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What’s Your Fitness Age and Why Does It Matter?

Turns out that you may not be as old as you think—in fitness years, at least.

Why Calorie Deficit Diets May Not Work

Calorie cutting is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

How to Stretch Out Your Quadratus Lumborum

Millions of American suffer from back pain, but there’s certain exercises that can help prevent it.

Is Intermittent Fasting a Form of Disordered Eating?

Like any diet, health experts say that you can go too far.

5 Things You Should Do to Prepare for Baby’s Arrival

Make welcoming a child into the world a little bit easier with these preparations.

Green Tea 101: Everything You Need to Know

Looking to try a new drink to help with your workout and boost your well-being? It might be time to consider green tea.

3 Expert-Recommended Tips to Get Rid of Love Handles

That region of fat around the lower abs can be a tricky spot to trim — but not impossible

How Successful CEOs Make Time for Fitness

We asked business leaders why they love to sweat and how working out keeps them on top of their game.

How to Talk to Your S.O. About Working Out

Exercise can have positive impacts on your partner’s mental and physical health.

How to Deal With PMS Cravings Without Sabotaging Your Diet

That time of the month can make us want to throw our healthy eating plans out the window, but these simple tips can help.

Does It Really Take 21 Days to Form a Habit?

It’s hard work changing your lifestyle—but reframing your mindset can help.

Everything You Need to Know About Postpartum OCD

Are you worrying a lot about your newborn? Your obsessions could be a sign of something more.


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