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What Should I Be Doing on Rest Days?

Rest days, you know you need them but do you know how to use them to get stronger and fitter? We do!

The Beginners’ Guide to Cardio Machines at the Gym

How to use the cardio machines at the gym when you have no idea what you're doing.

5 Exercises Trainers Don’t Do (and You Shouldn’t Either)

Trainers know that when it comes to certain fitness moves, the risk is greater than the reward.

Toning vs Building Muscle: What’s the Deal?

Is there truly a difference between toning and building muscle? We investigate.

Nutritionists Eat These Foods to Stay Hydrated

These nutritionist-approved foods will keep you hydrated for the rest of summer.

Does Alcohol Make You Gain Weight?

Is Alcohol Ruining Your Weight Loss? Science Says No, Sort Of

Workouts to Reverse the Effects of Sitting All Day

By now we all know desk jobs and sitting for long periods can sabotage your health. Do these workouts to combat the effects ASAP.

Will Cardio Help Me Lose Weight?

When the goal is to lose weight and get in shape, is performing cardio enough? We weigh in.

Watching TV While You Work Out Is Bad

How distractions like TV and your phone are keeping you from seeing results at the gym.

Can You Really Target Fat in Specific Areas of the Body?

Is spot reduction a myth or is there some truth to it? We demystify.

Doing This on Your Phone Is Ruining Your Workout

Staring at your phone screen is standing between you and an effective sweat session.

Why Don’t I Sweat?

Do you stay dry when others are drenched in sweat? Seems like a dream scenario but are there drawbacks to not sweating?


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