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Are Avocados Actually Healthy?

We break down the basics, the good, and the sort of bad.

5 Reasons Runners Should Practice Sprint Training

From increased endurance to more muscle strength, sprint training can help you get that PR.

Why Do I Feel Like I’m Going to Throw Up After a Workout?

Sweaty limbs, sore muscles, and...nausea? Exploring the sick feeling we sometimes get post-workout.

FODMAPs 101: Everything Athletes Should Know

Learn what the acronym actually stands for and how it can affect your workouts.

How Does Sleep Affect Your Workouts?

Skip the weights if you're feeling sleepy.

Dietitian-Approved Frozen Meals for Dinner on the Fly

TV dinners aren't what they used to be.

What’s Causing Heavy Legs on My Runs?

Find out what's making you feel weighed down and how to fix it.

Why Do I Get Tingly Arms When I Run?

Breaking down that prickly numb feeling and what you can do about it.

How to Find Your Perfect Training Pace

Ready to run a race but not sure how to find your training pace? Aaptiv's coaches share their tips and tricks here!

Should You Be Worried About the Spinning Disease?

Rhabdo is the latest medical concern plaguing fitness buffs but should you really be worried about "spinning disease?"

Nutritionist-Approved Snack Bars for Your Gym Bag

Is your favorite snack bar basically a candy bar? These bars are better!

How to Breathe When You Run: Trainer Tips and Techniques

The way you breathe can make or break your run. Here's how to get your oxygen intake under control.


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