Core Confidence and Other New Classes Live Now!

Kick off the holiday weekend with an Aaptiv workout.

This week, take your Aaptiv workout to the beach with you, with several classes that require no equipment other than yourself. Go for a beach-side run with Aaptiv Trainer Katie Horwitch’s class Rhythmic Reset Run or work your core with Aaptiv Trainer Mary O.’s class Core Confidence. 

Outdoor Running

Tempo is Life with Wes P.
Tempo: Take the time to focus on your tempo pace in this tempo run.

Step into the Race with Rochelle B. 
Tempo: Perform tempo sets for 10 minutes each, with a full 3-minute recovery in between. This class aims to help you build speed and stamina.

Run to Success with Rochelle B. 
Intervals: The goal of this workout is to practice your 5K race pace for the given duration. There are two 11-minute blocks of work in varying ranges of intensities. This will get you more familiar with your pacing and efficiency in a given training zone.

Hip Hop Don’t Stop with Katie H. 
Endurance: In this steady-state run, you’ll stay at a conversational pace while you push through your boundaries—both physically and mentally! Alternate between running, jogging, walking, and yes, dancing, through three rounds of three songs, each meant to get your heart rate up and your mood boosted. You’ll pick your pace, but one thing will stay the same: you’ll keep going no matter what.

Rhythmic Reset Run with Katie H. 
Recovery: Reset your body, mind, and spirit in this upbeat recovery run set to indie faves. You’ll walk, jog, run, and dance through five songs designed to help you appreciate the moment. Let go of anything that doesn’t serve you and make space for what does with this class.

Strength Training

Kettlebell Circuit with Mary O.
Full Body + Kettlebell: Grab your bells and let’s work! This kettlebell, full body circuit combines eight big bang movements completed for three rounds. Every single body part will be worked.

Your Best Back Side with Mary O. 
Lower Body: Get your best back side with this lower body focused workout. All you need is you! Work through three circuits of bridges, plie pulses, single deadlifts, curtsy lunges, and jump squats. You’ll finish this workout with two rounds of wall sits, plyo lunges, and leg raises.

Core Confidence with Mary O. 
Core: Strengthen your body and increase confidence with this circuit-style training class. Work through three rounds of four exercises, each performed for one minute. Exercises include dead bug, toe touch crunches, bridge side taps, and reverse plank.

Kettlebell Blast with Ackeem E. 
Full Body + Kettlebells: Blast your full body in this kettlebell workout. Warm up with bodyweight exercises, then work through stiff leg deadlifts, kettlebell swings, lunges, push-ups, and more.

Upper Body Realness with Ackeem E. 
Upper Body: Work 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off in this class. Exercises include burpees, bear crawl walkouts, plank jacks, mountain climbers, knee ticks, leg lifts, bicycles, and more. You’ll cool down with some core work!

Lower Body Realness with Ackeem E. 
Lower Body: Work your lower body with jump squats, skaters, split lunges, broad jumps, bear planks, and more. Cool down with some core work, including v-ups, oblique reaches, and more.

Crazy Calves with Kenta S. 
Lower Body: Find a step, ledge, treadmill edge, or street curb and work out your calves.


Athletic Vibes with Rochelle B. 
Intervals: The goal of this workout is to hit each given heart rate zone for the given duration. You’ll focus on how to stay light on your feet during intervals/sprints.

Mountain Intervals with Ackeem E. 
Intervals: The best view comes after the hardest climb. Start with an incline warm up and transition into incline intervals. You’ll have three rounds of: 1 minute at base pace, 2 minutes at race pace, and a 30 second sprint, then back to base pace for 2 minutes.

Bells and Speed with Ackeem E. 
Full Body + Kettlebells: This full body, cross-training kettlebell workout will have you winded and ready for a sweet stretch after. You’ll have three blocks of treadmill work and three sets of EMOM with kettlebell swings, squat to press, reverse lunges, bent-over rows, and push-ups.

Y2K Rewind with John T. 
Intervals: Throw it back to the early 2000’s with this beat-based, all levels treadmill workout. Start with an incline walk to warm up, then progress through six songs with three different challenges: progressive speed drills, incline walking, and intervals. Rock out with the music and sing the lyrics of this Y2K playlist.


Rise, Shine, and Realign with Nicole S. 
Vinyasa: Good Morning! Wake right up and dive into a fluid, centered, and well rounded practice. We’ll discuss alignment points, focus on your breath, and work on our balance in this brief but energizing flow.

Yin-scape with Nicole S. 
Yin Yoga: This is a brief yin-like practice that allows you to “yin-scape” the hustle and bustle of your everyday demands. You’ll need a few props and an open mind. We’ll find passive stretches that will provide a framework for a temporary release of tension. You may want a block or strap for this class.


Post Cycle Release with Nicole S. 
Lower Body: Whether you rode for an afternoon outdoors or just completed a 30-minute indoor cycling ride, this stretch is a great follow up to release accumulated tension in the spine, lower back, hamstrings, quads, and calves. Let’s show your lower body some love.

Lengthen Your Legs with Kenta S. 
Lower Body: Release tension in your lower body with this stretch. You’ll move through quad stretches, down dog, butterfly, seated forward folds, and more.

Indoor Cycling

Missy Hill-iot with Katie H. 
Endurance: This class is all about the hills—and they’re all Missy Elliott hills! Conquer three 4-minute hills, each with one breathless push at the end. You’ll get comfortable with the uncomfortable and work almost exclusively in the hard intensity zone for this entire class. Can you pace yourself out and start smart to finish strong?

Strong Transitions with Katie H. 
Intervals: This 30-minute class is split into three parts, all focused on helping you make strong transitions on and off the bike. In round one, you’ll find your intensity levels by working in easy, moderate, hard, and breathless zones. In round two, you’ll hone your intensity levels by working speed into the mix. In round three, you’ll rock your intensity levels by focusing on your hardest work of the day.


Just What You Needed with Katie H. 
Intervals: This class has a little bit of everything: incline work, resistance work, moving backwards, and speedy breakaways! Warm up, then work through six songs of various types of intervals, ending with breathless work to finish with a bang.

Tabata and Tempo Challenge 2.0 with John T. 
Intervals + Multidirectional: This is part two of the original “Tabata and Tempo Challenge” (but don’t worry, they can be done in either order). Alternate between tabata pushes, quicker tempo challenges, and a splash of reverse directional training in this all levels workout. You’ll be given resistance cues for each level at the start of the workout. Take the challenge and let’s crush it!



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