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Get sweaty this week with an Aaptiv workout.

This week, push yourself to Commit to the Push in an interval-based indoor cycling workout with Aaptiv Trainer John Thornhill. Or, learn to embrace Progress Over Perfection in a bodyweight-based strength class with Aaptiv Trainer Jaime McFaden. Happy sweating!

Outdoor Running

Conquer with John T.
Intervals: Conquer a variety of challenges in this outdoor walk and run. There are 7 songs in the playlist, and in each song, you’ll move with the music and pick up the pace. Gauge your speed based on talk tests, rates of perceived exertion, and intensity scales.

Build with John T.
Intervals: Walk, jog, run, and sprint through this beat-based outdoor workout. In each song, move between two different speeds, layering on intensity as you progress through the workout. If you want to build your confidence and learn how to sprint with speed, press play now!

Happiness in Recovery with Rochelle B.
Recovery: This workout maintains a steady jog pace for 20 minutes to help you recover from previous training. It is technique-based, and you’ll perform two cadence checks along the way.

Focused Recovery with Rochelle B.
Recovery: Maintain a zone 2 effort for 20 minutes. This class is great to use for recovery from previous training, as well as to learn how to stay focused!

Breaking Boundaries with Rochelle B.
Intervals: Focus on completing each interval for the given duration to build endurance and lung capacity.

Conversational & Steady with Wes P. 
Tempo: Warm up, then work through a 25-minute tempo interval with music pick-ups.


Tread & Sizzle with Ackeem E.
Full Body + Intervals: This cross-training workout will start with incline intervals, followed by sprints. Finish with a bodyweight circuit off of the treadmill. This is a full body cardio and strength workout.

Disco Dancin’ with John T.
Intervals: Find your groovy walk and jog in this disco-themed treadmill workout! Alternate between incline walking and jogging intervals. Put on your boogie shoes and let’s dance!

3,2,1 Run! with John T.
Intervals: Get your heart racing in this all levels hip hop workout. Start with an incline walk, followed by two songs at a steady pace. Then in the last three songs, crush four intervals each at different lengths, going from longest to shortest.

Groovy Intervals with John T.
Intervals: This all levels treadmill workout has two different challenges: incline walking and jogging intervals. This playlist has four songs. In the first two songs you’ll strengthen your posterior chain with incline walking. Then, in the last 2 songs you’ll progress through jogging intervals.

Jason Derulo Tread Sweat with John T. 
Intervals: Get your sweat on to a playlist featuring all Jason Derulo’s hits. You have 3 challenges within 5 songs: incline walking, endurance running, and threshold intervals. Press play and let’s sweat!


Incline Intervals with Jaime M.
Intervals: This class focuses on transitioning while pushing your speed on intense inclines. The hills and speed in this class will get your heart racing and legs pumping!

Make It Personal with Katie H.
Intervals: We’re a team for four rounds of intervals, with two songs each. In the first song of each round, you’ll be guided through specific numbers and intensity levels. In the second song, you’ll build on what you just did and make it yours.

Your Spirit Animal with Jaime M.
Intervals: Jam out to an all Jason Derulo playlist as you pump yourself up and tap into your inner animal in this class. Your max resistance will be 10 and your max incline will be 15. Start with a warm up, then work through two intervals of climbs and sprints each before cooling down.

Indoor Cycling

Hip Hop HIITs with Katie H.
Intervals: This class is all HIIT, all the time! Warm up, then work through eight hip-hop songs of intense interval work. No matter whether you’re a cycling newbie or advanced athlete, this class will challenge you to the max.

Get Mad, Get Glad with Katie H.
Intervals: Sometimes you need to let it all out and get mad before you can get glad! This 40 minute indoor cycling class will help you turn your emotions around—especially when it’s been one of “those days.” After warming up, dance through 4 sets of 2 songs each: one to help you work through frustrations and one to help you celebrate all the good in your life.

Commit to the Push with John T.
Intervals: Grab a set of dumbbells ranging from 2 to 5lbs, then get ready to ride. The playlist has 9 songs; 4 songs of rhythm riding, 4 songs of intervals, and 1 song of weight training in the saddle, toning the biceps and triceps. Move with the beat and use RPMs to find your pace.

Strength Training

Arms & Abs with Kenta S.
Upper Body + Core: Work through plank variations with rotation, sit-ups, cross punches, boat pose, speed bugs, bicycles, leg raises, seated knee tucks, windshield wipers, and more.

Kettlebell Burner with Kenta S.
Full Body + Kettlebells: Tone your full body and burn some fat with this high intensity kettlebell workout. Not only will you increase your strength, but you’ll also get your heart rate up!

Progress Over Perfection with Jaime M.
Full Body: In day 2, work through a series of functional bodyweight training, with 7 functional movement patterns you’ll get deeper into than in the last class.

Plank Some More with Ackeem E.
Core: This plank-focused, core-inspired workout revisits common plank variations, as well as introduces new and creative ways to approach working your core.

All Fours, All Core with Ackeem E.
Core: This core-focused workout will explore variations of the quadruped blueprint. There will be multiple breaks to ensure proper form, function, and full expression of each of the core-focused movements.

The Body Shop with Kenta S.
Full Body: Work through bodyweight exercises to burn and sculpt your full body.

Quad Killa with Kenta S.
Lower Body: This class focuses on bodyweight circuit training to strengthen and tone the lower body—specifically the quads.

Bodyweight Baller with Ackeem E.
Full Body: This is a full body workout utilizing only your bodyweight and set to an all Jason Derulo Playlist. There are three circuits of three movements each. Every circuit will get your heart racing and body shaking. Press play and don’t stop!


Relax The Lower Body with Ackeem E.
Lower Body: This is a dynamic stretching class aimed to restore your legs after a run, cycling class, or strength workout.


Reflect and Release with Jess R.
Guided Meditation: In this guided meditation, you’ll be encouraged to identify one thing you’ve been wanting to “get out” or “get over.” Just as an eraser on a white board clears away writing, visualize that your exhales are slowly wiping away that situation, emotion, or behavior.


Release for Sleep with Jade A.
Vinyasa: This relaxing flow includes a traditional moon salutation to lower your energy and release tension before bed. Use this as a perfect night time routine with a sweet, soft ending.




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