4 Major Benefits of Home Medical Tests

Instead of going to the doctor, see if there is an at-home testing option. Here's 4 major benefits.

Home medical testing isn’t new. Home pregnancy testing was first available in 1976. The first test was the EPT or “Early Pregnancy Test.” It was later called the “Error Proof Test”. The FDA approved three other home pregnancy test kits soon after.  Fast forward to 2000 and beyond and there are many types of home medical tests available.  If you’re going to the doctor for a lab test, it’s possible there’s an at-home testing option.

Keep reading for 4 benefits of home medical tests.

1. Easy Accessibility

Not everyone has health insurance. And not everyone lives close to a doctor’s office or hospital.  Many people don’t even have access to an urgent care clinic which is usually more affordable than a hospital.  Those living in the city take for granted the easy accessibility of medical care. But driving well over an hour for a doctor or lab visit isn’t unheard of for those living in rural areas.  Obtaining at-home medical testing kits is as easy as going to the local pharmacy. Which makes them not only accessible but also leads to the next benefit…

2. Convenience

Convenience is another driving force behind the growing popularity of at-home medical tests. Not everyone can take off work for an hour drive followed by a long wait to see a doctor. At-home testing offers convenience. In some cases, you don’t have to leave your house. Order your test online, take your test at home, and send the sample away for the results. Getting your test online and sending it in the mail offers something a doctor’s visit can’t, and that’s another major benefit: discretion.

3. Discretion

Many people aren’t comfortable discussing certain tests with their doctor. There are now at-home medical tests for sexually transmitted diseases (STD). One of the best at home STD test sites is here. Doctors are discreet. And they must abide by medical privacy laws. But that doesn’t mean everyone is comfortable visiting the doctor for STD testing. There are numerous types of STD testing available online. This includes home medical testing for HIV.

4. More Affordable Than a Doctor Visit

At-home medical testing is often more affordable than a doctor’s visit. Take the example of the rural dweller. If your throat is scratchy and painful and a look inside reveals white patches, strep is one of the possible diagnoses. Do you have over an hour ride to the doctor? It’ll cost for the drive, the doctor’s fee, and the lab fee. What if you could pay about $35 for an at-home strep test instead? A phone call to your doctor with results will get you a prescription if the results are positive. This is more affordable for many people. And insurance might even cover it if it’s ordered by the doctor.

There are definite benefits of home medical tests. They’re accessible, convenient, and discreet. They can also save you money, especially if you don’t live close to a doctor’s office, urgent care clinic, or hospital. Don’t ignore a potential disease. Keep yourself safe and healthy with at-home medical tests.  Keep reading the blog for more articles about keeping your body fit and healthy.



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