Flow to the Beat—and Other New Classes Live Now!

Keep the confetti falling this week.

New Monday, new Aaptiv classes officially live now. Get moving with cardio classes in every category and build muscle with dynamic and focused strength training classes.

Indoor Cycling

Surge of Most Resistance with Ben G.
Resistance Intervals: Fight against varying resistance throughout this challenging cycling class. Push through intervals of changing speeds and resistance with three speed surges thrown in for an added challenge.

Endurance Effort with Ed H.
Endurance Intervals: Build endurance as you work in and out of the saddle for climbs that require both medium and hard effort. Look out for a few sprints on a hill that add more challenge to this short, but intense workout.

A Little Bit of Everything with Ed H.
Intervals: Challenge yourself with this interval-based ride that covers just about everything. You’ll push through hill climbs, sprints, resistance loading, and tempo work to build stamina and strengthen your legs and core.

Cycling Sprints with Kelly C.
HIIT: Get uncomfortable with sprints and resistance-loaded pushes throughout this challenging ride. Work in all positions and zones to challenge yourself and gain stamina and strength.

Outdoor Running

Pearl Jam Paces with Ben G.
Steady Run: Forget tracking your speed, time, or distance with this steady-state run. Let a Pearl Jam playlist guide you through this relaxing and fun outdoor workout.

The Power of Walking with Ben G.
Walk: Walk it out! Alternate rounds of power walking with active recovery walking for a challenging, low-impact workout.

Jog, Run, Sprint, Repeat with Candice C.
Progressive Intervals: Practice pacing with this progression run. Work from jogging to running to all-out sprinting for ten minutes each to build endurance and test mental toughness.

In Progress with Jaime M.
Walk + Jog Intervals: Focus on your progress with this outdoor workout set to the tune of classic rock hits. Alternate walking and jogging to practice your pace and build endurance.


Flow To The Beat with Ceasar B.
Vinyasa Flow: Nod your head to the beat of hip-hop tunes through this energetic yoga class. Release tension and build muscle with poses such as balancing half-moon, goddess squat, and child’s pose.

Core Balance Challenge with Ceasar B.
Vinyasa Flow: Test your balance and core strength with this flow suitable for beginners and advanced yogis alike. Work through poses, such as tree pose, triangle pose, and cat/cow to the sound of chill beats.

Balanced Beats with Ceasar B.
Full Body Flow: Challenge your balance with this advanced flow set to R&B tunes. Move at a faster pace through poses such as standing splits, eagle arms, and bridges, to build muscle all over.


Gunna Be A Speedy Star with Candice C.
Progressive Intervals: Push that pace with five rounds of progressive speed intervals. Upbeat pop hits set the tone as you work your way from walking to running and then even faster running each round.

Resilience Climb with Jaime M.
Intervals + Hills: Build from walking to running with this workout focused on enduring challenges. Climb a few hills, then max out at a level 15 incline for an added lower body boost.

Sprint For The Hills with Kelly C.
HIIT + Hills: Challenge your mind and body with this high speed, uphill workout. You’ll power through a rounds of running, sprinting, and walking up intense inclines to improve endurance and your VO2 max.

Rock Solid Running with Rochelle M.
Endurance + Hills: Test your running capacity with this workout focused on endurance and tempo running. You’ll work through sets of different running types, such as tempo running, hill intervals, and recovery jogs.

Strength Training

Rock ’N’ Work with Jaime M.
Lower Body: Burn out that lower body with this all bodyweight-based workout. Perform exercises such as squats and lunges for 30-second intervals with jumping jacks in between to test your muscle strength.

Booty On The Pulse with Jenn G.
Lower Body: Burn out those glutes with this quick barre-inspired strength workout. Focus on small, pulsing movements to define and tone the lower body muscles.

Upper Body Burn with Mike S.
Upper Body: Increase strength and stability with this class focused on the arms, shoulders, and chest. Perform two circuits of exercises, such as mountain climbers, military presses, and push ups, for an upper body burn.

Three Moves, Three Rounds with Mike S.
Upper Body + Weights: Get a quick upper body burn with this strength class focused on the biceps and triceps. Complete three different exercises, such as tricep extensions and hammer curls, for three rounds each.

Short and Sweet Shoulders with Mike S.
Upper Body: Shape and define those shoulders with this quick upper body workout. Complete four rounds of just two dynamic exercises for a quick shoulder burn out.

Glute Groups with Sultan M.
Lower Body + Weights: Work with bodyweight and dumbbells to build those glutes. Perform three groups of exercises, such as goblet squats, single leg lunges, and sumo squats, three times through with little rest in-between.

Tricep Flow with Sultan M.
Upper Body + Weights: Grab a set of dumbbells and build those triceps with this upper body workout. Perform three groups of exercises, such as tricep kickbacks and tricep dips, for a back-of-the-arm burn out.

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