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Here’s Why You Need Circuit Training in Your Workout Routine

Everything you need to know from the basics to the benefits.

How to Train for a Triathlon With Gym Machines

Prep for this three-sport race using everyday gym equipment.

6 Tips to Help You Perfect Your Indoor Cycling Form

From seat height to body positioning, employ these expert tips during your next cycling class.

How to Get Back into the Workout Groove After Summer Vacation

You deserved that break. Now, let’s get back to work.

Here’s How Exercise Can Help Reduce Work-Related Stress

Regular exercise has been shown to reduce stress both in and outside of the office.

Do You Really Have to Count Macros to Lose Weight?

The short answer: no. But it can certainly help.

Should Non-Competitive Runners Try Competitive Running?

Training for and then running a race can make you mentally and physically stronger.

How to Run in the Wind

Don’t let a stiff breeze keep you from running at your best.

How Frequently Should Weightlifters Do Cardio?

Learn how to incorporate heart-healthy cardio into your training without sacrificing strength gains.

What Is Tempo Running?

Add tempo running to your training regimen to increase speed and endurance.

6 Upper Body Exercises to Improve Your Running

Build a strong chest, back, and arms for more powerful and efficient movement.

5 Wrist and Arm Stretches for Weight Lifters

These simple stretches will help you lift safer and with better range of motion.


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