90s Mixtape and Other New Classes Live Now!

All the Monday motivation you need.

Get all the Monday motivation you need with all new Aaptiv classes! This week, get on the bike and take 90s Mixtape with Aaptiv Trainer Katie Horwitch. Or, steal some time for yourself and stretch with Aaptiv Trainer Nicole Sciacca’s Hold the Lines.

Strength Training

Giants in the Gym with Amanda B.
Full Body + Dumbbells: Grab a light set of dumbbells ranging 5lb to 10lb. Start with a quick warmup of jumping jacks, squats, and perfect stretches, then move into two rounds of strength work, with three sets within each. You’ll have one minute of cardio in between sets.

Upper Body Showdown with Ackeem E.
Upper Body + Dumbbells: Grab a set of heavy and light dumbbells—10lb and 20lb—as well as a bench. This class is an upper body focused routine. Work through three circuits of four movements each. Each circuit will end with a plank variation.

Core on Repeat with Mary O.
Core: Warm up with a jog, high knees, and a plank. Every song in this class will have its own exercises, including crunches, sit-ups, bicycle twists, and more. The focus here is on building your abdominals.

Turn Up the Weights with Mike S.
Full Body + Dumbbells: Grab a moderate set of dumbbells for this class. Warm up with 60 seconds of alternating reverse lunges. Then, you’ll have nine exercises separated into multiple rounds of three different circuits. The movements include push presses, deadlifts, renegade rows, mountain climbers, alternating reverse lunges, bent over rows, push-ups, leg raises, and hollow holds.

50, 40, 30, Go with Mike S.
Full Body + Kettlebells: Grab a heavy kettlebell and a light-to-medium weight kettlebell. Warm up with jumping jacks, then work through burpees into deadlifts for 50 seconds, goblet squats for 40 seconds, and kettlebell swings for 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds after all three exercises.

2-Minute Plank Challenge with Meghan T.
Core: Your goal for this class is to hold a forearm plank for 2 minutes, and that’s it. So put your game face on and push play!

Concurrent Training with Rachel M.
Full Body + Dumbbells: Work through three rounds of strength work, working for 2 minutes at a time. You’ll have squats, deadlifts, and more, along with a 2-minute running interval in each round, so make sure you have access to a treadmill!

Chest Buster with Sultan M.
Upper Body + Dumbbells: Focus on your chest muscles during this class. There will be three groups of supersets, performed for three rounds each. The exercises include wide chest presses, wide push-ups, narrow chest presses, narrow push-ups, chest busters, and diamond push-ups. You’ll need a selection of medium to heavy dumbbells for this class.

We Be Beastin’ with Sultan M.
Lower Body + Upper Body + Dumbbells: Work through four groups of supersets, each repeated three times. Exercises include front squats, hammer curls, suitcase squats, side shoulder raises, alternating forward lunges, cross hammer curls, alternating reverse lunges, and front shoulder raises. The focus is on the lower body, shoulders, and biceps. Work for 20 seconds on, 35 seconds off. Grab a few selections of dumbbells that suit your lower body, as well as lighter set that suits your upper body.


Limitless Stretches with Amanda B.
Full Body: This quick total body stretch is great to do before or after a workout. Work through neck circles, shoulder rolls, forward folds, deep squats, and seated hip stretches to release tension.

Laying Like Starfish with Ackeem E.
Full Body: Starting from the ground up, work through a series of dynamic and static stretches to stretch the lower back, open up the hips, and loosen the hamstrings.

Hold The Lines with Nicole S.
Full Body: Use this class after training or midday as a stretch to promote blood flow, circulation, and energy. You’ll need a wall for the majority of these stretches, as it will help you balance!


Cardio Fix with Ackeem E.
Intervals: This class is a one stop shop for a lower body pop—and a cardio fix. Work through 30 seconds of walking lunges, 2 minutes at your tempo pace, 30 seconds of sprints, and squats. You’ll have five rounds of each.

Increasing Inclines with Ben G.
Incline Walk: Strength and determination will get you through this class. Work through five rounds, in which your incline will increase by 1% every 30 seconds. You’ll have 60 seconds of recovery in between.

Learning to Run with Meghan T.
Intervals: This workout opens with a 12-minute incline walking variation, in which your highest incline is 8.0 and highest speed is 3.5. Then, part two transitions into a 3-minute progression interval, in which your speed will range from 5.0 to 5.5. End the class with a 3-minute interval in which you’ll hold a speed 5.0. This class is designed to help beginners develop a base for endurance running. The incline portion is programmed to activate your muscles before running.

All Levels Warm Up with Meghan T.
Speed Work: The workout starts with 1 minute at an easy pace, followed by 2 minutes at an average pace, then 1 minute at a threshold pace. You’ll repeat that interval one more time. This is a perfect routine for someone who wants to warm up before strength training or another treadmill workout.

Jay and Me with Rachel M.
Intervals: This beat-based class has four songs. You’ll build up the incline and speed for the first three songs, and the last song will focus solely on speed. You’ll be running for the entire workout so get ready to sweat!

Made to Endure with Rochelle B.
Intervals: This workout is designed for any athlete, but focuses on triathletes who are either training for a triathlon or an Ironman. You’ll build endurance by performing intervals on an incline for 1 minute and recovering on flat road for 90 seconds. You’ll repeat the series 12 times through. Your incline will be 8.0 and speed will be 8.5. Your recovery speed will be 6.0. After those, work through an endurance set in which you’ll hold a tempo pace of 7.0 for 5 minutes.

Effort From Warm to Hot with Wes P.
Intervals: This beginner treadmill workout is a warm-up designed to get your blood flowing before a strength routine or short speed run. You’ll work through quick intervals with just enough incline to have you sweating and energized.

Outdoor Running

Sprinter’s Delight with Ben G.
Intervals: Start with a 4-minute warm up, then work through 17 1-minute intervals, with 1-minute of recovery. Your goal is to run faster for each interval!

Short and Sweet with Meghan T.
Intervals: This workout is all about building your base! It opens with a 3-minute run at an average race, followed by a 1-minute jog for recovery. From there you’ll add a minute to each interval, so they’ll range from 4 minutes to 6 minutes. You’ll have 60 seconds of active recovery in between each. This run is great for someone who is working on anything from endurance, to tempo intervals.

Endurance Ladders with Rochelle B.
Endurance: This workout is designed for beginner runners who need to focus on building up their endurance more than their speed. Warm up with a walk, then work through an endurance ladder. Jog for 1 minute, recover for 1 minute, then jog for 2 minutes, recover for 2 minutes, laddering up until you hit 3 minutes. Then ladder your way back down.

Race Pace Dreamin’ with Rochelle B.
Intervals: This class is great for athletes working on running at a target race pace for a sustained amount of time. Warm up for 5 minutes with a jog, then work through 5-minutes at your tempo pace, followed by 3 minutes of recovery. Repeat this set 4 times through before cooling down with a jog.

Forget Everything and Run with Wes P.
Walk + Run: This beginner outdoor workout will help you get over your fear of running. You’ll transition from walking to running throughout while the music drives you to pick up your pace.

Indoor Cycling

Interval Kings with Ben G.
Intervals: Work through 16 intervals, each between 22 and 90 seconds in length. The average duration will be 30 seconds, however. You’ll have plenty of recovery in between. Finish the class with 2 minutes of core work. Cycle to an EDM playlist.

High HIITs with Ed H.
HIIT: This HIIT ride focuses on form, speed, and fluidity both in and out of the saddle. You’ll have a 1:1 and 1:2 work to rest ratio and push through hills and flats. The RPM range will be 60-80 on hills and 80-110 on flats.

Endurance Ride with Ed H.
Intervals: This interval ride focuses on strength and endurance intervals with a 1:1 and 1:2 work to rest ratio. Work both in and out of the saddle. Your RPM will range 60-80 on hills and 80-110 on flats.

The Cardi Bey Ride with John T.
Intervals: Grab a light set of hand weights, ranging from 2lb to 5lb, and ride to the beat over 10 songs. You’ll climb with resistance in and out the saddle, dance on the beat and push past the rhythm, and have an optional seated bicep and tricep toning interval.

Lucky Number Seven with Katie H.
Intervals: Warm up, then give your all in two 7-minute blocks of work. You’ll have recovery in between. The blocks are identical, so use the first to acclimate, and the second to push past your limits.

90s Mixtape with Katie H.
Intervals: Minimize your downtime in this all-90s music ride. You‘ll ride from one challenge into the next for three short rounds—and have so much fun you won’t even wanna take a break.


Three-Part Breathing with Ceasar B.
Guided Meditation: This 10-minute meditation is set to classical piano music. Focus on a three-part breathing technique, in which you’ll breathe to fill your belly, ribcage, and chest. This class is perfect to take pre-workout, post workout recovery, or as a midday energy booster.

Taming Emotions with Jade A.
Guided Meditation: Take this sleep meditation to relax right before you drift off to sleep. Find stillness and tame your emotions, putting them to rest as you put your body to rest.

Bedtime Stories with Jade A.
Guided Meditation: This class is designed for when you wake up in the middle of the night and need to fall back to sleep or for when you just need a little help falling asleep. The meditation includes a short bed time story from Aesop’s fables.

Know Your Worth with Nicole S.
Guided Meditation: Take this meditation while walking, sitting in transportation, or anywhere you have time to safely reflect inward. Focus on the simple quote, “know your worth and act accordingly.”


Standing Flow with Ceasar B.
Vinyasa Flow: This yoga flow focuses solely on postures in which you’ll stand. There will be no laying down on the ground at all. Work through mountain pose, cactus pose, forward folds, and standing twists. This class is great to do by your desk at work.

Believing in Magic with Jade A.
Vinyasa Flow: This class allows you to sweat, stretch, and zen out. It’s also a great release for the hips. Work through sun salutations A & B, tree pose, eagle pose, crow pose, a headstand, lizard pose, and pigeon pose.

Be Like Me with Jess R.
Vinyasa Flow: This quick, 10-minute flow is great to take when you need to take a few minutes for yourself.

Mama Needs A Minute with Nicole S.
Vinyasa Flow: This class is great for mamas, but also for anyone who needs 20 to 30 minutes to themselves. This flow has a slight emphasis on toning the posterior chain. You’ll end with a few moments of total stillness and an opportunity to reset mentally.

Stair Climber

Strong Steps with Erin S.
Intervals: In this advanced stairclimber workout, you’ll make the most of limited time. In the first song, work through speed intervals. In the second song, tackle skip-steps. End the workout with 30-second progression intervals that increase in speed.

Open to New Heights with John T.
Intervals: This beginner workout has three songs and three different challenges. Warm up and focus on form, work laterally to strengthen your inner thighs and glutes, and push through intervals to spark your heart rate.

Stepping Away with Mary O.
Intervals: In this class, you’ll work through single steps with your hands off the handrails. Focus on being present in the moment.

Go Around the World with Mary O.
Intervals + Multidirectional: In this class, go around the world, working in each direction, with some kicks thrown in for an extra burn in your glutes.


Keep the Cadence with Erin S.
Intervals: In this intermediate elliptical workout, the focus is less on the resistance and incline and more on the pace. Work to find resistance and incline settings that help you stride at the prescribed cadences.

The Elliptical Conga with John T.
Intervals + Strength: This beat-based elliptical and strength training workout has eight songs, six of which will include elliptical work. You’ll climb on the beat or push past the beat. In the last two songs you’ll hop off the elliptical to do squats and core work.

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