2021 Holiday Gift Guide for a Fitness Fanatic

We’ve split these great gifts into three categories: essentials, recovery and training so you can choose the best gift for the fitness fanatic in your life.

With the end of the year fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about presents you can gift loved ones. If you have a fitness fanatic in your life and still need to think of some presents to give them, then here’s a 2021 holiday gift guide that you can use.

2021 Holiday Gift Guide for a Fitness Fanatic

We’ve split these great gifts into three categories: essentials, recovery and training so you can choose the best gift for your loved ones.


In this holiday gift guide let’s start with the essentials—gifts that can fit into any health and fitness lifestyle.

Collapsible bottle

We all know that it’s important to stay hydrated but rather than getting any old bottle that you have in the cupboard while avoiding single-use plastic ones, why not opt to gift your friend a collapsible one from our holiday gift guide?

It means that you’ll be able to fill your bottle with copious amounts of water, reducing the number of times you’ll have to refill and still be able to lighten the load and space it’ll take to carry when it’s empty. It’s lighter than a hard bottle and you get to reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Try Que Collapsible Water Bottle for two different sizes (20 and 12 oz) as well as a range of colors you can choose from.

Smart scale

You shouldn’t rely solely on a normal scale to judge your health goals. A typical scale will give you a number, without differentiating between body fat, lean body mass, visceral fat and all the other parts that make up your body.

This is why a smart scale is a perfect person for a fitness fanatic. It can analyse your body composition and track these different divisions to give you a more accurate reading.

Try Renpho Smart Body Fat Scale for a smart scale that syncs to your phone and makes it easy to track all your important data.


You can’t maximize your exercise results if you’re not recovering properly and the same goes for your fitness fanatic friend. Give them a great gift from our holiday gift guide that helps them recover properly.

Vibrating foam roller

Take your normal foam roller and level up with a vibrating one. A typical foam roller means that you can manually roll over any knots and tight muscles yourself and it is an effective tool to enhance recovery. However, added vibrations on top of that will do all that as well as increase blood flow and circulation, release muscle tension faster and get deeper into the tissues.

Not to mention, if you’re feeling a little lazy and can’t be bothered rolling back and forth yourself, the vibrating foam roller can do the work for you.

Try Therabody Wave Series for a selection of vibrating balls, curved and cylinder-shaped rollers.

Massage gun

If you want to help take your fitness friend’s recovery up a notch, then invest in a massage gun. Similarly to foam rollers, they are designed to loosen tight muscles, release knots and get your body back to its normal functionality.

However, the massage gun is really useful when trying to target specific areas in the body that may need extra attention. It can get in deeper than a foam roller and reduce muscle soreness.

Try the Theragun Mini for a portable yet powerful recovery tool.

Acupressure mat

An acupressure mat may sound and look scary at first. I mean, we are talking about a mat with hundreds of pointed, sharp plastic points that you lie on. However, once you get past the initial sensation, it can really promote blood flow and relaxation, while releasing muscle tension.

They are most commonly used to lie on your back (clothing optional). However, you can position yourself on the versatile mat in different ways to focus on specific areas such as sitting on it for your legs, lying on your stomach, or even standing on it to target your feet. It even comes as a pillow to help relieve tension in your neck and shoulders.

Try Shakti Mat for three different versions of varying degrees of pressure (light to advanced) that improves recovery, sleep and relaxation in an environmentally sustainable way.


Let’s improve your fitness friend’s workout in the best way possible.

Adjustable dumbbells

If you want to help your fitness fanatic loved on to work out at home, then get them adjustable dumbbells. One dumbbell can typically go from 1-40 pounds, sometimes even 80-pounds. They can be adjusted so that you only need to have one pair of dumbbells to do an array of exercises.

Try Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells for adjustable dumbbells you can use to strength train your entire body, with weights covering 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 20, 22.5, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, and 52.5 lb.


Last but certainly not least on our holiday gift guide, you can gift an annual Aaptiv membership to your fitness-obsessed friends and family so they can get access to top audio and video workouts 365 days a year. From guided runs, to strength training, to yoga and meditation, the Aaptiv app has something for everyone. With a membership you can access 6,000+ classes, programs, challenges, and more. During the holiday season, we offer some of our best prices of the year so be sure to take advantage!



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