All 80s HIITS—and Other New Classes Live Now!

New week, new workouts.

Take on the new week with a whole new set of Aaptiv classes live in-app now. From challenging treadmill workouts to dynamic strength and stretching classes, there’s something to help you reach whatever goal you’re working towards this week.

Outdoor Running

R-E-S-P-E-C-T The Run with Ben G.
Walk + Jog: Enjoy a playlist full of pop hits from the 50s and 60s as you alternate walking and jogging through this workout. Challenge your endurance and mental stamina by pushing yourself to jog longer.

Remix Run with Candice C.
Endurance + Sprints: You’ll be building stamina in this outdoor run. Push your pace and challenge your endurance with a set of sprints tucked into the middle of the workout.

Bursting With Joy with Jaime M.
Walk + Jog: Get outdoors and practice a bit of jogging with this interval-based workout. You’ll alternate walking and jogging for intervals of 30 or 60 seconds while pop hits keep the beat.

Run Fast, Jog Slow with Meghan T.
Steady Run: After a quick warmup, work for 30-second intervals through this whole workout. Varying resistance and incline changes keep you on your toes the entire class.

Steady Speed, Sprint, And Shuffle with Ackeem E.
Endurance + Lower Body: This workout will keep you moving at a tempo pace and include some lower body movements. Empty your tank with a thirty-second sprint at the end of your workout.

Indoor Cycling

Enter The Gauntlet with Ben G.
Intervals: Push yourself faster and farther with this speed-focused workout. Work through five rounds of 30- and 60-second intervals, varying speeds from 75 to 110 RPM (rotations per minute).

Come On Now, Warm It Up! With Ben G.
Warmup: Warm your body up for any workout with this quick spin. You’ll slowly build resistance and turn up the heat with some high cadence drills to spike your heart rate and start your workout with stronger legs and a quick sweat!

Energy To Burn with Ed H.
Intervals: Increase metabolic conditioning and lower body strength with this low-impact cycling class. Work in and out of the saddle at varying speeds and intensities for a challenging ride.

High-Performance HIIT with Ed H.
HIIT: Get ready to move those legs with this cycling workout focused on maximum efforts. You’ll work on hills and flats, pushing against varying resistances, to increase muscular endurance and strength.

Rhythm Ride with Jessica M.
Speed Work + Hills: Follow the beat as you push through speed pushes and a series of hills. Work in and out of the saddle as you work to keep up with music’s rhythm.

Pedal To The Beat with Jessica M.
Speed Work: Let the beat be your guide through this challenging speed-based workout. Push through sprints of varying lengths, maxing out at 60-seconds, for a fast-paced lower body burn.

Two-Zone Tone with Kelly C.
Speed Work: You’ll stay in the saddle for this short cycling workout. You’ll alternate between zones one and two and push on the chorus.


Wake Up Call with Ceasar B.
Restorative Flow: Start your day with this guided flow from your bed or your mat. Set an intention for your practice and for your day, as you treat your body to some gentle stretches and poses on your back.

Relax Right Now with Ceasar B.
Restorative Flow: Slow all the way down with this flow. It’s perfect for a rest day or right before bed. Hold poses longer to focus on recovery and relaxation.

Get Up And Try with Ceasar B.
Dynamic Flow: This dynamic yoga flow will challenge your balance, core, and overall physicality while helping you to connect conscious breathing with movement. The flow includes setting an intention of purpose and ends in a relaxing savasana.


Trick Ellip with Candice C.
Resistance Intervals: This short workout will have your body working and sweating. Push that heart rate to classic hip-hop and give those legs a serious burn.

Pace Like Fire with Candice C.
Intervals: During this elliptical workout you will be increasing your speed with each interval. This workout is designed to have you work for slightly longer than you are accustomed to.

Fast Changes, Face Paces with Jessica M.
Intervals: After a quick warmup, work for 30-second intervals through this whole workout. Varying resistance and incline changes keep you on your toes the entire class.

Resistance Persistence with Kelly C.
HIIT: It’s all about the resistance in this elliptical workout. You’ll push through eight five-minute intervals against varying resistances and at changing speeds.

CURLliptical with Rochelle M.
Intervals + Weights: Grab a set of weights and get to work. You’ll be pushing yourself on and off of the elliptical in this beginner interval workout. Off the elliptical, you’ll perform curls, and squats with weights.


7 Minutes In Heaven with Jaime M.
Full Body: Lengthen and loosen muscles with this full body stretch. Focus on deep breathing as you work through arm, leg, and chest stretches.

Hold On Longer with Jenn G.
Lower Body: Unwind and lengthen your muscles with this advanced stretch. Hold lower body stretches for up to 45-second spans for a restorative and relaxing experience.

Start At The Top with Mike S.
Full Body: Improve movement quality and stability through two full body stretch sequences. The first sequence will focus on your spine and release your shoulders. After the first upper body sequence, you’ll move into your lower body, starting with your hips. You’ll finish by testing out this new mobility by standing and sitting into a deep bodyweight squat while focusing on your breathing.


Shakira Shakeup with Jaime M.
Walk + Jog + Hills: Get ready to climb with this interval-based workout. An all-Shakira playlist pushes you as you alternate jogging with uphill walking, maxing out at incline 15.

Three Parts To Pace with Meghan T.
HIIT: Advanced runners can work on speed and form with this well-rounded workout divided into three ten-minute sections. Each section focuses on a different style of running for a constantly varied workout.

Heart Rate HIIT with Rochelle M.
HIIT: Scrap the incline and get moving. This HIIT workout will have you performing ten 30-second intervals at a speed of ten. You’ll get recovery breaks between each burst.

Crank Up The Incline with Ackeem E.
Incline: Slow it down and bring up that incline. Working on the incline will strengthen your lower body and work muscles that you don’t typically target on flat ground.

Stair Climber

10-Minute Top Speeds with Jenn G.
Speed Work: Get a quick burn in with this ten-minute climb. You’ll alternate between two-minute climbing intervals and 30-second all-out sprints.

Strength Training

All 80s HIITS with Jenn G.
Lower Body + Core: Rock out to an all-80s playlist as you push through this HIIT-style workout focused on the legs and core. You’ll work through bodyweight moves such as burpees, planks, and lunges for a fast-paced burn.

Lean Muscle with Meghan T.
HIIT: This full body HIIT workout touches on a little bit of everything. You’ll work on form and focus on posture and lean muscle gains as you call on a variety of muscle groups.

Short And Sweet with Mike S.
Lower Body: Increase your aerobic output through plyometric, lower body, strength training. This circuit-based class starts off with two exercises back-to-back without any breaks. Each exercise is short and sweet, but you’ll feel that lower body burn right away.

Arms Heavy, Spirits Light with Mike S
Upper Body + Weights: Grab a set of dumbbells and jump into this upper body burn. You’ll start to increase your upper body strength through your shoulders and arms, increasing definition and healthy muscle mass with each set completed.

Cut The Core with Mike S.
Core: This quick core workout is going to set your core on fire. You’ll perform leg lifts, planks, walkouts, and more to tighten and strengthen your core.

That Lower Body Life with Sultan M.
Glutes + Weights: Grab a set of dumbbells and start squatting. You’ll perform multiple variations of squats and lunges in this short and sweet lower body workout.

Get Litty, Get Lifting with Sultan M.
Full Body + Weights: Grab a set of dumbbells and get down to work. This advanced workout will have you pressing, pushing, curling, squatting, and more.

On And Off, Just Don’t Stop with Ackeem E.
Lower Body + Core: This beginner workout is not about reps or sets. It is about not stopping. Push your hardest through crunches, bicycles, and planks to work your core. Squats, high-knees, lunges, and push-ups will have you sweating in the second half of this strength workout.

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