10 Full Body Moves and Other New Classes Live Now!

Sweat it out this week with an Aaptiv workout.

This week, dance it out on the elliptical to Cardi B. and Bruno Mars with Aaptiv Trainer John Thornhill. Or, get some Sweet Sleep from a guided meditation with Aaptiv Trainer Jade Alexis.


No Excuses for a 3 x 5 with Rochelle B.
Tempo: The goal of this workout is to maintain your tempo pace for three sets of 5-minute blocks of work. You’ll have a full recovery in between each block to prepare for the next set.

Practice Makes Perfect with John T.
Intervals: Sharpen your running skills with this beat-based, treadmill walk and run. Start at a steady pace for two songs, then alternate between one song of interval pushes, followed by one song of recovery walking. Finish the workout steady and strong.

What Makes You Great with John T.
Intervals: Find your greatness is this treadmill workout. Start with a 6-minute steady pace to warm up, then move with the music and progress through zone training. You’ll have 5 minutes of hard work followed by 3 minutes of active recovery. Then, you’ll take it home with one song of power.

Take the Hill Home with Ackeem E.
Intervals: There are three parts to this workout. Start off with squats and a tempo pace warmup, followed by a block of nine intervals. Finish by taking the hill home!

Outdoor Running

Rockin to the Tempo with Rochelle B.
Tempo: Warm up, then maintain a tempo pace for 15 minutes to build stamina and speed. You’ll end with a quick cool down.

Time to Taper with Rochelle B.
Recovery: The goal of this workout is to maintain a conversational pace for 60 minutes to taper for the race. You’ll learn all about how to prep properly for race day!!

Race Day with Rochelle B.
Endurance: Work on pacing properly in this run and finish your race strong!

Road to Recovery with Jaime M.
Recovery: This class focuses on the importance of recovery. Work through walking and jogging intervals, with some core work in between. You’ll focus on building strength and stability with planks. See if you can hold the planks longer each time!

Walk, Jog, and Chill with Katie H.
Recovery: In this recovery walking and jogging workout, you’ll work through four rounds of varying speeds to get your body moving and your brain refreshed. Use this class for an active recovery day to build your stamina up toward a run, to wind down after a long day, or to get centered for the day ahead.

Breathe, Run & Repeat with Wes P.
Endurance: Breath, run and repeat in this conversational pace run. This pace is the pace where you log your miles, sharpen your focus on your form, and reconnect with the joy of running.

Indoor Cycling

Fear Less with Katie H.
Intervals: Be bold and feel fearless in this 35-minute indoor cycling class meant to challenge you in all the best ways. You’ve got three rounds of both intervals and hills to conquer, each round a little shorter (but more intense) than the last. Ride to the beat and the time will fly by!

EDM Hills and Sprints with John T.
Intervals: Electrify your cycling routine with this beat-based, indoor cycling workout. Progress through nine intervals in total, consisting of sprints with light resistance and heavy pushes. Ride to the beat and use RPMs to find your rhythm.


To the Front, to the Back with Katie H.
Intervals: Challenge your mind and body in this multidirectional, hip-hop workout. You’ve got two sets of four songs: two will be working forward, and two will be working backward. Build your resistance slowly with interval work, then take what you’ve built and reverse your stride. This class will fire up your legs, core, and heart!

Cardi, Bruno & More with John T.
Intervals: Dance it out with Cardi B. and Bruno Mars in this beat-based, elliptical sweat session. In this five song playlist, climb through resistance, push past the tempo, and sing out the lyrics from start to finish. You ready to party?

Hip-Hop Ladder Training with John T.
Endurance: Move to the beat with this hip-hop, elliptical workout. This playlist has four songs. In each song your goal is to build your aerobic endurance and slowly add resistance while dancing on the beat. You ready to dance?

Strength Training

Kettlebell Connection with Ackeem E.
Full Body + Kettlebells: You’ll have two circuits of full body movements, integrated with kettlebell work. In circuit one, work through cleans to presses, burpee deadlifts, and plank rows. In circuit two, you’ll have unilateral squats, pass-through lunges, single-arm swings, and single-leg deadlifts. You’ll master your kettlebell prowess in this workout.

Kettlebell Conditioned with Ackeem E.
Full Body + Kettlebells: Sweat through three rounds of full body, kettlebell movements, including swings, sumo squats, high pulls, deadlifts, and push presses.

Perfect Your Posture with Kenta S.
Full Body + Dumbbells + Mat: Improve your posture by performing exercises that strengthen the posterior chain of your muscles, as well as stretches to loosen your spine, shoulders, and chest

Kettlebell Booty Blast with Kenta S.
Full Body + Kettlebells: This is a booty-focused, full body kettlebell workout. Work through goblet squats, kettlebell swings, lunge variations, and more.

Lazy Day Workout with Kenta S.
Full Body: This class is great for days when you want to get in a workout, but don’t feel like exerting too much effort. All you need is your bodyweight to work through exercises like bird dogs, donkey kicks, and more.

Just Keep Moving with Mary O.
Upper Body: Build your upper body strength with a nine-exercise circuit. Upper body is the focus in this class, but you’ll also hit cardio and core drills to tone and sculpt.

10 Full Body Moves with Mary O.
Full Body: This is a bodyweight only workout. You’ll have 10 exercises, each done for 1 minute and two rounds. You’ll be feeling all the feels at the end of this class.

Kettlebell Calorie Burn with Mary O.
Full Body + Kettlebells: This is a strength and cardio combo workout. Sweat through a five-move strength circuit followed by a 4-minute cardio circuit repeated twice. This class will leave you winded and wanting more!

Upper Body Burner with Kenta S.
Upper Body: Tone your arms and burn some calories using only your bodyweight in this workout. You’ll have four circuits, each with three exercises, repeated three times.

Booty Call with Kenta S.
Lower Body: Build & tone your booty using bodyweight and cardio bursts to increase your calorie burn. Warm up, then work through three circuits.

Core Cuts and Strong Arms with Ackeem E.
Upper Body + Core: This core and bodyweight upper body workout will leave you feeling shredded. Work through v-ups, oblique reaches and hug-the-worlds to fire up your belly, followed an upper body circuit of alternating push-ups, dips, inchworms, shoulder taps, and push-up to planks.

Oh My Lower Body with Ackeem E.
Lower Body: This workout uses only your bodyweight—and will leave you wondering how it’s possible to feel this exhausted and sore the next day! Work through three blocks of core, bodyweight strength exercises, and plyometrics.


Ladder Flow with Nicole S.
Vinyasa + Equipment: This practice builds on the shape and pose before it, so you’ll be layering the poses as you go. This is a great class that keeps you mindful, while creating a rhythm of repetition. You may need one yoga block for this flow.

Revival Of The Fittest with Jade A.
Vinyasa: This very short yoga sequence is designed to release tight hips and hamstrings and give you a little energy boost. This class is great to take pre- or post-workout, or as a stand alone class.

Rejuvenate with Jade A.
Vinyasa: Use your breath and postures to rejuvenate your body from the inside out to feel physically, mentally, and emotionally lighter. This flow includes some more challenging postures with modifications.


Sore No More with Nicole S.
Upper Body + Equipment: This stretch is great for circulating blood flow and easing movement back into sore muscles and joints. It’s a great follow up to an upper body workout or a heavy lifting day. You will need a strap or towel and an open wall space.

Post Run Release with Nicole S.
Lower Body: This stretch is perfect following a long run or even a short sprint, where you’ve been pushing your boundaries and making strides. We will move your lower body in more circular motion to counter the linear demand of running.


Sweet Sleep with Jade A.
Guided Meditation: Let go of daily stresses, find peace in your heart, and take a quick body scan to send you off to dream land.



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