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The Basics of Burpees

Why bother doing burpees? We chatted with an Aaptiv expert to get the details on this effective move.

Expert Tips for Working Out Post Pregnancy

Six ways to make working out post-pregnancy easier.

Core Strength Is the Key to Better Workouts

Think core strength is only for ab workouts? Think again.

Yoga: Your Secret to a Strong Mind and Body

Yoga can help you get more out of the workouts you're already doing.

Exercising With Kids: 4 Reasons It’s Worth Doing

How to make exercising with kids more fun for the entire family.

Meditation Makes Exercise More Effective, Here’s How

Meditation is not just sitting quietly, it has a host of benefits that extend to your fitness goals.

Diastasis Recti: What It Is and How to Prevent It

Worried about Diastasis Recti? We spoke with experts to help you prevent and treat it.

How to Work Out If You’re Pregnant With Multiples

Tips and tricks from celebrity trainer and mom of multiples, Kristin McGee

Hot Yoga While Pregnant: Is It Safe?

Should you try hot yoga while pregnant? We asked the experts.

Four Beginner Workout Tips You Need to Know

So you made the decision to get fit—amazing! Read this before starting beginner workouts.

How to Pace on a Treadmill Versus Running Outdoors?

How to adjust your running speed for both types of workouts

How To Plan Your Perfect Week Of Workouts

Find the most optimal mix of strength, cardio, and rest for your body.


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