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Can You Actually Speed Up Your Metabolism?

In short, the answer is yes. And, we’ll tell you how to speed it up permanently.

Should I Even Attempt to Do HIIT While Injured?

The answer depends on your injury and its severity.

Plyometrics 101: Why You Need It and Where to Start

Jumping into plyos!

6 Common Meal Prep Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Take back control over your diet by avoiding these common meal prep mistakes.

Common Marathon Nutrition Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Nutrition plays a bigger role in hitting that PR than you may realize.

Erythritol 101: Everything You Need to Know

This sugar substitute comes with virtually no calories, but what about the health risks?

Here’s How Seniors Can Safely Regain Fitness

Age is but a number when it comes to fitness.

How to Eat More Vegetables, Even If You Don’t Like Them

Try these tips if you hate eating vegetables.

Everything You Need to Know About Refined Sugars

Learn how refined sugars affect your health and how to avoid consuming too much of them in your diet.

What is Maltodextrin and Why Is It in All of My Food?

An expert dietitian tells us everything we need to know about maltodextrin.

What are Trigger Points and How Can I Fix Them Myself?

An expert physiotherapists teaches us effective home therapy techniques for relieving aching muscle knots.

Magnesium 101: Why You Need it and Where to Get It

Learn why magnesium is essential for your body and what happens if you don’t get enough.


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