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Aaptiv 101: Stretching Classes

The best warmups and cool-downs for your Aaptiv workouts.

You asked, we answered: our pre-and post-workout stretching classes now have their own category. It’s easier than ever to incorporate those vital warmups and cool-downs into your workout routine.

As all of our Aaptiv trainers will tell you, giving your body the movement and time it needs to warm up prior to a workout is essential. Both for avoiding injury and maximizing your physical capacity. After a sweat session, your muscles need to cool off and reset. This is in order to make sure you’re really reaping the benefits of all that hard work.

Ready to give it a go? Read on for three tips straight from our trainers to get the most out of your stretching.

  1. Your pre-workout stretching should be dynamic, meaning you want to get your muscles warm and heart pumping. Think exercises like twisting lunges or modified push-ups. In fact, dynamic warm-ups can help you lift more weight and increase overall performance. So you’re not just keeping your body safe, you’re actually making your workouts more effective. Try Rochelle’s Dynamic Pre-Run Stretch to get you ready to hit the road.
  2. Save the static stretches for after your workout to really lengthen and tone those hard-working muscles. Focus especially on the body parts you challenged that day — use shoulder rolls and heart-openers after an intense conditioning session for your upper body, for example, to prevent post-workout soreness and increase flexibility. Jaime’s Ache No More is especially designed to relieve any pain or muscle discomfort.
  3. Amping up for a high-impact cardio class? Longer runs and incline sessions can put some serious pressure on your joints, which is why a dynamic workout prior to taking off is absolutely vital. Warm-ups can also make you more aware of your body and potential sore spots, which can help you move in a way that protects sensitive muscles. Rochelle’s Elliptical Climb Stretch brings fluidity and awareness to your upper and lower body, preventing injury and keeping you in fighting form.

It only takes a few minutes, but Aaptiv’s stretch program can add years of life to your body. You work hard — you deserve this 🙂

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