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8 Strategies to Help You Take More Steps During Your Day

Looking for ways to incorporate exercise and take more steps during your daily routine without feeling like you have to designate a significant amount of time and energy towards it? Here, fitness experts share their best strategies for sneaking more steps into your day.

What is Insulin Resistance—And What Can You Do About It?

Learn all about insulin resistance, why it's important, and how it can be managed or treated with lifestyle modifications.

6 Signs You Might Need a Rest Day

If you’re unsure of whether or not you need a rest day, look out for these key signs.

How to Tell if You Are Not Drinking Enough Water When Exercising

If you're hitting the gym hard these days, ensuring you are getting the proper hydration and drinking enough water is super important.

Beach Workouts: Does Sand Make Exercise More Difficult?

Turns out that taking your workout to the the beach comes with a wide range of perks

The 6 Best Inner Thigh Exercises to Tone Muscle

Here’s how to tone and tighten your inner thigh muscles.

6 Exercises to Tone Up Those Man Boobs

Looking to tone your chest area? Follow these pro fitness moves.

7 Signs Your Knee Injury Is Serious

Turns out, those bumps and bruises might be your least concern when it comes to your serious knee injury.

9 Small Diet Changes That Help Weight Loss

If you’re trying to lose weight with no luck, incorporating these small changes into your lifestyle may help you see results.

5 Ways to Boost Your Coordination in the Gym

If you’re looking to maximize your workouts, a good place to start is working on your coordination.

Should You Try an Anti-Inflammatory Diet?

This healthy eating regimen may just be the dietary change that you’ve been craving.

7 Ways Probiotic Supplements Boost Your Health

A deep-dive into the ways in which your health can score a boost from probiotic supplements.


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