Climbing Ladders and Other New Classes Live Now!

A new Monday means a new week of workouts.

Wake up with a whole new week of workouts, Team Aaptiv! This week, try Climbing Ladders, a treadmill class with Aaptiv Trainer Rachel Mariotti. Or, release your inner fighter with I Don’t Play, I Box, a boxing class with Aaptiv Trainer Elena Moffa.

Strength Training

Strong To The Max with Amanda B.

Full Body + Weights: You’ll need a set of dumbbells ranging from 5lb to 8lb. This workout includes 10 exercises. Alternate working and resting for 30 seconds each in the first round. Take a quick break and then work for 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off in round two. Exercises include high knees, goblet squats, modified push-ups, dumbbell thrusters, dumbbell jumping jacks, and more.

Kettlebells and Supersets with Ackeem E.

Tabata + Lower Body + Kettlebells: You’ll have rounds of two supersets in this class. Grab a kettlebell ranging from 15lb to 25lb. The first movement will be a compound exercise using kettlebells, and the second will be a conditioning exercising using just your bodyweight. Enjoy a 60-second rest period after each set. Exercises include deadlifts, burpees, lunges, squats, push-ups, and more.

Rock & Roll with Kenta S.

Full Body + Equipment: You’ll need a swiss ball for this workout. You’ll have a 2-minute warm-up followed by two circuits of four exercises done for 30 seconds each and repeated once. Exercises include ball push-ups, plank knee tucks, forearm ab rollouts, and trunk lifts. Work to an all-rock playlist.

The Gun Show with Kenta S.

Upper Body + Weights: This workout is entirely focused on the arm muscles. You’ll need a light to medium set of dumbbells for this class. Choose a weight that challenges you but allows you to maintain your form. Work through two circuits of four exercises, performing each for 30 seconds and repeating each once. Exercises include bicep curls to shoulder presses, overhead tricep extensions, and rear flies.

Plyometrics & Bodyweight with Mike S.

Full Body: All you need for this class is your bodyweight. You’ll work through rounds of three different supersets, working for 30 seconds at a time. Exercises include walkouts, the perfect stretch, frog jumps, forearm plank, ice skaters, side planks with flexion, pistol squats, and crossover mountain climbers. Enjoy periods of rest in between rounds.

Feel That Superset with Mike S.

Full Body + Kettlebells: Work through a total of eight exercises and four supersets. You’ll need two kettlebells, one ranging from 20lb to 30lb and the other ranging from 5lb to 15lb. Exercises include kettlebell cleans, single-arm presses, swings, goblet squats, lunges, push-ups, and planks. You’ll have rest in between.

Lift It On That Beat with Mike S.

Full Body + Weights: You’ll need one heavy dumbbell, ranging from 20lb to 30lb, as well as a set of lighter dumbbells, ranging from 5lb to 15lb. Work through a total of four supersets, working back to back. Perform each exercise for 40 seconds and rest for 30 seconds at the end of each round. Warm up with high knees, jumping jacks, and prisoner squats. Then, work through squat presses, reverse lunges, alternating overhead presses, goblet squats, alternating lateral lunges, leg raises, alternating abduction, and more. End with a 7-minute AMRAP of jump squats and push-ups.

Hitting New Strength with Rachel M.

Full Body + Kettlebells: This short and sweet, but intense strength class ends with 100 kettlebell swings. Work through three 3-minute rounds with 1 minute of rest in between. You’ll need two medium-sized kettlebells, as well as a heavier kettlebell. Exercises include double kettlebell squats, push-ups, single-arm push presses, deadlifts, and more.


Girl On Fire with Amanda B.

Full Body: Grab a mat for this beginner stretch. Taking the time to stretch not only relieves muscle soreness, but can also help manage stress and calm the mind. You’ll learn the basics of stretching in this class to help you establish healthy habits.

Quick Neck Stretch with Kenta S.

Upper Body: This quick stretch focuses entirely on the muscles in the neck. We spend a lot of time staring down at a phone or computer screen, so it’s important to take care of and tend to those tightened muscles!

Gave My Tension Away with Nicole S.

Full Body: This is a stretch class for your wrists, fingers, ankles, and toes. We spend so much of our day in closed-toe shoes and spend so much time engaging with devices. This class is a great midday break for your digits.

Runner’s Stretch with Rochelle M.

Full Body: This class is designed specifically for runners. You’ll start with your upper body, focusing on your chest and arms, then move down to your lower body, working through hamstring stretches, butterfly stretches, quad stretches, and more. You’ll also roll out your hamstrings, quads, glutes, and upper back, so you’ll need a foam roller for this class.


Make My Feet Go with Ackeem E.

Intervals: You’ll have three 10-minute blocks in this workout, with walking recovery in between each. There are no prescribed speeds in this class, so it’s up to you to stay true to your fullest potential. The focus for this class is building endurance and speed.

Shred and Tread with Ackeem E.

Intervals: Work through three key blocks in this class. The first includes endurance intervals. The second focuses on speed and strength intervals. The last will combine endurance and speed. Get ready to crank it up and run tall and strong!

Tread Run Just Like This with Elena M.

Intervals: Start with a 4-minute warm-up, then run through five 8-minute intervals. You’ll jog, move through some inclines, transition into your running pace, and push past your limits. End the run with a burn out round of three 30-second sprints. You’ll have 60 seconds of recovery between each.

Shut ‘Em Up, Run ‘Em Out with Erin S.

Intervals: You’ll start with a 4-minute warm-up, then you’ll have five 4-minute blocks. Cover four paces within each block: jogging, running, threshold, and sprinting pace. You’ll enjoy some, but not a lot of recovery, so gear up to push yourself and rock out to the music.

Electricity with Meghan T.

Intervals: This is beginner workout is designed for someone who needs a longer warm-up before getting into running. The class opens with an incline walking progression and then works on running intervals with walking recovery in between. The running and recovery intervals are 4 minutes long, and the speeds range from 4.8 to 6.0. You’ll end with 60 seconds of running and walking. This workout is all about getting to the 6.0 at the end, so take a risk and bet on yourself!

Run Three Ways with Meghan T.

Intervals: Work through three sections in this class: a 10-minute incline variation, a 10-minute progression run, and 45-second sprints with 30 seconds of recovery. End this workout with 3 minutes at 7.6 to really test mental toughness and threshold pace! This class is great for the intermediate runner who is looking to run advanced treadmill runs.

Climbing Ladders with Rachel M.

Intervals: Push through three rounds in this treadmill class. The bulk of your workout involves a 25-minute ladder workout. You’ll end with 30-second sprints. Pay attention to your form, and don’t let it suffer as your muscles start to fatigue.

Love Those Sprints with Rochelle M.

Speed Work: This class is designed for athletes who need to work on improving their overall speed to enhance their performance. Warm up for 2 minutes, then work through three sets. Each set includes 30-second sprints at 7.5, followed by 30 seconds of recovery. You’ll repeat each set multiple times.

Concrete Base Pace with Wes P.

Intervals: In this class, you’ll focus on building your base pace. Start with a 7-minute warm-up, then work through different speed and incline intervals. Though the inclines levels will be provided, how fast you want to go is up to you. Play around to figure out what feels best for you!


Power Walk Remixed with Ben G.

Walk: This beginner power walk features a 7-minute warm-up, followed by 25 minutes of non-stop power. You’ll work at a medium to hard effort level. Power walk to a playlist of upbeat remixes.

Outdoor Running

Instrumental Intervals with Ben G.

Intervals: This run is designed for any runner who wants to improve their overall pace. You’ll warm up, then have eight 4-minute intervals with 2 minutes of active recovery. Your recovery is set to all-instrumental music.

The Greatest Race Pace with Rachel M.

Speed Work: Focus on different levels of race pace for this class. You’ll have intervals dealing with four levels of effort: half marathon, 10K, 1 mile, and 1-minute race-paces. Try to not walk at all during this 20-minute run!

Smooth Runners with Wes P.

Intervals: This class focuses on 90-second repeats. Work through two blocks of a series of four 90-second intervals. Your recovery times will start out short, but get longer as you go on.

I Came To Have Fun with Wes P.

Intervals: Start with a 3-minute warm-up, then work through three different effort levels in each interval. None of those effort levels will deal with numbers, but rather they will go off of how you feel. So you’ll have all the freedom to pick and change your paces as you go. The goal of this workout is to have fun!

Indoor Cycling

Pedal With Power With Ben G.

Intervals + Sprint: This is a 40-minute sprint and strength ride. You’ll have six intervals, progressing from 30 seconds to 90 seconds in length. Following that, you’ll climb for 10 minutes, sprint, climb again, then finish with ten rounds of sprints. Don’t worry, you’ll have active recovery in between. Use your power and get moving!

Shake Your Groove Thang with Katie H.

Intervals: Spend most of this workout in the hard to breathless zone with two big moments of active recovery in between. Pedal with quick legs during the warm-up and recoveries. Then, dig at a slower pace during the intervals.


Where I Flow From with Ceasar B.

Vinyasa Flow: This quick flow is all about strengthening your core and opening up your hips. You’ll work through elbow plank variations, downward facing dog, anjanayasana, side plank variations, and malasana squats. This yoga class is set to a country-pop music playlist.

Flowing In The Sky with Ceasar B.

Vinyasa Flow: This advanced and dynamic flow is set entirely to chill, R&B music. The poses for this class include elbow plank variations for core strengthening, child’s pose, sun salutations A & B, and high lunge with eagle arms. Use your breath as your metronome as you move.

Keep Calm and Flow with Jade A.

Vinyasa Flow: This 10-minute class is great for runners looking to loosen up tight hips. Use it before or after a run. You’ll learn lizard pose in this class.

Flow To Restore with Jade A.

Vinyasa Flow: This class starts off slow but gains intensity before you cool down. You’ll get into some core work, as well as some deep hip stretches to loosen up your lower body.

Peace In The Old Style with Nicole S.

Vinyasa Flow: This intermediate flow requires you to hold poses more actively and for slightly longer than you would in a typical vinyasa flow. Use this as a way to identify sensation and build strength mentally and physically—all while you get a great workout!

Stair Climber

Show Me Climbs with Erin S.

Intervals: This short beginner workout only has four songs in the playlist. The first will be your warm-up and the last will be your cooldown. For the two songs in between, you’ll keep a consistent speed on the verses, but increase that pace and intensity on the choruses. This class is a great way to move, get your heart rate up, and challenge yourself.


Increase Your Energy with Jade A.

Guided Meditation: This quick meditation aims to help you boost your energy and your productivity by focusing on breathing patterns. It’s great to take before or after a workout or while seated at your desk.

Gratitude & Contentment with Nicole S.

Guided Meditation: This meditation focuses on gratitude and contentment. Studies show that a daily gratitude practice can diminish illness and sadness and increase the quality of our relationships. In this class you’ll learn all the ways your mind can pull you from the present moment and how to remain content and grateful.


Me Through The Flames with Jaime M.

Intervals: This intermediate elliptical class includes sprints, heavy hills, and reverse pushes. Your maximum resistance will be 10.0 and your maximum incline will be 15.0. The word of the workout is “fire,” so breath deep and get ready to fire up your whole body.

You’re Invincible with John T.

Intervals: This beginner elliptical class is all about being in sync with the rhythm. The focus is on using the tempo and choruses to push your pace. You’ll have seven songs in the playlist. Push past the rhythm for four of the songs. On the other three, maintain your tempo and challenge yourself with resistance.

Bey & Jay-lliptical with Katie H.

Intervals: In this workout, you’ll alternate increasing your incline and resistance. Work through five songs in this playlist, starting with a warm-up and ending with a superset. This workout is all about keeping it simple so you can focus on the work!

Resistance Ladders with Rochelle M.

Resistance: This class is focused solely on resistance, so it’s great to take if your elliptical doesn’t have an incline setting. The goal here is to build lower body strength. Start with a warm-up, then pick up to a steady pace, with your resistance increasing every minute from a level 2.0 to a level 8.0. Next, ladder back down and build it back up again before cooling down.

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