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Avoid these mistakes that could be messing with your sleep—and the following day’s workout.

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Here’s how to get even more out of this challenging machine.

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When you work out is almost as important as how you work out.

6 Energy-Boosting Foods for the Kick Your Diet—and You—Need

Here are the foods that you should be fueling up on to help you make it through your day with vigor.

8 Signs That Your Bench Press Form Is Incorrect

To master the perfect bench press, cut out these simple yet harmful mistakes.

Top Fitness Mistakes Men Make—and How to Correct Them

If you’re putting time and energy into your gym sessions but not achieving desired results, these fitness mistakes may be to blame.

6 Major Benefits of Being a Morning Person

The early bird catches more than just the worm.

8 Ways Workout Music Improves Your Exercise

Here’s how listening to your favorite tunes during a workout can improve your performance, speed, pace, and more.

9 of the Biggest Health Mistakes Women Make Before 40

It turns out that the key to longevity is caring for your health.

5 Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Dealing with back pain of any kind can be frustrating, but it can be relieved with these moves and stretches.


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