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Calvin Harris Climb-And Other New Classes Live Now!

Interval workouts challenge our bodies and break up the monotony of steady state cardio. Get ready to go up, down, faster, and slower with this series of interval-heavy classes. Outdoor Running Material Girl Mix with Rochelle M. Intermediate Run: It’s all about Madonna! Focus on building endurance and keeping your pace on this steady state run set to the queen of pop’s greatest hits. Treadmill Elevated Levels with Candice C. Intermediate Intervals: You’ll hit the hills in this incline-based workout. Test your stamina as the height and interval length increase overtime to push you beyond your usual limits. Progress Forward with Ed H. Intermediate Intervals: Build speed gradually on this quick run. You’ll run faster by the minute until you hit a peak and immediately relax into a cool down. Rock It Out with Jessica M. Intermediate Walk: Forget running or jogging on this all-walk, all-rock workout. An ever-increasing incline adds challenge to this two mile jaunt perfect for an active rest day. Hold On Tight A Little Longer with Kelly C. Beginner Intervals: Alternate …

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Run And Ramble On-And Other New Classes Live Now!

Get ready to hear some classics in this bunch of musically-fueled workouts. You’ll run to rock and pedal to pop. Look out for some themed classes, too. Outdoor Running I’m Jogging Out with Ben G. Beginner HIIT: Build aerobic capacity with six jogging intervals on this fun two-mile run for HIIT newbies. Walking breaks help you catch your breath and build confidence as a runner. Run And Ramble On with Rochelle B. Intermediate Intervals: Rock out to classic rock legends as you push through jog and run intervals. Four rounds of sprints and active recovery keep your heartrate up and test your endurance. Build With The Beat with Ray W. Intermediate HIIT: You’ll work your way up from walking to running with each interval on this two-mile run. Pop beats push you through and help you keep up as the speed increases. Strength Post-Cardio Quickie with Candice C. Intermediate Full Body: Add this strength workout to your routine for a fast, full body burn. Work through body weight basics including squats, push-ups, and core moves to …

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Run Away With Me-And Other New Classes Live Now!

Expect to work this week with a new bunch of classes focused on gaining endurance. You’ll push past your limits for longer periods of time to gain cardiovascular and muscular power. Treadmill Sugar, Sugar, How You Get So High? with Ben G. Intermediate HIIT + Hills: Speed through seven running intervals on this treadmill workout. Pop music sets the pace as you push yourself up various hills. Start Somewhere with Candice C. Beginner Intervals: Introduce jogging to your workout routine with easy intervals created for new runners. Alternate between walking and jogging to find your pace and train for better endurance. Heart Rate Peaks with Kelly C. Intermediate Intervals: Switch between jogging and running on this interval workout. Upbeat tunes set the tone as you build endurance and practice upping your pace. Run Away With Me with Jaime M. Advanced Intervals: On this dynamic run you’ll test your endurance and pace through intervals of varying speed and recovery length. Elliptical Change Of Heart Rate with Jessica M. Beginner HIIT: Practice high intensity interval training on …