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5 Beginner Treadmill Classes That Will Make You Love Running

Confession time: While some of the Aaptiv staff are natural-born athletes, others of us…struggle. Yes, we all love finding ways to bring more activity and wellness into our day-to-day, but running isn’t something that comes easily to everyone—even when fitness is what we do for a living! That’s why we’re committed to bring you beginner treadmill workouts. We’re so not into operating from a place of fear. We may not ever be marathoners, but cardio exercise is a vital part of any healthy lifestyle, and there’s no easier way to get it than by running —or speed walking.  You might be a nervous runner, like us, or maybe you’re getting on the treadmill for the first time: either way, we’re so impressed you’ve shown up! We’ve handpicked five beginner treadmill classes for the reluctant or newbie runner. These classes slowly build endurance and strength. They’re challenging but not disheartening. Plus, they put an emphasis on having fun. Beginner Treadmill Classes Get Comfy:  This beginner jog will help newbie runners get comfortable on the treadmill. Just Breathe: …

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The Don’t List: Treadmill Workout Don’ts

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been hitting the gym for years, approaching an unfamiliar piece of equipment is intimidating. That’s why we’re tackling “The Don’t List”—things you should never do while using certain pieces of gym equipment. We’re starting with the treadmill. Treadmill workouts might seem simple on the surface—you hop on, crank up the speed, maybe try an incline—but appearances are deceiving. There’s a right way and a wrong way to get your treadmill workout in. We reached out to Aaptiv trainer and treadmill expert Meghan Takacs to find out what we should never do on a treadmill. Treadmill Workout Don’ts 1. Don’t hold the treadmill when you incline walk Holding on while you walk on a treadmill defeats the purpose of using your own body weight to burn fat. The action of what is essentially pulling your body weight up a hill is essential to getting the most out of your treadmill workout. 2. Don’t put a towel over the numbers You need to be mindful of pace and time when you run. There should never …