How to Get Back on Track After a Break from Fitness

It's never too late to get back to the gym.

It happens to the best of us. Just when we hit our stride on the path to fitness success, we fall off. Sometimes it only lasts a few days. Other times, we literally can’t remember the last time we stepped foot in a gym. Either way, you’re bound to fall off at some point on your fitness journey, and it’s never all that easy to get back on track.

The good news is: you’re definitely not alone. In fact, one of the new workout plans in our January 2.0 campaign (launching today!) is dedicated to those who let a little too loose this summer. No shame here! To give you a nudge in the right direction, we asked Aaptiv trainer Meghan Takacs and a few members* of our official Aaptiv Facebook community how they hit reset after falling off.

Read on and reference their advice next time your day off runs a little over time.

Make A Plan

Set yourself up for success by scheduling your workouts like meetings you can’t miss. “I print out a calendar and write my workouts for the next two weeks in pen,” says Aaptiv community member Jennifer. “I hang it somewhere visible and that usually gets me going and back on track.”

Takacs agrees, suggesting you start with a one week plan to hold yourself accountable. But she emphasizes the need to schedule rest, as well. “Most people get very sore after they workout for the first time in awhile,” she explains. “Rest days are critical because if you keep working out on sore muscles, your body will never have the chance to rebuild in order to gain lean muscle.”

Don’t Go Too Hard

No matter how long you’ve been off the wagon, never push yourself too hard getting back on track. “Your body needs rest in order to make progress,” says Takacs. “Think of working out in terms of longevity and lifestyle, not a quick, temporary fix.”

An Aaptiv user echoes that sentiment and suggests short workouts. “I’ll sort through the treadmill or elliptical workouts on Aaptiv and find one that looks short and easy,” explains Paula

Remember Your Progress

Sometimes, looking back on your hard work is enough to get you back to it. “Simply remembering how far I’ve come and where I want to be is motivation enough sometimes,” says Aaptiv user Sarah.

Just Get Your Shoes On

Aaptiv member Jackie gets right to the point whenever she needs the extra push back to it: “Once the running shoes are on, there’s no turning back,” she says. “So, I tell myself “just put on your shoes.””

Find a Program That Works For You

Sometimes, even your best planning efforts fall short and it can be helpful to find a plan that tells you exactly what workouts to do. “When you start to think too much about what workout you should do, you can get tired just trying to make a decision and bail on the idea completely,” says Aaptiv member Annie. “Honestly, some of the programs Aaptiv puts together are a huge help for getting out of a rut.”

Our January 2.0 programs, including an “I Need To Get My Sh*t Together” category, were designed to help you get back on track and achieve your fittest fall yet.

Want to get with the program but not an Aaptiv member yet? Sign up here.

*All names have been changed.



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