Candy Cane Climb and Other New Classes Live Now!

It's the most wonderful time for fitness.

Happy Monday, Team Aaptiv! The holiday season is officially here, so this week work in a sweat with classes set to your favorite holiday music! Take Candy Cane Climb, a stair climber class with Aaptiv Trainer Ackeem Emmons. Or, The Holiday Hustle, an outdoor running class with Aaptiv Trainer Rochelle Moncourtois. Plus, if you’re looking to check out a new artist, take .Paak-Its of Strength,  strength class with Aaptiv Trainer Mike Septh, set to an all Anderson .Paak playlist.


Melt Away Holiday Stress with Amanda B.
Full Body: Take some time for yourself, and melt away any holiday stress you may be feeling with this beginner, full body stretch. Work to a playlist of all your favorite holiday music.

Remind Me to Stretch with Amanda B.
Full Body: Grab a mat and work through this 10-minute, dynamic stretch class to keep you limber and ready for your next workout!

Lower Back & Hip Stretch with Ackeem E.
Lower Body: This stretch routine works to alleviate tightness in the hips, hamstrings, and lower back.

Sweet Stretches with Ackeem E.
Full Body: Stretch out those tense muscles and relax your mind as you listen to an all-Anderson .Paak playlist.

Pillow Talk with Kenta S.
Full Body: This class consists of quick stretches that can be done on a mat on the floor or in bed. You can do this class at the beginning or end of the day, or even at the end of your workout. Stretch to an all-Sade playlist.

Dynamic Stretching with Kenta S.
Full Body: This class is full of energetic stretching movements followed by static stretches. You’ll move as you stretch, then hold static stretches to loosen up tight muscles.

Strength Training

Unforgettable Strength with Amanda B.
Tabata + Weights: This class is all about high-intensity intervals and pushing yourself past your limits. You’ll need a set of dumbbells ranging from 8lb to 15lb. Push through two rounds of four exercises each, and end with a bodyweight Tabata set to test your endurance. Warm up with alternating reverse lunges, plank shoulder taps, sit-ups and more. Then, perform high knees, push-ups, and Russian twists, among others. Work to an all-Latin American music playlist.

Learning Perfect Form with Amanda B.
Full Body: All you need is your bodyweight. The focus for this class is on muscle awareness and practicing correct form for each exercise. If you strength train with perfect technique, you’ll be more prepared for your next level of fitness, so go slow and pay attention to how your muscles are feeling!

When The Flex Goes Up with Ackeem E.
Tabata + Weights + Upper Body + Core: Start with a core-focused warm-up, working for 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Then, work through rounds of knee tucks, flutters, forearm planks, and more. You’ll work for 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off. Push through six movements total and alternate using weights for each.

Come Out and Train with Ackeem E.
Lower Body + Weights + Tabata: You’ll need a set of 10lb, 15lb, or 20lb dumbbells, depending on your fitness level. You’ll use your weights for every other movement. This strength class focuses on the lower body. The goal is to isolate and strengthen your muscles. Four moves will include weights and three won’t. Using a Tabata approach, you’ll burn fat and build muscle simultaneously. Exercises include Bulgarian split squats, glute bridges, sumo squats, jump squats, skiier swings, donkey kicks, and bench curtsies.

Sleighin’ It with Kenta S.
Full Body: This holiday workout only requires your bodyweight. Start with a 2-minute warm-up, then work through two circuits of four exercises done for 30 seconds each. You’ll repeat each exercise once, then end with a cooldown. Exercises include squats to reverse lunges, side lunges, and more.

Thirty, Twenty, Ten with Kenta S.
HIIT + Full Body: Perform circuits of strength, cardio, and core in this class—all for the duration of 10, 20, or 30 seconds. The mantra for this workout is “stronger than yesterday.” Do your strength exercises at a regular pace for 30 seconds, then pulse for 20 seconds, and finish with a 10-second static hold. Follow the strength movements with a 30-second cardio exercise and one core exercise. Exercises include basic squats, plie squats, high knees, and more.

Individual Muscle Focus with Mary O.
Full Body + Weights: Each track on this playlist will focus on one body part for a full-body burnout. You’ll need three sets of weights for this class: 10lb, 15lb, and 20lb dumbbells. The only cardio you’ll do is during the warm-up. After that, the focus is solely on high reps and burning out those muscles!

.Paak-Its of Strength with Mike S.
Upper Body: In this workout, you’ll have two 6-minute EMOMs. Exercises include crossover mountain climbers, alternating shoulder taps, push-ups, and more. Sweat to an Anderson .Paak playlist.

HIIT EMOMs with Meghan T.
HIIT + Weights + Full Body: You’ll need two 10lb dumbbells and one 15lb dumbbell. Start with a 6-minute warm-up that includes plyometric drills. Perform high knees, burpees, air squats, and crunches for 40 seconds each. Following that, you’ll have three circuits that you’ll repeat twice each. The circuits range from 10 minutes to 4 minutes long. You’ll work for 50 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. The majority of the movements are bodyweight, plyometric, and core-based. This is a great workout for someone who wants to complement a treadmill workout with some strength training.

Beginner HIIT EMOM with Meghan T.
HIIT + Full Body: You’ll have two 5-minute EMOM intervals. So, this is a “go at your own pace” style workout where you’ll have 60 seconds to complete a movement as many times as you can! The exercises include air squats, crunches, back lunges, high knees, side shuffle runs, and a 20-second plank hold. There is no wrong pace or rep number to work towards! You can use this class as a benchmark workout to determine progress.

Strength To The Max with Rachel M.
Full Body + Weights: You’ll need two dumbbells, ranging from medium to heavy weight. You’ll have two 8-minute EMOMs circuits. Repeat four exercises twice in each circuit. Exercises include squats, single-leg deadlifts, lateral lunges, Russian twists, and more.

Heavy Metal Beastin’ with Sultan M.
Upper Body + Weights: You’ll need a set of dumbbells so grab a weight you can lift with perfect form. There are two groups of three exercises. Each group repeats three times and you’ll work for 30 seconds on each exercise. Exercises include chest presses, single-arm tricep extension variations, neutral chest presses, single-arm tricep kickbacks, chest busters, and more. Work out to a metal playlist.


Run, Rudolph, Run with Ackeem E.
Sprint + Intervals: Work through 12 sprint intervals, ranging from 30 to 60 seconds, with 60 seconds to rest in between. Sprint to an upbeat playlist of all your favorite holiday hits!

Walk It, Work It with Elena M.
Walk + Jog: This treadmill walk starts off with a 3-minute warm-up. Then, you’ll work through 90-second incline intervals, alternated with 60-second intervals of jogging on a flat road. You’ll end with a cooldown.

Fun Run, Fartlek Run with Elena M.
Walk + Jog: Start with a 5-minute warm-up, then walk and jog to the beat with fartlek-style intervals and inclines. End with a 5-minute cooldown. The goal of this run is to build up endurance and confidence.

Jingle Bell Jams with John T.
Intervals: This beginner treadmill workout features a three-song circuit that you’ll repeat three times. The first song involves an incline walk; the second will have a steady jog with tempo paces; the third will focus on sprint intervals. Listen to all your favorite holiday songs as you run to get you in the mood!

Tempo Runs on Tempo with John T.
Walk + Jog: This beat-based workout focuses on tempo runs. You’ll tempo run during the beat drops and walk in between. Your encouraged speeds for tempo runs are between 5.0 and 6.0 for beginners and 6.0 and above for more advanced runners.

Slay the Treadmill with Meghan T.
Intervals: This workout opens with a 5-minute progression warm-up, then goes into 13 minutes of active recovery intervals. Run for 2 minutes, then jog at 5.0 in between each. Your top running speed will be 8.5. Following that, enjoy a 9-minute passive recovery interval on a 10.0 incline. You’ll walk in between 60 seconds of running. Finish with a 3-minute run at 8.0. The top speed here will be 6.8. This workout is meant to build mental toughness and tolerance for threshold pace.

.Paak It On with Meghan T.
Walk: This is an incline walking workout that’s great for priming your muscles for another treadmill workout or for burning out after a strength workout. This class is great for someone who wants to improve posture, strengthen their lower body, or improve muscle activation during warm-ups. Work to an all-Anderson .Paak playlist.

4-Minute Finesse with Rachel M.
Intervals: This advanced run has four 4-minute repeats with 2 minutes of recovery in between. You’ll play around with speed and incline with the intervals. Push through a burn out at the end. Get your head right, get loose, and settle into your workout. The focus here is on managing your energy!

Jogging On Incline with Rochelle M.
Walk + Jog + Incline: This class is designed for members who are just setting out on their fitness journeys. You’ll focus on walking and jogging intervals on an incline to increase overall stamina. The goal is to maintain the given speed as the incline increases to build endurance. Your maximum incline will be 5.0. and your maximum speed will be 4.5.

Stair Climber

Candy Cane Climb with Ackeem E.
Intervals: You’ll have five minutes on the stairs, 4 minutes of floor work, and three rounds in this 15-minute class. Just keep breathing and focus on keeping your posture tall and strong as you sweat!

Hair-Flipping Stair Master with John T.
HIIT: This beginner workout focuses on HIIT. Your minimum level will be 3.0 and your maximum level will be 7.0. Use the beat of the music to signal your intervals. For two songs, the levels will increase as the song progresses. For another two songs, you’ll push harder on the beat drops. Intervals will range from 15 seconds to 45 seconds. Try to keep your hands off the bars and use your core for balance!

Keep It Climbing with Mary O.
Multidirectional Intervals: In this advanced class, you’ll start at a speed ranging from 8.0 to 10.0. Then, you’ll work through back kicks, lateral kicks, and alternating kicks. Get ready to really work your glutes with this class!


Walk with Holiday Cheer with Ben G.
Walk: Jam out to a holiday music playlist as you embark on this recovery walk. You won’t have any intervals in this class. All you need to do is move your body to your favorite holiday music.


80s Flow with Ceasar B.
Vinyasa Flow: This flow includes child’s pose, sun salutations A & B, high lunges, anjanayasana, savasana, and more. Flow to an ’80s pop playlist, featuring artists such as Cindy Lauper, George Michael, and The Cure.

Smooth Groove Flow with Ceasar B.
Vinyasa Flow: In this flow, you’ll move through child’s pose, warriors 1 and 2, standing mountain, sun salutation A, and more. Breathe and work to a lounge-house playlist.

Jingle Bells Flow with Jade A.
Vinyasa Flow: This beginner vinyasa flow includes some basic postures and focuses on learning how to balance in warrior three. Work to an all-holiday music playlist and use it as a quick escape from the holiday madness!

Taking A Stand with Jade A.
Vinyasa Flow: This class focuses on standing postures so it’s great for people who are new to yoga or for any yogis looking to fine-tune their practice. You’ll explore warriors one & two, as well as tree pose. These are three poses that will help build strength, flexibility, and improve balance.


Change Is A Constant with Ceasar B.
Moving Meditation: This is a moving meditation, meaning you may do it while walking, running through chores, driving, commuting, or anything else. This meditation is set to a variety of artists, including Michael Jackson, Paul Simon, and Marvin Gaye. Meditate on topics like self-improvement and simplification.

Goals For the New Year with Jade A.
Guided Meditation: This 5-minute meditation focuses on setting an intention that will guide you into the New Year. Scan the life you’re currently living and identify areas you want to change or improve.

Start the New Year Fresh with Jade A.
Guided Meditation: You’ll need a pen and paper for this meditation. Start and end with a breathing exercise to calm your mind and connect your mind, body, and soul. In between, you’ll create three goals—personal, professional, or fitness-related—to work on in the New Year.

Indoor Cycling

Cyclers Are Invincible with Ed H.
Intervals: The focus of the workout is steady state cardio. You’ll work primarily in zones 1 and 2. Work through intervals with resistance and remember to pay attention to your form as you pedal.

Incline Riders with Ed H.
Hills: This advanced ride features six songs that will push you up and down some hills. Take a deep breath and just keep pedaling no matter how hard the climb! You’ll test your muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

Holiday Slay Ride with Katie H.
Intervals: Work through six songs to celebrate the holiday season and have fun! You’ll ride at the pace of the music, work through different intensities, and work in and out of the saddle. The playlist is full of feel-good beats, so let the gratitude flow and the good times roll!


Ellipti-Christmas with John T.
Resistance: In this holiday class, you’ll have a three-song circuit that you’ll repeat once. You’ll start light, then transition to moderate, and end with heavy resistance for the last song. This class is beat-based, but keep in mind that every stride may not be exactly on the beat because the songs are fast! Rock out to an all-holiday music playlist as you work!

Going to the Ellipti-Club with John T.
Intervals: You’ll have a variety of challenges in this nine-song playlist. Work through a four-song circuit in which you take your hands off the handlebars, add resistance, work in reverse direction, and groove through some sprint intervals. Repeat the circuit once.

You Say HIIT, I Say HIIT with Rochelle M.
Resistance: The focus here is on resistance training and HIIT to burn maximum calories while building lower body strength. This class is great for people looking to focus on resistance training or for people who have an elliptical that doesn’t offer the incline function. You’ll warm up, then work through three intervals with resistance, steady pace, and endurance challenges. Your maximum resistance will be at a level 8.0.

Outdoor Running

Making Changes with Meghan T.
Intervals: This workout is broken into two sections. The first is 15 minutes of active recovery in which you’ll speed walk for 3 minutes and run for 2 minutes. Then, transition into 6 minutes of passive recovery. Alternate walking for 1 minute and running at a concerted effort for 1 minute, repeating it three times. This is the perfect class for the beginner looking to learn how to run and to build a foundation for endurance running.

Shave That Mile Pace with Rachel M.
Intervals: This run is all about shaving down your pace of an 8-minute mile. You’ll have 2- and 3-minute pushes at your 8-minute pace, as well as one that will last a full mile.

The Holiday Hustle with Rochelle M.
Endurance: This class is designed for athletes who want to focus on building up endurance and speed at the same time with some endurance sets. You’ll warm up with an easy jog pace for 2 minutes, then pick it up to your tempo pace for 10 minutes. From there, you’ll alternate jogging for 5 minutes and tempo running for 10 minutes before cooling down. Enjoy the holiday music as you hustle!

No Rest for the Speedy with Rochelle M.
Speed Work: This class is designed for people who want to focus on building up their endurance and speed simultaneously. This workout consists of a progression run. You’ll need to know your warm-up pace, jogging pace, tempo pace, and sprinting pace. You’ll run at each for 5-minute intervals except for your sprint pace, which you’ll only run at for 3 minutes. End by jogging it out and cooling down.

Run Like A Machine with Wes P.
Intervals: This intermediate outdoor run focuses on intervals. You’ll warm up and play with different speeds for 6 minutes, then move into two different blocks of intervals. Focus on working with different paces and effort levels. Don’t be afraid to push yourself!

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