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3 Thanksgiving Main Dishes Perfect for Vegetarians

Forget the Tofurky and serve pizza or fall harvest rice bowls instead.

The 5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Doctor in Your 30s

From fertility to which health screenings and vaccines you’ll need.

Got Neck Pain? Here’s How to Treat It

These stretches and at-home treatments will help alleviate the strain.

Cupping 101: Everything You Need to Know About This Treatment

Athletes may want to try this ancient treatment to help heal soreness and ease muscle aches.

6 Cardio Machine Combos to Maximize Your Workout

Hopping between gym machines can maximize fat burn and improve your overall cardiovascular fitness.

Here’s Why You Feel Like You Can’t Go to the Bathroom on Vacation

Things can get backed up quickly when you’re away. Here’s how to stay regular.

Here’s Why You Should Do Multidirectional Work on Cardio Machines

Change is good!

When Can Exercise Actually Help Heal an Injury?

Light movement can be beneficial, as long as you stay safe and are careful not to make it worse.

Find Out How Your Stride Affects Your Treadmill Runs

Your short or long stride may be impacting your pace.

Plogging Is the Latest Workout Trend to Benefit You and the Earth

Bring along a trash bag and do some good while you clean up those miles.

4 Flavorful, Vegan Barbecue Recipes to Try This Summer

You won't feel like you're missing out with these options.

Can You Safely Exercise in Athleisure Sneakers?

No one likes to carry around multiple pairs of sneakers, but a stylish pair might not offer the support of your gym shoes.


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