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6 Suspension Trainer Core Exercises You Need to Try

Try these suspension trainer moves to strengthen your abs like never before.

Try This Quick, Total Body, Anchored Resistance Band Workout

Power through this full body resistance band workout to build muscles, train your core, and burn calories anywhere.

Should You Be Training to Muscle Failure?

Find out if completely tiring yourself out during workouts is worth it.

3 HIIT Sand Workouts to Burn Calories Fast

Heading to the beach? Keep these workouts handy to sneak in a quick, fat-burning sweat.

What Is Good Cholesterol and Should I Try to Increase It?

Not all cholesterol is created equal. Find out about the type that’s actually good for you.

Does Vibration Therapy Really Work?

“Muscle drills” are all the rage right now. But, what do they actually do for performance?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Workouts: Can You Shock Your Way to Gains?

One trainer was shocked at the effectiveness of this trendy workout.

10 Slam Ball Exercises to Do For a Total Body Workout

These moves burn calories, increase core strength, and improve athletic performance.

3 “Deadmill” Workouts to Torch Your Legs

Try these three fat-burning workouts on a motorless treadmill.

What Should I Do About a Pulled Groin?

Learn how to recover and get back to reaching your fitness goals.

What Exactly Is Pyramid Training?

How to use a pyramid method to burn fat, build muscle, and get fit fast.

Does Tart Cherry Juice Really Improve Workout Performance?

Find out the latest research on this trendy fruit.


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