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Baby Boy, You Stay On Incline-And Other New Classes Live Now!

From higher hills and extended intervals, this week is all about pushing yourself past your comfort zone to make major strides. You’ll run more than you walk, increase your effort, and overall propel your progress forward. We’re gaining momentum, people! Outdoor Running Country Miles with Ben G. Beginner Steady Jog: Saddle up for a steady jog to the tune of country’s best hits. Three walk breaks keep the pace comfortable for new runners looking to push their distance. Rock and Run with Candice C. Beginner Intervals: Steady rock music sets the tone for these endurance building jog intervals. Find the beat and let your mind wander; you’ve only got one recovery in this workout! Pop, Walk, and Jog It with Jaime F. Intermediate Jog: Upbeat pop music sets the tone of this intermediate interval run. You’ll only walk once between alternating rounds of jogging and running. California Dreaming with Jaime F. Beginner Jog: You’ll be going back to Cali with this walk and jog mix. Set to the tune of breezy music inspired by the …

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Follow Your Heart Rate-And Other New Classes Live Now!

From increased endurance and improved heart rate to longer runs and more reps, this week’s workout reload is all about getting the absolute most from your exercise. You’ll focus on cadence, breathing, and form to improve all around and see quicker progress. Enjoy! Outdoor Running Power Surge Central with Ben G. Beginner Interval Jog: In this beginner-friendly jog, you’ll amp up the pace through four quick intervals with intermittent recovery time. A playlist of EDM-remixes of your favorite Beyonce songs will push you through these power surges. Journey To Jogging with Ben G. Beginner Interval Walk: Start low and slow before amping up the effort in this interval-focused run. You’ll push through three rounds of quick-changing speeds that will keep you on your toes. Relish The Walk with Jaime M. Beginner Walk + Jog: Alternate between intervals of walking and jogging in this quick and efficient cardio workout that will leave you feeling refreshed inside and out. Pace Meets Progress with Jennifer G. Beginner Intervals: For running newbies looking to push their pace, this interval …