Boulder Shoulders and Other New Classes Live Now!

Run into a whole new week of workouts.

This week take advantage of the spring weather with a treadmill or outdoor running class!


Mindful Mama with Jaime M.
Guided Meditation: This is a mindful meditation for any and all mamas to stop, pause, and take a moment to breathe in the midst of chaos.

Walking Meditation with Ceasar B.
Walking Meditation: This walking meditation is meant to bring awareness and mindfulness to your body, breath, and physical place. Let gratitude seep in and let’s walk, breath, and meditate together.

Decompress & Relax with Jade A.
Sleep Meditation: This sleep meditation will help you decompress and relax, preparing you for a restful night of sleep.

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Strength Training

I Like It Like That with Amanda B.
Full Body + Kettlebells: Grab your kettlebells and get ready to sweat! This strength workout combines kettlebell strength exercises with explosive plyometric moves to spike your heart rate and test your physical endurance. Press play and let’s have some fun! You’ll also need a mat and a bench for this class.

KB Finesse with Amanda B.
Full Body + Kettlebells: Finesse your kettlebell strength technique with this dynamic total body workout. Combine cardio spurts with a full body strength circuit for a workout that will leave you breathless and wanting more! Grab your bells and a mat, and let’s get after it!

Core Cuts with Amanda B.
Core: In this core-focused workout, you’ll build strength, gain confidence, and improve your posture! Embrace the challenge and press play!

Core Stability with Jaime M.
Core: This quick class will dial in on your core and help you establish better stability for any and all movements both inside and outside of fitness!

Boulder Shoulders with Ackeem E.
Upper Body + Dumbbells: This upper body workout is geared to sculpt your shoulders with lateral raises, front raises, overhead presses, and more! Tag this onto your favorite treadmill class for a full body workout!

1, 2, 3 and Core with Ackeem E.
Core: This is a solid 10 minutes of bodyweight core exercises. It’s a perfect cardio warmup or post treadmill run. Get ready for 1, 2, 3 and Core!

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Hold Your Hammies with Amanda B.
Lower Body: This stretch workout is all about your hamstrings! Taking the time to stretch out and relax this big muscle group will not only help to prevent injuries, but can also potentially relieve lower back pain. Grab a mat and let’s stretch!


Run & Sculpt Part 1 with Amanda B.
HIIT + Upper Body + Dumbbells: You’ll need dumbbells for this total body, cross-training workout. Sculpt your upper body in between treadmill sets, and get ready for a sweaty and efficient workout!

Run & Sculpt Part 2 with Amanda B.
HIIT + Lower Body + Dumbbells: You’ll need dumbbells for this total body, cross-training workout. Sculpt your lower body in between treadmill sets, and get ready for a sweaty and efficient workout!

Cross-Train Insane with Jaime M.
Full Body + Intervals: This cross-training class is a mixture of steep incline walks and perfectly timed bodyweight strength exercises for an efficient class that will burn calories both during and after the workout.

Walk with Power with Katie H.
Incline: You’ve got five pairs of songs to work through: one song to build incline and one song to power walk up the incline. In between, reset the incline and speed and start fresh. Your maximum incline will end at 10%, and your speed will be based on how you feel rather than a number. The goal of this class is to come back stronger each round.

Ready For Anything with John T.
Incline Walk + Intervals: Warm up for your cardio or strength workout with this quick treadmill walk and run. Start with an incline walk, then gradually transition into quicker speeds and finish with jogging intervals.

Little Bit of Everything with Rochelle M.
Intervals: This workout is designed for athletes who need to focus on a mix of running drills, including speed work, inclines, and endurance sets. This will help the runner to become stronger overall.

Titanium Intervals with Rochelle M.
Intervals: The goal of this beat-based class is to perform a short, yet tough workout that burns maximum calories! This workout is all about fat burning and getting your heart rate pumping!

Walk With Confidence with Rochelle M.
Walk: This class is designed to help beginners learn how to walk at various speeds and feel confident about themselves and their form!

Full Body Oh My with Ackeem E.
Incline + Lower Body + Dumbbells: This is a full body run, squat, thrust, and more. Grab a set of medium to heavy weights and a treadmill. You’ll need a positive mindset to get through this advanced cross-training workout.

For more treadmill classes, check out the newest releases in the app!


Create Discipline with Jaime M.
Intervals: This beginner elliptical class works with speeds and inclines and focuses on building discipline and healthy habits.

Forward Momentum with John T.
Multidirectional Intervals: This beat-based, intermediate elliptical workout has three songs. The objective with this workout is to find your speed and spike your heart rate, then stride in reverse in between those intervals.

Consistency is Major! with Jaime M.
Intervals: Hit those big inclines and speeds for a killer workout in under 20 minutes. It isn’t how many minutes you have, but what you put into the minutes that matters.

Facing Challenges with Katie H.
Endurance: This class has two parts and one full built-in recovery. You’ll need it because you’re going to be working primarily in the hard to breathless intensity! Your top incline will be 10 and your top resistance will be 16—don’t worry, you’ll only hit it twice. At the end of each part, you’ll have the opportunity to take on a challenge. It’s your choice whether or not you take it.

Protect Your Energy with Katie H.
Endurance: This advanced class is all about protecting your energy and building healthy boundaries. You’ll be given all the tools you need to succeed in the first part of class. In the second, you’ll get to choose your incline as you set a new bar with your resistance. In the third part of class, you’ll get to use everything you’ve learned to finish strong for you and you alone.

Perfect Time to Push with Jeimy B.
Intervals: This nine-track elliptical workout is all about improving your cardio endurance with ample opportunities to push yourself and your resistance. Drop into the beat and get ready to push, sweat, and dance on the elliptical.

Outdoor Running

Building Power with Katie H.
Endurance: After warming up fully, you’ll have three blocks of work. You’ll build your power, hold onto it, then use what you’ve got to break new ground. This run is mostly endurance with bursts of speed at the beginning and end. The goal of this class is to show up for yourself wherever you’re at today.

Progressions to the Beat with Rochelle M.
Tempo: This class is designed for runners who want to progress in speed to build up their stamina for a race. The progressions match the beat of the music to help the member perform the proper pace.

Power and Focus with Katie H.
Endurance + Speed Work: Your goal for this run is to find the strength in commitment. Make a choice and stick with it! You’ll start with an 8-minute tempo run, then move on to speed play, and end with 6 minutes to make the choice that works for you today. You’ll get full recoveries in between each set so you can reflect on what you just did, and where you can go from there.

Empowered to Race with Rochelle M.
Intervals: This workout is designed for advanced athletes looking to focus on improving their race pace for a 5K. Focus on speed and racing goals with this class.


Just Flow and Move with Ceasar B.
Vinyasa: This short and sweet practice is an all-encompassing yoga practice. Drop into your breath, connect to the music, and just let your body move and flow.

Flow Strong, Stretch Hard with Jade A.
Vinyasa: This strong vinyasa flow will allow you to sweat and stretch. You’ll have a chance to practice some of your favorite postures including eagle, headstand, and crow pose, as well as find some deep release in your hips.

Humble Warrior with Jade A.
Vinyasa: This advanced yoga flow will help open your shoulders and hips, while calming your mind. This class will leave you feeling stretched & energized in your body and mind. The class includes sun salutations, humble warrior, eagle, tree, crow, pigeon, a headstand, and a short sweet savanna.

Indoor Cycling

Seated Intervals 2.0 with John T.
Intervals: This beat-based class is all about in-the-saddle resistance climbs and intervals. Similar to the original “Seated Intervals,” you’ll have three songs of climbs and three songs of intervals pushing beyond the beat. You’ll be given RPMs, as well as beat-based cues.

Need for Speed with Jeimy B.
Rhythm: If you have a need for speed, this is your cycling workout. You’ll push your pace with and beyond the rhythm, with resistance added in. You’ll be in control and burn calories as you zoom through this workout.

Riding All The Way Up! with Jeimy B.
Intervals: The class is about going all the way up, with your energy, resistance, and power. Working in and out of the saddle, you’ll push your endurance and work to sustain a challenging and hard effort throughout the class.



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