with John T.
Intervals: Build your perseverance and running strength in this all levels treadmill workout. The workout has three blocks. Start with an ample warm up for four songs, then find your speed with your top threshold pace. Finish with a 12-minute conversational pace jog.

Squeeze the Juice with Jaime M.
Incline Walk + Jog: The word of the workout is lemonade. Squeeze that juice and get your body warmed up with an incline walk and jog on the treadmill, and get ready to take on the day or your next workout.

Ladders & Curls with Ackeem E.
Intervals + Upper Body + Dumbbells: In this cross-training workout, you’ll have two blocks of treadmill work and one circuit of upper body exercises done twice (think push ups, presses and curls).


Elliptical Dance Magic 2.0 with John T.
Intervals: Get your groove on with this all-EDM playlist. Similar to the original EDM: Elliptical Dance Magic, you’ll work through three challenges: resistance hills, tempo switches, and intervals. This workout is all levels, so you’ll be given resistance ranges for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Build It, Hold It with Katie H.
Endurance: There are six songs and two parts to this endurance-building class! In part one, you’ll build your resistance. In part two, you’ll hold your resistance, but up the intensity by picking up the pace. A little goes a long way in this class! You choose the numbers that work for you. What are you willing to do to feel the way you want to feel?

Rhythm n’ Intervals with Katie H.
Rhythm: Tackle rhythmic intervals two ways: by changing the resistance or by changing the speed. You’ll conquer four sets of two songs each, building resistance, fighting for the pace, and breaking away off the beat. Let’s do this!

Indoor Cycling

Seated Intervals 3.0 with John T.
Rhythm: This is part three of the “Seated Intervals” trilogy! In this all levels cycling ride, you’ll groove within the rhythm in the saddle, and accelerate beyond the beat with intervals in the saddle. Focus on maintaining proper heal drive and creating power with every pedal stroke. You’ll be given RPMs to help find your rhythm.

Rolling Challenges with Katie H.
Rhythm: You’ve got intervals two ways: a progressive intensity build on the beat and speedy breakaways off the beat. You’ll tackle three sets of each, working all the way up to nine minutes of nine intervals. How long can you stay committed to these rolling challenges?


Flow Slow, Hard & Fast with Jade A.
Vinyasa: Warm up through breathing and slow movement before moving faster, one breath per movement. Challenge your strength, balance, and endurance as you move through this short flow. End some extra love to your hamstrings.

Strength In Stillness with Nicole S.
Vinyasa + Equipment: This full body flow will ask you to root and stay put in positions that are not only challenging physically, but that may also be uncomfortable mentally. Most of us like to fidget because we live in a culture of distraction. This practice will ask that we settle and sit with where we are mentally and physically. You may want to use a block for this flow.

Yoga Shoulders with Nicole S.
Hatha Yoga + Equipment: This short practice will have your shoulders moving internally and externally, as well as through flexion and extension. We will discuss the importance of your shoulder mobility in relation to yoga specific shapes and how this class can be a great prep for common yoga poses. You will need one block for this!

Outdoor Running

Rise, Run, and Work with Jaime M.
Intervals + Full Body: This outdoor cross-training workout has four blocks of work: an 8-minute run, followed by 8-minute strength circuit, then a 6-minute run, followed by a 6-minute strength circuit, and a 4-minute run, followed by a 4-minute strength circuit. You’ll finish with a 2-minute dash and 2 minutes of core!

Get Your Miles In with Rochelle M.
Endurance: Maintain a conversational pace for 80 minutes to build stamina and endurance. You’ll get tips for race day, as well as focus on putting in the hard work and having fun at the same time!

5 Miles with Rochelle M.
Endurance: The goal of this workout is to maintain a conversational pace for 50 mins to build stamina and endurance. You’ll run for five miles.

Embrace the Recovery with Rochelle M.
Recovery: Stay at an easy pace in zones 1 and 2 for 15 minutes to fully recover, reducing any lactic acid build up you may have from previous training. You’ll focus on being grateful for being able to run!

Tempo Progress with Wes P.
Tempo: This class is 46 minutes long. Warm up, then work through pickups and run at your tempo pace for 25 minutes. You’ll also work through striders, and have a 2-minute recovery in between.

Fartlek Cross-Training with Ackeem E.
Intervals + Full Body: This fartlek run has three speeds: red (jog), yellow (tempo), and green (sprint). You’ll run for 5-minute circuits, then complete a bodyweight circuit with jumping squats, walking lunges, squats, splits lunges, and standing bicycles two times through for 30 seconds on 10 seconds rest.

Recover Outside with Jaime M.
Recovery: Head outside and sweat through a recovery walking and jogging workout.



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